Seriously. This is my first entire day off since being promoted in January. What should I do with my day? I am taking suggestions. Be creative.

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44 thoughts on “What should I do today?

  1. Take a bag of pistachio nuts to confession, and see how many Hail Marys you get for talking about ketchup handjobs. Be sure to leave as many pistachio shells on the floor as you can.

  2. go to the racetrack. you can find subjects to add to your freak collection.
    just lounge around in your pajamas on the couch and play with the cats
    if it’s nice outside, go out and take some pictures

  3. or take a one-day trapeze lesson. hanging upside down will stretch out your back quite nicely and with all the sitting i assume you do that stretching will relax you

  4. Find some random streets you’ve never been down in a neighborhood that is fairly familiar to you and go down them. Do this for as many streets as possible. You might find some very interesting places.

  5. LOL…When I waitressed and we had to combine the half empty ketchup bottles to make full ones, and I always said it was like giving the ketchup a hand-job.

    That’s IT, Dave! Get a hand-job!!! :wang:

  6. Do not move
    Stay in bed
    Take it easy
    Put off till tommorrow what can be done today
    Go back to sleep
    Do not move


  7. You haven’t posted pictures of reader :boob: :boob: and :thong: in months. I say make it a :boob: and handjob day. :wang:

  8. Although it will hard to top Marcus’s suggestion…..Send really complicated e-mails to Republican lawmakers, asking some of the most difficult questions of our time, and then sit back and listen to their heads explode as they try to gather a coherent thought in their maggot ridden brains. Always a fun time for all.

  9. Ketchup hand-job :wtf: Got to avoid one of those.

    Mitch, that sounds like a good idea. Got to try that sometime.

  10. Call me.
    I left an email in your LJ- I need a few more measurements to dive into your outfit.
    I have a car today so I can meet you if necessary.

  11. Ketchup hand job????? Thats sick! I prefer mustard!!! Oh wait a minute. Im a female. Mustard might sting. how about a grendadine douche????? :wang:

  12. Ketchup hand job????? Thats sick! I prefer mustard!!! Oh wait a minute. Im a female. Mustard might sting. how about a grendadine douche????? :wang:

  13. :limp: spend a full day… without interuptions… sitting on your hands… Then you’ll see what a full wasted day is really like :wtf:

  14. Go hanggliding naked over an all female college campus. Go to restraunts and switch the signs on the restrooms. Jump into a tub full of Jello with that special someone. See how many doughnuts you can carry naked, while carring 2 cups of coffee. See if she can eat the last doughnut! :wang: :thong: 😈

  15. SONOFABITCH! That video made me cringe! Was it ketchup or catsup, I can never remember.
    Dave, go someplace you’ve never been before. Eat at a restaurant you’ve never been to before, do something you’ve never done before. You never know which day is gonna be the last one. Might as well make it a good one.
    And then try the coffee and doughnuts thing. Krispy Kreme has a doughnut that’s covered with chocolate and vanilla icing. She’ll love you (long time) for it. :java:

  16. I say go buy a Baccarat cigar, and smoke it. Then…go walk the streets of downtown royal oak with your camera. 🙂

  17. ou need to try out some of the driv thru gags those wer kewl ooooorrrrrrrr you need to go out find a whore and take the day off like a real man you weenie!!!! :wang: :wtf:

  18. Patrick, if you throw a cat its cats up, if its tomato sauce and sugar in a bottle, its ketchup. Try not to put the wrong one on your burger. :puke:

  19. Sleep in. Indulge in chana masala and naan. Get yourself booked at a spa for an hour-long hot stone massage. Cuddle with your cats. Read. Sleep some more.

    In other words, pamper yourself you overworked workaholic you.


  20. Check in to a fancy hotel, order a transsexual escort and have yourself a ball, Dave,you’ve earned it! 😀

  21. Pending on where you live, and if its a nice hot day outside. Just put on your best bathing suit on, prepare a couple of margaritas, and lounge outside soaking up the sun, enjoy a random cool breeze, and don’t forget to put on a bit of protective lotion on your skin. 🙂

  22. [Comment ID #25704 will be quoted here]
    Well Natalie. As good as that sounds, I live in Detroit, and it’s a wee bit chilly for that this time of year. 😈

  23. see how long you can have sex (preferably with a partner) then get drunk
    my favret way to spend a quite day at home 😆

  24. 🙄I don’t think I’ve ever had a day to waste. But if I did, I already wasted it. Surf this incredible net of ours and get into some credit card trouble.

  25. dave – don’t be a wuss. get the one-piece leopard skin on and slather yerself w/ the bain de sole and get on there on the outdoor barco-lounger….no, wait, it’s too late. Watch IDOL instead…

  26. Go into work wearing shorts, a hawaiian shirt, flip-flops and sunglasses. Bring a drink in a pineapple with an umbrella in it. Then, sit at your desk and do nothing. When people come by and ask you something, or try to talk to you, hold up your hand, and say, “I can’t talk, I’m on vacation.”

  27. Why settle for giving your self a hand job, ketchup or not. Find some guy who well do that and more. Then simply get busy filling his hand, and body orifices with dick and cum. Much more fun!s :troll: :troll: :wang: :wang:

  28. hmmm. lets see

    although your day off
    is long past
    I’ll leave my comment
    at long last

    get thy self
    to Taco Bell
    with five bucks
    and eat your fill

    then rent 12 hours
    of filthy movies
    and stay up all night
    watching boobies

    and when your arm
    can take no more
    scrape some cash
    and call a whore

  29. play strip poker (or whatever card game u suck at so u can get naked quick), spin the bottle, and make love A L L D A Y

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