Uh, ma’am? There’s a badger on your head

To be honest, I’m not sure if she cut her hat open or if it came that way. In any event, her hair was a horrible rat’s nest and I just had to share…

30 thoughts on “Uh, ma’am? There’s a badger on your head

  1. See, even if you do shave your dog’s ass and teach him to walk backwards as soon as the hair starts to grow back someone snaps a picture.

  2. Dave, did you snap this beaut with the camera imbedded in your cellphone, or do you just bring your good digital camera everytime you visit your Starbucks?

  3. [Comment ID #326474 will appear here]

    By now, with all the pics we’ve seen from in that ‘Bucks, I’m imagining Dave is over there against that far wall, manning ( :wang: ) an old SLR camera with a 12″ ( :wang: ) telephoto lens and a flash, all set up on a nice adjustable tripod ( :wang: ) .

    Kind of a studiozilla within the Starbucks. I think now that everybody knows he’s in there snapping away, people hang there just hoping that someday Dave will make them A Star.


    Yes, I got it stuck in everybody’s head again. You’re welcome.

    RE: link-o-da-day: Why don’t we just make a separate clown-bashing category?

  5. Rule Nº. 1: You do NOT talk about wicker club.

    Rule Nº. 2: Any assignments that you don’t finish at home, you have to wear all day.

    Rule Nº. 3: You do NOT talk about wicker club.

  6. :wtf: Once again, Dave’s local Bux has become fodder for us Zilla-ites.

    You know, I never see people like this when I go to Bux. And I go to the one in Universal Studios with all the crazy tourists! 😀

  7. See, I’m telling you, it’s those damned Republicans, again. Price of gas is do high that poor lady can’t even afford to buy a whole hat. So she bought a hole hat. Get it, whole/hole? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, sometimes I crack my own ass up! (just kidding)

  8. it actually looks like it would be helpful in determining a consistant cut line for a chainsaw, samurai sword or “”laser””.

  9. I’m sure she thinks she’s making a concession to grooming by wearing the hat. Thanks for thinking of us, Mom!

    Old people should just stay home.

  10. [Comment ID #327217 will appear here]

    Damn, girl, think what you could do if you had a whole mind! 👿 😛 :kiss: :wtf: :wang:

  11. If I’m not mistaken, this is how yarmulkas are made. The young yarmulka is carefully removed from the whole hat, and then what is leftover is sold to those dollar stores in the poor catholic sections of the community.

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