35 thoughts on “Caption Time #113

  1. Ok, how many things are wrong with this picture?

    1. He is impaled on a huge purple skewer.
    2. Are those tears?
    3. His eyes are frozen open in terror.
    4. Blood seems to be spreading all across his chest, and running down his left leg.
    5. He has stolen the Burger King’s crappy ass crown.
    6. He has been deprived of oxygen until he turned purple.
    7. This is some official building’s “welcome visitors” sign.

    Dave, you hang out in some mighty weird places, dude.

  2. The Frog Prince, nervous about introducing his innovative creations, models the Belly-Cane for the public. Why stand like a loser when you can lean?

    I think I might look into buying a nose flute today, I’ve put it off for way too long.

  3. Oh, I get it now! The object of the game is to SAVE the cats…but that’s no fun! 😈

  4. I was watching daytime TV last week (damn.. I gotta get a job).. and I saw this ad for “BECOME A VIDEO GAME DESIGNER” .. ya know.. like the old BECOME A TRUCK DRIVER or MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONIST ones?

    That website must be the fruits of labor for the graduates of that program.. niiiiice.

  5. This is the climax of the ambhibian community’s production of Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is already poisoned under the hedge.
    “Oh happy dagger, this is thy sheath.”

  6. I Liked the bird yesterday, but I could have done without the Frog Prince! Hmmm (I wonder if he’s one of those frogs who’s back your suppose to lick to have a Hallucination, oohhh nevermind I must already be tripping 😈 wow look at the pretty colors on the frog) ❗ :wtf:

  7. Must be the democratic Ideal. It reminds me of Bill Clinton, A crown because we all know democrats are better than normal folks, A frog because Bill wanted kissed a lot, and that thing sticking out of the front, its what he wanted kissed.

  8. What I’ve always wanted to see…a frog prince impaled on an umbrella during a rainstorm……….I’d say somebody kiss this frog prince and make him feel better, but we all know what happened to Peter Parker when he got bit bit by the radioactive spider…What would happen if someone kissed a radioactive frog?

  9. So, the chick with the “deer in the headlights” look kissed the Chick Magnet and look what happened…..

  10. Someone has been hitting my stash and they turned into a giant freaky frog. :wtf:
    It’s that or acid. More likely acid or insanity.

  11. i liked where if you missed the kitty they got savaged by a dog. hilarious. i just now got a chance to check out the 10 not needed list from a couple days ago. how could you not need a turd twister

  12. RE Cat Vac
    The only thing fun about that game is just letting the cats fall and get chowed by that super dog .

    The frog… thats just wierd man .

  13. When kissed by the lovely princess, the frog prince immediately got an erection. :wang:

  14. “So I gave her this song and dance about being an enchanted prince, and like that – I was in bed with her” :mrgreen:

  15. At the stroke of midnight, just as his faerie godmother had warned, the Burger King turned back into a frog and dropped his red umbrella. The princess searched throughout the kingdom for the owner of the umbrella, finding only Travelers Insurance salesmen.

    Then, heartbroken, sitting on a rock next to the frog pond, she heard a whispered, “Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit”, turned and saw him there. She reached out gently, he closed his eyes, and she whacked him a good one and had the best plate of sauteed frog legs ever.

    Now, if she could just find the fella with the cardboard crown, everything would be perfect.

  16. Just what would Kermit the Frog look like after taking Drugs? :wtf:
    “Having just been married in Vegas, Kermit watches with an impending sense of doom as Miss Piggy strips naked and comes running to bed screaming “Alright, Frog Boy, let’s see if you really do taste like chicken…” 😈

  17. cat-vac is a perfect dose of mind candy!
    Yeah, the purple mescaline was exactly like that- giant Frog Prince, bright colors, those were the days! Put on the Pink Floyd and TURN IT UP! Back when the only reason to buy or manufacture was to help your brothers and sisters get high too. Uhh, did I digress? Oh yeah, I had a flashback that looked just like that before. 😀

  18. I can lay a magic golden egg. I can – I can – I’m just not trying hard enou… Whoa! Boy Howdy – we got something happening now.

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