Zilla’s Paradigm of Freakiness

Zilla Paradigm


  1. Spud

    um… pretty colours :geek:

  2. Mandy

    If we crossed “invisible monkeys” with “mystery objects in pants” would we get :wang: ?

  3. I love me some St. Clinton.

    Somebody want to buy me some St. Clinton merch? Oh, and I definitely need one of those “I’m just like Jesus” bumper stickers, too. :kiss:

    As for Dave’s little graphic … hm … I don’t know what “meat socks” are, but uh … I do have a tin foil hat.

    And I don’t have chats with invisible monkeys, I have conversations with the monkeys that live in my room. They’re everywhere, man. Seriously. I collect them. (Yep, Bad Kitty collects monkeys. I’m currently taking up new “members” in my collection … any applicants? :wang:)

  4. Esther

    Damn, that would make a great Christmas card!:cool:

  5. lack of hygiene and meat socks do NOT overlap??!?!?!?! that goes against everything i stand for!

  6. Lou Zha

    I just wonder if WE are Zillas invisible chat monkeys? i for one would be honoured to be named just such an enabler. Incidentally, Meatsock was my Ex’s nickname for her….uhhh….errr…..*blushs and runs away*

  7. Margaret

    I have a friend who’s ‘Meat Sock’ IS his ‘mystery object in pants’. Maybe he is a freak!!

    BTW~~does meat hats and tin foil socks qualify?

  8. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    Well before I begin, I would just like to announce that the girl in yesterday’s post has been safely released back into the North Atlantic by our friends at Greenpeace and is happily feasting on krill and plankton, as we speak.

    So gobble up fatty and I’m sure we shall see you again in the near future, when you are mistaken for a lost continent or something.

    But enough of all this nostalgia (it’s not what it used to be you know) and let’s get on with today’s post.

    Although Dave’s Venn diagram (that’s one of them that is) shows the main components of “freakadom” it is missing one vital element.


    In fact, go to the dairy counter in any market and 9 times out of 10 there’s a strange man with a greasy comb over and an anorak, eyeing up the Edam and fondling the fromage frais.

    But be careful…

    NEVER, NEVER, EVER talk to them or acknowledge their presence, because before you know it, they’ll be discussing the latest train time table changes and babbling on about their medical history.

    Sometimes they even carry bits of string and paperclips………..

    You have been warned.


  9. ReV.JeLLyBaBY


    Dave, what are meat-socks?


  10. Margaret

    I once had a brief conversation with an invisible monkey about his schnitzel socks (all the rage here in Germany, even for us Americans) am I the freak, or is the monkey the freak??
    ~~Just so you know, the monkey also had a mystery object in his pants, and could use a shower, too.

  11. ReV.JeLLyBaBY


    1. A PENIS :limp:

    2. A LOOSE WOMAN :kiss:

    3. AN IDIOT 😛


    Please advise.


  12. Hey, just because a :kiss: has full lips, doesn’t make her loose.
    Now this girl on the other hand.. :boobs::boobs:

  13. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    Nikki’s Bride of Frankenstein:

    I I
    I I
    A A

    or a loose woman.

  14. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    Even with the additional Flux capacitor I think any of the above definitions for “meat sock” would look strange in a tin foil hat.




    /\ = tin foil hat

  15. ReV.JeLLyBaBY


    This ones for Nikki and full lipped ladies everywhere.

  16. Frisko

    in the intrest of preserving the reputation of all naughty gals on Davezilla, I need clairification on the meat sock theory…
    Is a “meat sock” slang for bits with 100,000 miles onj them 6 inches at a time, or is it just a term for the naughty bits in general?
    I thought the Flux capasitor might interfere with the foil hat, or scientifically does the hat act as a conductor.

  17. mikeB

    Meat sock was first coined by Tenessee Williams for his lesser known play, “Cat on a Hot Tin Foil Hat”. Jimmy Stewart’s penis played the part of the meat sac sock.

  18. Frisko

    Dave, can I put your formula on a shirt to wear to university classes.



  19. Yes, according to WIL WHEATON, 50,000 monkeys at 50,000 typewriters can’t be wrong.

    Uhhh… think again, TREK-BOY.

    And do something about that BREATH of yours! EWWWWWwwwwww!

  20. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    I just had a look at Wil’s site……Rust is right.

    He needs to be stopped in so many ways….. from his Gmail for troops to his pathetically uninteresting shirt changing shenanigans.

    I’m sorry, but with Mr. Wheaton around…..this is NOT a world I wish to live in.

    Dave I think you should challenge him to phasers at dawn….its probably for the best.

  21. Margaret

    MEAT SOCK was one of the original Welcom Back Kotter kids.

  22. ReV.JeLLyBaBY


    (this is not really here.It is subliminal, you are NOT reading this)


    Finish Gardening
    Go shopping
    Fix fence
    KILL WIL WHEATON :geek: = :dead:
    Make dinner
    Feed cats


  23. Geez, I think I must have touched a nerve with the Rev.


    (or perhaps, in view of the WHEATSTER’s abilities, perhaps the NO-ACTING kind)

    poison, that is

  24. So, does that mean that this: :geek: is actually the Wil Wheaton icon?

  25. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    Sorry Rust.

    I just read his “I love you this much, gee honey thats a whole lotta love, kissy, kissy” entry.

    I started vomiting blood with all the sicklyness.

    I hope I don’t have flashbacks or I’m gonna sue.


  26. for shame, for shame. I *was* a
    monkey for a few months, adding my
    two pesos worth of commentary on a
    regular basis. Then, I posted a
    comment about GENE RODDENBERRY
    being nothing more than a hack
    writer who got lucky. That got me
    booted and blocked (what a geek)
    within a day. For sure, I’ve been
    a Star Trek fan ever since the 8th
    of september 1966… but hack
    writing *is* hack writing.
    Deifying a hack writer leads to
    Religions based on Appliantology
    (qv L. Ron Hoover vs Frank Zappa)
    and other Jackbooted Legions. I
    say, choose the blue pill. Got to
    … stop… smoking … before

  27. mikeB

    Surprised you didn’t post this on FW, but I must admit, you got the genre down.

  28. I’ve corresponded wityh Wil a few times, actually. He’s a really nice guy,

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