So I went to get my hair cut. I go to a female stylist. Before you make any metrosexual jokes, let me explain my rationale. My belief is, I always go to a female stylist, preferably one that looks like the type of woman I’d want to sleep with. They are most likely to make me look like the type of man they would like to sleep with. If not, I at least have a hot woman playing with my head and not a creepy old man that smells like Aqua Velva.

Long story short, I am waiting for my stylist to be freed up when my girlfriend nudges me to look up. There’s a stylist bending over in tacky leopard print pants. Tank top too small, so her entire padded bra is showing. But here’s the killer, and I wish it showed up in the picture. I would expect a thong hanging out, but no. She topped it. Backless panties and entire ass crack exposed. Klassy.

What not to wear to work

Then I noticed what the stylist to the right of her was wearing.

OMG, there are two of them!

31 thoughts on “What not to wear to work

  1. OK, I get the wanting to go to a woman thing for the hair…… but to THESE women?!? One looks like a hooker, the other like a Holly Hobbie reject!

    I still say the Gnome looks like a midget after having been used the the local bar’s midget tossing event. WTF did they think the dude on the commercial meant by “you’ll never roam alone”.

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    The way Lisa’s career has been going, a job as a hair stylist somewhere in the Greater Detroit area would probably be a step up.

    I’ll alert the syndicated entertainment TV shows.

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    Usually they put the good looking women out by the waiting room to attract more customers, and bury the,…ahem…… more eccentric ones in the back. How’d you get so lucky to have that kind of entertainment while u wait??

    Whoot! I was first again!!

  4. Hair styling doesn’t turn me on; I don’t have enough to style.

    Say, AnnieB, I’ve been thinking about you this weekend and you’ll
    never guess what I’m holding in my hand! πŸ‘Ώ :java: :kiss: :wang: :wang:

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    Hey baby, I ‘ve missed ya! Your little blue pill? Has it been a month already? πŸ˜›

  6. Mom???? 😳

    Mom…I think you need to go back to the bus station and pull the other half of your dress out of the doors.

  7. From the pics you show, are you sure you weren’t at a sausage stuffing factory?

    Today’s special: Leopard print Kilbasa or Bratwurst with a bad perm.

    Yo Davyboy, I was a hairstylist for over a decade and the male clientel I had came to me because their wives wouldn’t let them go to the hot chicks.

  8. Somebody should tell the one on the right the Stevie Nicks look only works if the dress FITS.

    Misstress Darla, once again I’m wishing those were my hands :boobs: :wang: sweet clevage !

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    what ever helps you sleep well tonight ,Dave…Lisa Loe..who? yeah! after the (lap dan..) i mean hair cut at this klassy joint, is there cursing and swearing and hasty paying of (certain amounts) for any (unspecified) services? i wunder…

  10. Dave – Some questions…
    1) Are you SURE it was a padded bra?
    2) Where is the crack shot?
    3) Are you SURE this isn’t the line at your local Starbucks?

    And finally…Fashion should be a statement…NOT a question!

    WAITRESS…Another Guinness if you’d be so kind…

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    Oh yeah, me too!

    And other Guinness, sure, why not?

    Uh, wait, what was the question?

    Dave, is the “Gobsmacked” icon ready yet? It IS almost noon here, ya know…

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    Indeed I’ve always pictured you with a bit o’ the Irish in ya. (By the by – I had bangers for breakfast this fine mornin’, and a little hair o’ the dog!)

    ~signed, Paddy Fitzinnitt O’Flirtty

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    Does that mean you’d be only 1/3rd of the way in? πŸ˜›

    By the way, that was a PERFECT Stevie Nicks reset. LMAO!

    Dave, since when did you go to SkankyCuts?

  14. [Comment ID #250193 will appear here]

    No the Irish 3rd is at the bottom of the Bit !

    I’d soooo do Stevie……Nicks that is not C !

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