Caption Time #300

CaptionTime #300


  1. jdn

    if any of the other horses back at the stable recognize me i’ll never live this down

  2. Bigwavdave

    The line @ Starbucks?
    Lovely lamp Lizz scored at the Christmas party…

  3. Yeah, yeah, we heard it all before. You felt sorry for him so you decided to go to “The Fish Under the Sea Dance”…

  4. The Ukrainian movie industry shouldn’t have filmed their own version of
    Seabiscuit so close to the reactor.

  5. Eddie Murphy’s career had sunk to a new low when he couldn’t even get the part of The Donkey anymore.

  6. fruf

    Like spongebobs shoes and socks? Pervert walking his baby horsey

  7. nuilogad

    Is that Pokey and SpongeBob’s illegitimate child Wedgie?

  8. Patrick

    Yes, it’s me. I ain’t proud. I was young and needed the money. Which one? You figure it out.

  9. junkman

    think i dated that ass. she left a snail trail. 🙄

  10. DaPopster

    Further proof of stagnation in the gene pool ……… ( Puke Icon )

  11. Cobe

    I think that ass you dated was probably my x.

  12. Mark

    Getting ready for the Pineapple Derby

  13. just look for a squirrel in a bubble….sandy’s got to be here somewhere !!

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