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  • Queen Rosebud

    Survey was a good idea, Dave. I hope it helps you bring us more entertainment. 😉

  • rust

    Oh, was this a serious poll? I’m confused. Too much television. Brain melting. Must find antidote. Eep. Orp! Ggggxzzzkl. (that’s pronounced Ggggxzzkl)

  • freckleface

    Nice of you to ask Dave. Now what do I win? :love:

  • fruf

    would you like more ‘zilla girls?
    your pictures are usually awsome….more please

  • junkman

    instead of the archives will this go into the poll vault?

  • Bigwavdave

    Speaking of being polled (And we all know how painful that can be) will we see the results or will they just show up as blog changes / not-changes?

  • Nicolette

    I love a nice, stiff poll in the morning! :wang: :kiss: :wang:

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