48 thoughts on “Caption Time #241

  1. Ever seen anyone snap the head off a chicken? Works the same way with Asian chicks. Grab them by the head, two twirls and a flick- look ma, no head!

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    Sweetheart, all you have to do is ask…or even just lay there and look wistful…

    One of the best tee shirts ever…LET GO OF MY EARS, I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING!

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    Correction dear…
    ‘the lengths some girls will go to eat out.’

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    BHAAAAAHA! o, shit! coffee just out my nose on that one! 😀 :java: 😆

  5. “you know that feeling like you are falling or naked in your dreams? i keep feeling like there’s a Crocky on my head…” :wtf:

  6. i have a honest question to ask though: what the heck does she think she would accomplish with her hands poised ready at the sides like that? that thing crashes down with such force she couldn’t do much even with four hands! end of serious:

    “Do you like “SEE FOOD”?”
    bro crock: “Maaaa! he’s showing me his food again!”

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    That’s a rectum thermometer, not a mouth-poking rod. :wtf: 😕 🙄 😳

  8. “TA-DA” What an idiot did she forget what happened to that Aussie dude? Oh yeah a caption:

    “How to commit suicide without the shame and condemnation” Even the Lord can’t fault her for that one…

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    screw P C right? i was actually going to say something in the tune of that but i was like eeer??! then again, that just it! i love oriental just like Crockie here

  10. Yeah, the only thing this is doing is making me hungry for Chinese food. The g/f & I will probably order the usual – a 14, a 36, slurp one, and the e-roll twice.

  11. As a form of revenge for all the alligator/croc skin fashion items in the world, reptiles unite to turn the tables with the new fashionable human tongue ring.

    “ith a bid cumberthumb, buh uh fathon staymen nontheleth…”

  12. Please. It’s Asian, not Oriental, unless referring to furniture or rugs. Asian food, Asian people, Asian culture. Thanks.

  13. Soon Yi Previn, distraught over the mistake of marrying Woody Allen, attempts suicide at New Jersey Aquazoo.

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