Caption Time #149

Caption Time #149

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  1. (please load all Japanise font sets.)

    私はくまか退屈な人を好まない。 私は私の臍から今光線を撃つ。


  2. translation

    I don’t like bears or nerds. I will now shoot rays out of my navel.


  3. Once again, Dudley proves that hypnosis is the only way ever in which he can get a girl to lift her shirt.

  4. Spud

    Look, I’m telling you you, this machine will work, all you have to do is take off your top and you’ll see……………… honest ……………… 😈

  5. “Careful Piccachu! She’s lifting her shirt up! Don’t get caught like a deer in her headlights! Piccachu? Piccachu?” :boob: :boob:

  6. Not sure what’s scarier about that cat soap: that it grows “hair” or that it has a special surprise when you get to the middle. :wtf:

  7. Randy

    “If you think this belly is something else, wait to you see the bad ass spiked ball-on-a-chain that I can wield”. (movie Kill Bil Volume l)

  8. Anna

    Now you only need breastimplants and you will end up just like Britney ……
    oh, you ARE wearing underwear

  9. The Japanese version of the Wizard of Oz never really took off. The Lion and the Scarecrow looked like perverts, the Tin Man looked like a broken TV and Dolothy never did THAT in the original.

  10. wildblackflower

    “Push my buttons baby!” The Pussycat Dolls didn’t say it this well :puke:

  11. [Comment ID #81746 will be quoted here]

    LMAO. 😀

  12. mikeB

    “Now listen, when the alien bursts from your stomach, I will grab it, and Chicken Boy will peck its eyes out. Are we clear?”

  13. Bigwavdave

    “Ok, now hold it just like that while ‘Big Yellow Man’ bends over and penetrates your navel. Wait till I get my pants back up, and we’ll roll ’em.”

  14. Really! I mean, girls can, too, have belly buttons without a ring to hold them closed! Now can I please have some popcorn?

  15. The kids enjoy the ‘grab the boob’ game. As Jessica raises her blouse to expose her breasts, Dudley and Jerry wait for that first glimpse of nipple. They have to wait until they see a nipple, then the first to touch both breasts wins the game, and a kiss (eventually) with Jessica. Of course, if anyone grabs too hard, Jessica calls a ‘foul’, and there won’t be a winner this time. If a boy jumps too soon, they play again but the boy has to set out the next round. That already happened to Randy and Chuck. Now Dudley and Jerry are as focused as Jessica herself.

    Jessica is a bit concerned, though. Dudley seems pretty excited, and she worries he may grab too hard. But playing these ‘dormitory’ games really seems like fun. Jessica was pretty sure she was glad Dudley had learned about them from his older brother. Well, just another minute and she will get to kiss one of the boys…

  16. junkman

    -on a different day you might see this yellow suit revealed at an airport in someone’s partially open carry on bag.
    -that may be a live cam upskirt photo on the screen. i’m not sure where that gray cord is going.
    -what’s up with the little lord fauntleroy suit and the grease helmet on jet li?

  17. Infernos

    It’s ok… just show the yellow fuzzy man where daddy touched you…

  18. Knkangaroo

    You want to blow raspberries on my tummy??? I’d rather sit on the yellow dude’s head……………

  19. Cynical Villain

    It’s a flasher…quick Ash! Boob grab!

    Ash Ash Ash


    Ash is unable to grope

  20. Cynical Villain

    Oh look it’s a Flasher.
    (clicks a Freak-a-Dex)
    Flasher, the Nymopho Pokemon.
    She has the ability to flash her bodyparts
    to entice her foes into her doing her
    I gotta capture it.
    Not this time Pikachu. I got this on!
    Go Ash, Boob Grab Attack.
    Oh No! She using a belly show!
    Can’t resist charms…
    Pika-Pika…oh to hell with this…
    Come here girl…let me show ya how
    to get pika with it. I got 50000 volts
    of love juice here to shock the love
    out of you baby!
    :wang: :wang:

  21. Quick, my parents are coming! Get back in my belly!

  22. Wayne

    okay… good… now wait for it… great now the skirt. oh yea. hold on, whose the freak in the pikachu costume

  23. fishyfishskin

    Triumph examines a thin weist but the eyes lack the whitnes he desired

  24. sledge

    Not bad for three months preggers….Hey where did you guys go?

  25. I’ve seen that girl somewhere

  26. pablo

    Chan thinks he has pulled one over on Mai by bringing his friend dressed as a bird. They had made a deal that he could see her pussy if he showed her his pecker. Even though it wasn’t exactly the pecker she had expected she lived up to her end of the bargain, reached into her pants and pulled out her fluffy kitty soap.

  27. Spud

    [Comment ID #81789 will be quoted here]
    Yeah, same here, can’t quite put a finger on it though…

  28. rarrrr くま :undies:

    このラインは意味を成すために仮定することでない。 :wang:


  29. mesmereyes

    The origin (or shall we say orgy? :)) of the bird flu….

  30. Ducatisti

    [Comment ID #81732 will be quoted here]
    Very Funny!

    I am still trying to imagine the scenario that brought these three, and their mechanical friend, together. Thought I had a decent imagination, but this one is confounding me!

  31. Zinta

    This is how ALL Japanese Porn movies start… I’ve seen lots of them.

  32. Drusky

    “Now, When your ‘boyfriend’ drops his pants, scream ‘Godzilla! Aaaiieee!’ and run around the room…” 😈

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