BJs Coming Soon!

BJs Coming Soon!


  1. Spud

    This is a good sign.

  2. My Hubby wants to know where’s the line for that place??

  3. Spud

    It starts behind me…

  4. Bigwavdave

    There must have been another sign right next to it saying “NOW HIRING – APPLY HERE”

  5. Bigwavdave

    Catchy little tune on the video. Zillaland may just have found an anthem.

  6. TimM

    The building is not up yet, but he is…

  7. It will be so nice to be able to get my BJs at whole … I mean ‘hole’sale prices instead of paying full retail.

  8. Jay Laverdure

    [Comment ID #250633 will appear here]

    That’s an “L” instead of an “R”, Lung..

  9. Jay Laverdure

    Besides: Wht buy low quality wholesale when the Zillagirls have the highest quality re-tail ($1000/hr, anybody?)!

  10. Coming soon? More like coming now! 😈 :wang:

  11. Sounds like a great company to hook up with. Maybe only if you work at the head office. They probably don’t care if you get a little behind in your work. Can you immagine casual Fridays?

  12. Chris S.

    Suddenly, nobody gives a shit about dubble bubble at Lenny’s after work…

  13. Flash Gordon

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    Gosh, Nicolette, you might ought to do something to keep that boy at
    πŸ™„ :wtf: πŸ˜›

  14. [Comment ID #250888 will appear here]

    I told you before, he needs somewhere to go when my G/F comes over!
    :boobs: :boobs:

  15. Lake Effect

    I believe this pic was taken in Albany, right across the street from the Guv’s Mansion. Word is that they need a deep discount BJ’s place around there… :wtf: :wang: 😳

  16. Drusky

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    You said it… You said ‘Head Office’… Heh Heh Heh…

    [Comment ID #250724 will appear here]

    I think I just did… πŸ˜† πŸ˜€ πŸ˜†

  17. Do you think they will have WEEKEND SALES and WEEK LONG HOLIDAY SPECIALS….hey the farther I can spread my dick….uhhh I mean buck around the better

  18. Lake Effect

    Hey wait a minute! That’s not a picture of that goddamsonuvabitch Arthur Mitchell actually killing your love life, is it?? That bastard!!

  19. TimM

    Do they have a LAY-away plan?

  20. Bear

    I can’t believe that guy’s ears are real!!!
    I thought I had big ears…dam, I feel really good about my self.
    …..just no way!!!

  21. Bear

    oh dam…I was talking about the video..ROFL

  22. shangshine

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  23. shangshine

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  24. Dragonhose

    I called the number and placed an advance order for a gross of Bj’s, seems they cum in Blonde Redhead and Brunette.

  25. Lake Effect

    [Comment ID #251246 will appear here]

    [Comment ID #251247 will appear here]

    I’m glad you cleared that up…I was feeling a little self-conscious.

  26. la qhuan

    wow lick my :boobs: :boobs:bitches 😳 😈 :wang:

  27. la qhuan

    then :wang: me :boobs: :boobs: :thong:

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