I always seem to look at the clock when it turns 12:34, and frequently, 12:34:56. I don’t do this intentionally, nor do I wait for it to turn. it’s just a weird synchronicity thing. I asked several of my friends if they always seem to notice a certain time on the clock and I am alone on the sequential numbering; they all see 11:11. Jason told me that many people say you are to make a wish if you see 11:11.

How about you? Do you always notice a certain time of the day on digital clocks?

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  1. Yeah that is a little strange. I see 12:34 quite a bit as well. The other times are 12:23, 10:10 and 11:11. I always thought that was weird but now that I am thinking about it, maybe it is just that those numbers seem to have a pattern to them that we remember them easier than say, 9:46 or something. Although the one time I don’t ever remember seeing is 4:38. I wonder if it even exists and I am starting to think that could be the baby pigeon of time. πŸ˜•

  2. Video of the day: The little girl looks like she could have been one of mine! I could show my eldest, she’d think it hilarious, but the six year old would just run around the house saying it!

    My dad had a super 8 projector that he bought because someone had given him some amature porn. I was in my early teens, and having paid attention to how to set up the projector and films at school, couldn’t wait when my family was out of the house to view these against my closet wall. Old black and white stag films. Quite impressive-the first time I had really seen a woman pleasuring a man orally.

  3. It’s a premonition, a gift or bane depending on how you look at it which foretells the time of your death. This has been well documented through the past with many people foretelling the exact time of their demise and is a common thread through the dream state to the waking mind.

    They say you see this at least 13 times before you kick the bucket, go to meet your maker, push up the daisies, go to Davy Jones’s locker, bite the dust, snuff it, croak it, turn up one’s toes, cash in one’s chips, drop off the perch, hop the twig, pop one’s clogs, well, I think you get my drift.


  4. I think we did the cheeseburger in a can thing a little while ago janeeto. The invention of the 21st century has arrived, rest they say is history.

  5. I think it has something to do with living with cats, Dave.

    Next to quartz pulsars, cats are the most reliable time keeping mechanism known to man. Serve their food at exactly 19.21.34 two days in a row and you can be sure that on the third day theyÒ€ℒll walk in the door within a nanosecond you twisting the key on the can. This feline ability is obviously rubbing off on you.

  6. When I look at the clock, I try to see if you can manipulate the numbers to result in 13. Like 7:51 (7+5+1=13)
    Or 4:31 (4×3+1=13). By the way, the Oceanic Air flight number from Lost is manipulateable to 13. ( Flight 815= 8×1+5=13)

  7. I see 7:27 (my birthday) an inordinate number of times, say per week. Each time I do I say “Happy Birthday To Me!” I enjoy simple little pleasures wherever I may find them. πŸ˜›

  8. I see 7:11 alot. I guess that means that I subconsciously am looking for a Slurpie and a microwaved burrito.

    My personal favorites, 4:20 & beer:30

  9. When I wake up at my place, I usually see 8:17 on the clock. Mostly because of the number of times I hit the snooze button!
    When I first check the time after lunch, (or before lunch some busy days), it’s 13:37 (24h clocks anyone?).

  10. I always see 7:22 which is my Birthday… I told my father about it and now he see’s 9:19 and sends me a text message everytime he see’s it incidentally

  11. AnnieB
    Yep thats me over at Avi’s I was wondering if that was you . I would have responded sooner but I was busy licking…I mean looking at your avatar…mmmmmmm boooobieeees.

    RE: vid O day
    One of my nieces when she was still learning to talk used to say fire truck as fire fuck

  12. Oh and the time thing , I dont see any certain time but whats weird is with my work I get up at different times each morn. and no matter what time I set the clock for I always wake up 3 min. before the alarm sounds.

  13. I can’t get the vid. but apparently it’s like when my relative Justin was very young, playing with his toy dump truck. His uncle asked, “What’s that you’re playing with?” Justin said something other than “dump truck.” Three or four times he said the same thing. The adults were looking at each other saying, “Did he say what I think he said?” He kept calling the dump truck a “Dumb Fuck.”

    The number for me, for some reason is 3:18

  14. Time is kinda funny: Here comes a moment…oops there it goes…
    So where did it come from and where has it gone? It was just here.

    The perception of time is also interesting – – – Let’s say I’ve got my face buried in Annie B’s ample cleavage…oh I just lost my place…OK, I’m back…well, an hour would seem to fly by in a few (fluttering) heartbeats, no?
    And yet with Driver’s avatar chasing my ass…60 seconds would last for-ever.
    You get the picture.

  15. Bigwavdave
    I would never bite your ass buddy…unless your face was where I wanted to put my face so I could put my face where your face was and if that were the case there would be no chase because with your face where it was you would never see me coming…WAIT…WHAT… :boobs: :boobs:MMMM BOOOOOBIEEEEES

  16. Only in Zillaland can we go from clock displays to sex and bowel movements.

    sex by 3rd post. Good job, Janeeto!

    Bowel movement by the 16th post. Nice Going Nicolette. Hope it all came out in the end…

    Honorable mention to Pablo for a fantastic Howdy Doody reset. That’ll teach me to not drink soda while reading here… πŸ˜€

  17. In the nine-hour drive through the barren stretch of desert from San Antonio to El Paso, the most exciting thing I saw was the clock on my cell phone adjust from Central Standard to Mountain Standard Time.

  18. [Comment ID #229650 will appear here]

    I do the same thing, it started around 5 years ago! I also see the clock at 1:23, 2:34, 3:45, and very rare 4:56. Its not just the time, its numbers every where. I live in texas, but work in Ok. Ok took out 1,234.00 in state taxes!! Iam glad iam not the only one!!!

  19. :wang: 😳 :java:
    I must not be normal, because I never look at the clock at the same time. Why don’t I ever fit in??? I so want to be like others and feel the same things. I do dream of situations that really happen. Not all of the time, but I would say often. However: “the day is nice…so, have a nice day.”

  20. :puke: :wang: :geek:

  21. Hi
    I am stuck with 12:34 everyday for more than 3 years. It usually happens in the noon time. Couple of times when I tried to avoid it, I just ended up catching it at 12:34 am or somewhere or something will show me 12:34. I don’t know what am I to make of this.

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