33 thoughts on “So mark the con of Dan

  1. And the mark of the beast is SiX-X-X SiX-X-X SiX-X-X. I can just imagine what the beast will be.

  2. I want to know just what part of his body the monk beats in this version. ๐Ÿ™„

  3. Storyline: Hugh Heffner has left secret messages in Playboy magazine…men everywhere scrutinize the centerfolds in search of the truth. :boob: :boob:

  4. Re: the Million Crystal Body รขโ‚ฌโ€ we’re really supposed to believe that this model is going to lounge around covered in little crystals until someone eventually buys the millionth one? (As opposed to, say, all the pictures already having been taken during the process of covering her, then being revealed on the site in reverse order…)

  5. [Comment ID #54180 will be quoted here]

    …A full body condom…

    As for glitter-chick.. why would anyone care enough to see her exposed? The virtual world is full of naked chicks. Not being a guy or lesbian, I can’t say for certain, but that one doesn’t seem worth all the trouble…

  6. give this movie an Oscar, a Woodie, or a Pornie. It’s a 4 dong movie. :wang: :wang: :wang: :wang: It has plot, story, great dialogue and a surprize ending that will keep you at the edge of your seat…or bed. Coming this summer, this soon!

  7. Didn’t take the porn industry long to cap on the movie, wonder how long (?) it took ? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  8. [Comment ID #54266 will be quoted here]

    60 minutes, 31 retakes, 3 bottles of astroglide, and 21 fluffers.

  9. I’m Canadian so I know you love me. I just want to know why your blog is so hard to read. Do you want to discourage all but the pure of heart or something like that?

  10. The Lusty Lady is open during construction?!? How are they getting any work out of the construction workers?

    Hard hats must be worn in this area… :wtf:

  11. What an absurd way of making money – covering a beautiful woman with Swarovski – I can hear it now, as if she’s not naturally pretty enough – “Let’s dump some expensive glitter on her!”

    I would like to meet the person who instigated this and ram the heel of my palm into their nose. As if the world needed any more silly gimmicks…!

    Ah, well. At least their product is pretty to look at…

  12. omg – sooo glad I’m not that model…over 1100 crystals purchased and they’ve barely uncovered a fourth of her face! She’s gonna have to stand like that for months :wtf:

  13. [Comment ID #54858 will be quoted here]

    Eeewww! Don’t give me the mental picture!


  14. [Comment ID #53989 will be quoted here]
    Come on now, we just read it for the articles! It’s not our fault if the magazine just happens to fall open to the centerfold when we grab it…

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