34 thoughts on “Captiontime #225

  1. “….but you promised you would love me no matter what… even after i picked up a few pounds, didn’t have my girlish figure and grew as butch as an x-marine with a well groomed goatee and hair cut….”

  2. You’ll have to talk louder I’m wearing a robe.

    /OK so I ripped that off from Homer Simpson

  3. Alookee har, it says ‘place pole against a hard surfuce and insert in a reverse motion’ can y’all explain a what that rightly means, cause ah jest caint seem to git it dun right.

  4. :wtf:
    O! M! G!
    This is my Brother in Law. See what I am related to?!?
    Long story short…… his wife wears the pants in that family.

  5. I’ll never get drunk at a stag party again……err….”Train station? Hey, when is the next train to Buffalo?”

  6. “Hello? I just bought this wonder mop and it doesn’t even have the mop! If you don’t send me a new one I’m gonna stick this pole where the sun don’t shine!”

  7. No wait, I change my answer. This is one of the other ways to abandon your family: claim you’re a trannie or queer and demonstrate how much you like having things shoved up your ass. :wtf:

  8. oh yeah……caption for nicolette’s brother in-law:

    “why do you think i’m calling….clean up the fucking mess and do the ironing before i get home bitch!”

  9. hello honey? ok, I’ve gone down through the list of things to do today, and I’m all out of laundry detergent… uhhh, no, I’m not wearing your panties… no, no, I’m wearing my golf shirt and cargo pants. No, I promise you, I am not wearing your clothes. Ok, now can you pick up a six-pack of Bud while you’re at it? yeah, I love you too….

  10. This guy is so tough, he can pull off a floral that clashes with the curtains. Hope the laundry finishes before Gladys gets home and finds out he got an ankle tattoo.

  11. Hello? QVC? Yeah, I bought the camoflage terrycloth robe and had 10 others sent directly to the guys in my Navy Seal unit. There seems to be a slight mixup in what we got…

  12. Regarding the Link: My step-dad’s brother (uncle i guess) about 25 years ago SERIOUSLY told his wife & kids he was going to the store for a loaf of bread and pack of smokes. He didn’t come home for 10 years!! His explaination ” Man the line at the store was really long!!” :wtf:
    The guy in the robe reminds me of an ex – I came home from work one day and there he was lounging on the couch in MY pantyhose, and suit. He needed serious help.
    Oh yeah a comment (calling Jerry Springer) ” Can you help me to tell my wife I like her clothes and want to be a woman??”

  13. Anybody else get the impression that there’s an oxygen line leading into the crotch of that bathrobe- and no evidence of oxygen-using devices on his head?

  14. 😈 This was sweet revenge for him & his family being complete assholes! Don’t get angry…. Get Even!!! Thanks Dave!

  15. The guy resembles my cousin the state trooper.

    One day I let my buddy Jimmy use our washing machine. In the laundry room he mentioned that the jeans he was wearing could go in the load. I reached in the box of rags, and pulled out my mom’s old robe. he took his pants off, put on the robe. We heard my mom coming home from work. So Jimmy greated her at the door wearing her robe.

  16. That is so hot. :wang: :wang: :wang: :wang:

    To be able to wear that robe on vinyl flooring is not an easy thing to do. 🙂

  17. [Comment ID #251688 will appear here] shit lake….how many people have we been mother/fathered by?

  18. [Comment ID #252056 will appear here]

    Ya know, I’m wonderin’ about that, myself – I’ve got issues.

  19. Gotta love the morning after the first night of liberty/leave! I have no doubt he’s also sporting frilly pink panties under that as well as a rompin’ stompin’ rip roarin’ case of crabs.

    Mmmm, crabs….. anyone got any drawn buttah?

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