BUNMAN, image via Jason Macemore

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  1. patrick

    Oh do you know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man?

  2. Flash Gordon

    Where’s the Meat?? 🙄 😕 :thong: :wtf:

  3. pablo

    Men are from Mars
    Women are from Venus
    Bunmen drive Saturns

  4. AnnieB

    ASSMAN – Kramer’s license plate 😛

  5. poisonwisky

    muffinman and croissantmans hero? or would that make his significant other weiner woman?

  6. Harold could not believe all the flack he got for his new car. Well, for the license plate. Bunman. What else for a top bread baker? The best damn dinner rolls, croissants, and tea rolls in town!

    Yes, there was that bachelorette party with the special order for a guy’s back end, anatomically correct down to red hots for pimples and fine grated chocolate for hair. A french loaf with sweet tender bread, delicate crust, and hollowed for the part dip. It was the girls’ delight, they made a real ruckus when they picked up the salad bar centerpiece before the party.

    But the papers posted those pictures. The girls talked the male strippers at the party to pose with the bread/vegetable dip bowl. And the paper used that license plate for the photo caption. Damn. Now all the bachelorette parties were calling, about two a month. And the weekly church orders were all canceled.

    Bunman. It seemed so simple. Bah!

    .. I wonder if that new gay bar would be interested in some bar tidbits? And maybe the ‘Bunman’ could pick up some action… Someone that knows what he ‘kneads’, get it?

  7. Drusky

    Is this a silent plea to get ‘rear-ended’? 😈

  8. Speedy

    Think he works for a bakery? 😆

  9. crash

    Snorting ice cubes give me a brain freeze :wtf:

  10. crash

    [Comment ID #194642 will be quoted here]

    now you know why they call me crash 👿

  11. Tater Salad

    and some times he backs that ass up! :wtf:

  12. Tater Salad

    his other cars plate saya titman :boob: 😀

  13. yankee04

    The 52nd state Uranus.

  14. mikeB

    [Comment ID #194643 will be quoted here]

    A gay bakery, perhaps?

  15. mikeB

    Yesterday, two men fondling meat, today a bunman. Trying to tell us you’re now playing for the hometeam, Dave?

  16. Chris S

    Maybe that is just the guy’s last name. Did you ever think of that? Why everyone has to jump to such conclusions is beyond me. Picking fun and ridiculing a guy you don’t even know all over a license plate that could have a perfectly reasonable meaning. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    Some people just happen to have last names that can seem amusing to people with a low-brow sense of humor. For example, I worked with a guy who had the last name Buttram. When he was hired, our manager politely asked him if it was French or something, thinking it may have a foreign pronunciation. Nope. BUTT RAM. That was simply his last name. Do you think we joked about it?

    HELL YEAH WE DID! Even 5 years later we’d joke about it when we heard another funny name. We even cut his name out of the payroll sheet and taped it to the wall to prove it to workers that didn’t believe us. That is one dude that would never put HIS name on a license plate. HA! 😈 I should be ashamed too… but I’m NOT! 😛

  17. Amanda B.

    Re: Link O’ the day; Weird does not even come close to describing it!!!!! :wtf: :dead:

  18. Spud

    He’s everywhere he’s everywhere…….. it’s BUNMAN!

  19. Chris S

    That link of the day… :wtf:
    It looks like the Village People raided an Army/Navy surplus store owned by Liz Claiborne.

    These are the type of fashion designers that should be dragged out into the street and beat with rubber hoses. NOBODY will ever wear that stuff and they make crap loads of money being a designer? :puke:

  20. Get those hot buns of yours over here, Bunman! 😈

  21. [Comment ID #194671 will be quoted here]

    My mind is reeling with all the possibilities of what your last initial could stand for…

    Incidentally, you should be made aware that this is NOT a humor site. No, in fact, it’s a hate group, for the oppression of the helpless and defenseless. Ruining careers and marriages, contributing to the atmosphere of hostility, and driving victims to a nervous breakdown are just some of the services we provide.

    In fact, posting pictures is just the first step; quite frequently we share the license plate info so we can run a make and find out where they live, then we go and follow that person around day after day, jeering and taunting, hazing and harassing, in the cruelest and most childish manner possible. That’s what the donation jar is for; expenses go to airfare and bribing local cops.

    Now as for you… are you with us, or against us?

  22. Natalie

    Awwww, he must really love bunnies.

  23. [Comment ID #194694 will be quoted here]

    Rubber Hose? They might enjoy that a bit too much! 😛

  24. [Comment ID #194694 will be quoted here]

    Rubber Hose? They might enjoy that a bit too much! 😛

  25. This is for anyone that is or might’ve been a wrestling fan…..the lyrics from the entrance theme for “Mr. Ass” Billy Gunn………

    I’m an ASSMAN
    Yes, I’m an ASSMAN
    I love to love’em
    I love to lick’em
    I love to shove’em
    I love to stick’em
    I love to flaunt’em
    I love to watch’em
    I love to pick’em
    and I’m gonna kick’em
    Cause I’m an ASSMAN
    Yeah, I’m an ASSMAN
    So many asses, so little time
    A little tight one will stop me on a dime
    I’m a lover of every kind
    The best surprises always sneak up from behind
    I’m an ASSMAN
    Yeah, I’m an ASSMAN
    Buns of glory, buns of steel,
    You might as well give away
    The truth of how I feel
    You walk behind me, I’m feeling heat
    That’s why the girls
    All walk behind me down the street
    I’m an ASSMAN
    Yeah, I’m an ASSMAN

    Sad I know, but I am a wrestling fan, and I have the CD this is on, and yes I use to blare it loud when I drove my car……..and I’m damn proud of it.

  26. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #194781 will be quoted here]

    Hey, numnuts. Did you even read Chris’s post all the way through? :wtf:

  27. officeratt

    I had that once 🙄

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