Girl 1: “Have you seen my new tat? I don’t think I’ve seen you since I got it.”
Girl 2: “No! Lemme see!”
[looks at her shoulderblade]
Girl 2: “Oh, cool! Is it permanent?”
Girl 1: “Yeahรขโ‚ฌยฆ That’s kinda the point.”
Girl 2: “Really? Nothing will wash it off?”
Girl 1: [shakes head]
Girl 1: “What if you use a really good exfoliant?”

12 thoughts on “Overheard: Is it permanent?

  1. What if you were to stop breathing for say, forever? Oh, I know, the world would be a better place!

  2. I bet an industrial strength band sander will take it off easy!

    Were these two Mensa candidates blonde? Just saying……

    Like Oh My Gawd! :wtf:

  3. The shoulder tat was probably best viewed from behind her and reads “This end up or against wall”.

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