Caption time #16

Caption Time #16

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  1. Ahhhhh! It’s the sex line lady! :wtf: :dead:

  2. Esther

    “With her new outfit, and winning attitude, Tamyra was sure the bank teller job would be hers.””

  3. “And this is me, BEFORE I entered the ‘Fat Farm for Anime Characters'”

  4. Stacy’s first thoughts:

    “Oh my GAWD! I didn’t know Mimi from The Drew Carey Show had a sister! :kiss:

    And Dave, have you been hanging out at those silly Noir Leather fetish shows again? If so, tell Ali, Keith, and Jasmin I said hey … if they remember me. 😈

  5. Lou Zha

    “Does this bone throught my head make me look fat?”

  6. Pitty the small fairy creatures that were forced to tighten that dear lady’s corset.
    “I said HEAVE! Not ho!”

  7. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    ReV’s Top reasons why this girl would NEVER be on his TO DO list:

    It appears that one of her saggy ol’ titties has migrated to her left shoulder.

    Her leg somehow reminds me of an uncooked pork sausage.

    Her outfit makes her look like a cross between Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust and a photo negative of Oprah Winfrey.

    The guy behind her has turned away and he’s GINGER!

    Her hat looks like a futuristic sea turtle is shagging the back of her head.

    I have actually met this woman in a supermarket. She was ahead of me in the queue and I watched with interest as her shopping consisted of the following items:

    5 x single serving micro meals
    1 x 4 pint container of milk
    1 x toilet roll
    1 x jar of coffee

    It was then she noticed me looking and turned and smiled as I made the comment “Your single aren’t you?” out loud.

    “My” she replied “It must be my shopping eh? Anyway would you be interested if I was?”

    “No it’s NOT your shopping.” I said.

    “So how could you tell I was single, silly” she laughed.

    “Cos your bloody minging you ugly bitch” I laughed back heartily.

    Oh how we laughed and laughed.


  8. Lace Valentine

    Surely a George Lucas reject.

  9. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    Princess Leah?

    No thanks, if its all the same I’d rather not…..besides I have a doctors note excluding me from Jabba banging at the moment.


    P.S She is the sort of girl that makes you wanna smash your dick up for good though, isn’t she?

  10. Margaret

    She is the love child of Rosanne Barr and Rip Torn!!

  11. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    In the Queen’s English it means totally nasty and ugly Kismet.


    Queen: :boobs:

    “Oh Philip I wish that they would stop going on about bloody Diana. She was minging anyway.”

    Philip: 😕

    “Yes dearest, she wasn’t actually a Princess and to be honest, us royals are despised by the British public (apart from the old ones) anyway.”

  12. Spud

    Oh dear… :wtf:

  13. Mandy

    “I – am Ms. Ivanka. Countess of Fashion. Gaze in awe, mortals.”

  14. I hope the size of those thighs are part of the costume too. :dead:

  15. Frisko

    Florie worked so hard on her self esteme that she attended group and had her new self photographed for the local paper of OZ. Her comment to the reporter: “It is not easy being a citizen of OZ with hormone problems”

  16. Frisko

    Am I understanding correctly that the Rev doesn’t prefer larger girls?

  17. Two questions, Dave:

    Just what kind of convention was it, and why were you there?

  18. ReV.JeLLyBaBY


    Large girls are like mopeds.

    Great fun, but don’t let your mates catch you riding one!


  19. ratstink

    Mommy! Mommy!

  20. Aw ferkryinoutloud.

    Doesn´t anyone recognize that GEEK Wil Wheaton standing at the counter registering at a GEEK convention with his wife Anne?

    Only in America.

  21. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    Did you know?

    Will Wheaton was Tim Robbin’s body double during the prison scenes in the Shawshank Redemption.

    He also turned down a simular role in Pulp Fiction because they couldn’t find a big enough part.

    He was in that Star Trek thing too. no hang on wasn’t that Tim Robbins?


  22. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    No, worse luck……it was Wil Wheaton.

  23. Cheap Date

    The love child of a Munchkin and an Oompa Loompa! :wtf:

  24. mikeB

    **bleaches out eyes with beer**

  25. Thank you Rev for teaching me a new word today, I will use it.

  26. *wonders if beer gets out red wine stains too*

  27. Cheap Date

    “Leeloo Dallas just ONE YEAR after quitting Jenny Craig”

  28. Spud

    Thanks cheap date, you’ve just destroyed my filed mental image of leeloo dallas. 😕

  29. enfanta

    Finally! Someone the furries can look down on!

  30. This clearly is Dave’s sign of needing help. The organizers of the freak convention have kidnapped him. Somebody alert his family members, Natalie and most importantly the police!

  31. Mandy

    Yes, don’t let that scary whale thing nearDave! We need him. There’s coffee to spew and :boobs:s and :wang:s to laugh at!

  32. cal

    i’m never going to be worried about my sense of style again.

  33. mikeB

    LOL @ enfanta! 😆

  34. Amee

    What do you mean “what the-?” Seriously, its just a fellow cosplayer, as am I. That is actually a pretty good costume. Not saying it is best for HER to be wearing it, but it does look quite nice. Good for her!

    I’m not quite sure which anime that is from, but I know I saw another girl cosplaying it last weekend at Anime Iowa.

  35. you know, i think i know what her costume is. it looks like one of the magus sisters from final fantasy x.

    ew, though. that’s just a scary ensemble on a real human being, especially that poor girl.

  36. name

    I bet she’s wearing a tiny g-string, six sizes too small, with Hello Kitty or a smiley face on it. :limp:

  37. Dave too

    Excitement is in the air as Self Confidence Seminar participant Linda Keln poses in the lobby on her way to the graduation night social.

  38. Hoser

    That is all.

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