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  1. Spud

    They are here…


  2. Red Dog

    I knew my early modeling career would come back to haunt me… :wang:

  3. Kristi

    Could be:

    1) The petrified remains of Paul Bunyan’s wang

    2) The object of worship of the Phallus Cult

    3) Paris Hilton’s favorite new toy

    4) Hugh Hefner’s latest addition to his art collection

  4. BEHOLD … THE MIGHTY ERECTION … no, wait, is that right? erection? that’s what it says on the cue card … well, i don’t know about YOU, but where i come from, that means a whole other thing … look, if you’ve got another word for … for … this thingie, then by all means, open up and spit it out, but right now i’ve got a garden full of slightly drunk bank managers laughing their asses off. christ i knew this retreat was a waste of time. i can’t wait to get … oh jesus… someone call 9-1-1 … Johnson’s gone and tried to mount the statue and it’s, uh, mounted him in return.

  5. Nunu

    😈 My next boyfriend! :kiss:

  6. Ace

    MR. HAPPY!!!!
    That guy is too into his :wang:. Nice.

  7. MJaz

    I want that swimwear for my 16-year old daughter!!! It will hide the cast-iron chastity belt her Dad is having made for her. Does cast iron rust in the water? hmmmmmm…. Maybe we better go with stainless steel?

  8. I think the aliens just left it behind to confuse us, ’cause seriously what the fuck is that? 😕

  9. I wear less on a daily basis most of the year than the Wholesome Swimwear models wear in one day to the beach.

  10. Mandy

    If that’s the wholesome swimwear, I’ll take the whoresome swimwear, thank you. :thong:

    Also, Dave? What’s with the giant morning wood? :wang:

  11. it looks like amish swim wear :limp:. i’m sorry i think the amish would wear less than that. i don’t think wholesome is the word for those clothes. for me what comes too mind is prudeish, nunish (if that’s even a word it should be created just for these clothes.), or downright muslim. and secondly how did you get a pic of my penis?!

  12. bhamm

    – The New Monolith for the remake of 2001: A Space Odessey

    – Larry Flynt’s Halloween costume

  13. Da Popster

    Yet ANOTHER phallic looks like gag ……………. :puke: Oh GROW up !! :limp:
    How about a taco or something similar for a change of pace ?

  14. Da Popster

    By the way, you’re freaking me out with that swimwear ad, seen stuff like that in an old photo album …………. from the 1920’s, at least those pics were in b&w and henceforth not as scary. :wtf:

  15. Patrick

    The Thing was trying to impress Invisible Girl Sue Richards with his highbar routine. Unfortunately he crissed when he should have crossed and hung his ‘cash and prizes’, leaving them as last will and testament to the only true ‘hard on’. Funeral services will be Saturday at 11:00 a.m.
    Sneezing Too Hard is insanely funny! LMAO.

  16. Spud

    I just checked on the wholesome swimwear link after seeing the girls comments.

    and, um, um didn’t we see this type of swimwear in like 1902?

    Kinda like brown bread huh, wholesome and most likely good for you, but totally unappealing.


  17. junkman

    that swimwear is enough to make the statue go limp. :limp:

  18. phud

    the swimwear maker should be introduced to the giant schlong

  19. joe

    those swimsuits make so :wang: :wang:!

  20. Myra

    For Pete’s sake, I bet nun’s wear less than that at the beach! How could you swim in that? :wtf:

  21. Omega

    Looks more like a middle finger to me. Just sayin’. Though I would accept the :wang: theory.

  22. Bigwavdave

    RE: The “swimsuits”…I notice the area code is for northern Oregon – Any thoughts?
    Hey gang, let’s go into town for a Coke!

  23. Avalon

    Do you think they have waterproof bibles too?

  24. Drusky

    [Comment ID #72884 will be quoted here]
    Cast Iron is so old school… He needs to get her a KEVLAR chastity belt. If it will stop a .38, It’ll stop a 4 – 6″er…


  25. Drusky

    Could that be Lorena Bobbit’s clothes line? Maybe she’s hanging some Jerky treats to dry… 😈

  26. Drusky

    [Comment ID #72891 will be quoted here]
    Carefull… Mandy made that same claim not too long ago and she posted pictures to prove it…

    Atta Girl, Mandy!!!

  27. How come “wholesome swimwear” only comes in women’s styles? Some guys are in desperate need of full coverage.

  28. Flash Gordon

    The Loch Ness Monster got tangled in that ladder? and lost his Johnson. :wang: 😮 😕 👿 :wtf:

  29. [Comment ID #72893 will be quoted here]

    As a former Mennonite (think rather worldy Amish) I can assure you… that is LESS than they wear to swim in! Most swim in regular clothing, and NEVER in mixed company! (and, they won’t swim at public pools or beaches… only in private pools, private lakefront, etc.)

    Of course, there are different areas and groups that are more or less strict about it…

    I’m looking at that, and thinking, Hey, that would hide my fat thighs…

  30. [Comment ID #72989 will be quoted here]

    thanx for the inside info. and welcome back to the fun world of sin. :wang: 😀

  31. crystal

    I never wear even that much if I can help it, and I have the pics to prove it. :boob: :boob:

  32. Kate

    [Comment ID #72875 will be quoted here]

    wierdly enough that has happened to me before eccept the statue was ALOT smaller than that mambagoe surely though i am all to glad that it wasn’t JOHNSEN persay but peter yes peter shut up he’s my friend.

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