Captiontime #222

Captiontime #222

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  1. donnhw

    A “Balls of Fury” promo stunt takes an odd turn when one of the performers completely misunderstands the production memo. 😳

  2. Bob and Phil weren’t just gay, they were flaming!

  3. Drusky

    Earl shows how to deal with crabs the old fashioned way. Shave half the pubic hair, set the other half on fire and beat them as they cross… 😈

  4. the theme this week seems to be wedgies, thongs and cameltoe! :thong: :thong: :thong: :wtf:

  5. jack

    [Comment ID #228772 will appear here]

    What could be better or more appropriate for a site such as this?

  6. patrick

    A scene from Reno 911- “No officer, we’re not gay. We dress this way to assure that we don’t catch our clothes on fire! Same reason we shave almost all our body hair. No, we don’t have a permit. We’re not performers, we’re fire safety public service providers. Whatta you mean we’re going to jail? We haven’t done our Great Balls o’ Fire finale yet.

  7. Chris S.

    The Frying Walenda Brothers performing their new “Molotov Cock-tail” stunt in front of a not surprisingly fearsome audience. ……… “After pulling the flaming stick out from behind it then goes in the front here…”

  8. janeeto

    When they reach the proper temperature, the rivets leave quite an interesting mark! It takes performance art to the next level!

  9. Gary watched on as Bruce was about to do his “Grand Finale”. It would usually be just a little suprize when Bruce puts the burning torch into his overstuffed G-string to extinguish it. Little did he realize that Gary had drenched his stufff sock with lighter fluid.

    Gary’s thoughts, “There gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight” or maybe “I wish I had my camera because here is big time proof thay Gary is a flaming Queen” or “That’s what you get for telling me “Ben Gay” was a lubricant”.

  10. Nutz, hot nutz anyone? Get your freshly roasted, hot nutz here! (What a fucktard!)

    Mmmm, Mandy’s back! Love the new avatar! :wang: :kiss:

  11. [Comment ID #228780 will appear here]

    Everybody getting nekkid! 😛 😀

  12. :wtf: Adolfo began his act for the crowd, meanwhile Rolff thought to himself in the background, “Get you hot weiner and a fresh roasted sack of nuts right here.” Rolff secretly hoped Adolfo would make a mistake so he would get to be head flamer.

  13. Dragonhose

    o.k. Brian, on a count of three, we both light them up…..Brian?

  14. Lake Effect

    Dave, really, I’m begging you. For your own safety and sanity. You have got to stop hanging out at your Starbutts. You’re gonna get burned, dude! Can’t you just make your own frikkin’ coffee??

  15. Lake Effect


  16. Flash Gordon

    The Grand Marshals practice for the up-coming Doo Dah Parade. 😕 :wtf: 🙄 😛

  17. jack

    Mistress Darla, did 2 of your boytoys escape???

  18. It’s all fun and games until Gary remembers he ate chili last night.

  19. Jay Laverdure

    As a one-time fire-performer myself, I find the most impressive
    thing about this performance is that the flaming torch is coming
    OUT of the rivetted leather pouch..!

  20. Spud

    Dwayne and Wayne Cockburn of Lower Bottomswallop demonstrate their particular talents for another appreciative Saturday morning crowd.

  21. [Comment ID #228907 will appear here]

    Puh-leeze! Like I’d be caught with flamers like these. 🙄

  22. Lake Effect

    [Comment ID #228914 will appear here]

    I’ve never been a fire performer (if you don’t count the charcoal fluid/hot embers/shrubbery/vinyl siding incident) but I think that I would usually prefer flames coming OUT of just about any part of me as opposed to going IN.

    But maybe it’s just me….

  23. Cobe

    “Burn the snake, Burn the snake” the crowd chants wildly.

  24. Come closer ladies as you are about to see me flash roast my Polish sausage. :wtf:

  25. Robert Baker

    Lady with child,”Your father and I used to do that, but privately.”

  26. Trukindog/Driver

    Circus Geeks Gone Wild :wtf:

  27. Dragonhose

    No pain, no gain, and maybe no wanker!

  28. And now, a live demonstration of the latest pouch sprinkler technology…

    Too many hurricanes cause too much fun with fire on Mardi Gras, apparently.

  29. Cynical Villain

    man with torch: and now I’m going to this torch on my penis and it will not burn and I shall piss it out.

    man in back: oooh I hope not…I but if you do, I’ll blow it out. :puke:

  30. Hey Driver … I thought that was you over at Avi’s! Funny stuff man! 😛 :kiss:

  31. Oh, and just for you folks thinking “No shit Sherlock” * … that’s the first time I’ve seen him with both names together. At Avi’s I only saw him as Trukindog.

    • My apologies to Dr. Watson.
  32. [Comment ID #228860 will appear here]

    Coffee?? Oh, so THAT’S what Starbucks sells!

  33. Bigwavdave

    [Comment ID #229717 will appear here]

    I though it was a Kenny G outlet store…

  34. Dragonhose

    Nobody move or the white boy gets it!

  35. Meshie

    Roasted Weenies anyone….. anyone.

  36. Hey, don’t dismiss the flames! No wonder these guys are hairless…. fire makes a great depillatory.

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