2010 Spring Fashions

2010 Spring Fashions


  1. Egads

    I have never been afraid of clowns, but now I am 😯

  2. Linda

    Assuming it’s a man, I fear the clowns… and the upside down tulip pants seem to be sucked up into the netherlands…. eeeeeeeeeewwwww 😑

  3. Cobe

    OMG Please don’t turn around. Did someone say Gunt.

  4. Bigwavdave

    I believe there may be a subtle difference between A Clown and being a clown…either way, this is scary! (insert vomit icon here)

  5. DaPopster

    My eyes, my eyes !!!!!

  6. Don

    You’ve gone to far Dave, I just puked my breakfast. Stay away from Wal Mart and move up to Target.

  7. junkman

    michael moore still looking for roger.

  8. Obviously whoever dropped him off couldn’t fit him in the garbage can so they just left him beside it. Too bad the pickup isn’t until next Tuesday.

  9. Patrick

    Okay, there’s two things dreadfully wrong with that photo. #1- He’s a Sooner fan and #2- Those are not really shorts and shirt. They’re painted on like in Sports Illustrated. Now try to get that image out of your head. 😈

  10. fruf

    this man? a** clown,is so fat that his socks are too tight
    By the boots,he works as a deputy for the police department
    whats in the cup?
    these were long pants before he recieved a clown wedgie
    make up courtesy of Ellen
    he is Not a Sooner more like a Later

  11. He has the thighs of a baby. Maybe with that outfit he’s trying to fashion a grown-up version of a onesie?

  12. Where’s the eye bleach when you need it? Blech!

  13. John Goodman in his latest motion picture, ROGER ATE ME. Goodman plays Michael Moore in this bio-pic about the troublesome film-maker in the early years.

  14. chainstay

    The thighs of a baby what?

  15. Nickers

    Sexxxxy. Rowr πŸ˜†

  16. junkman

    we should not make fun of this person. but for the grace of god there goes any of us……..if we tried to jam a whole cherry pie into our faces in one glorp. also a teacher of children in in units of measure…..cup in hand 3 pints of red slushie. belly on right 30 gallons of red slushie. clever juxtaposition as well…. no waist management on the left and waste management on the right. perhaps they will mate later. ➑

  17. Yuca

    WTF! Black boots with shorts?

  18. pablo

    This is why Mrs. Claus doesn’t let Santa pick out his own clothes. 😯

  19. Bebe

    ….and now this is what 28 Chromosomes look like.

  20. Timm

    Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.

  21. junkman

    the white streaks under the eyes make it look like he’s been crying. because his team lost……the team of voices in his head that coached him to develop as normal human being.

  22. Bryan

    Sooners hat and shirt say fan…
    Make up says obsessed fan…..
    Purple Shorts and Cowboy boots can only say one thing…PLAYAAAAH!!!

  23. cbatdux

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOkahoma! where they eat McDonalds all day long….Cmon sing it with me….

  24. junkman

    Sooners? more like Laters. πŸ™„

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