Things I would not want to find in Wendy’s chili

  1. A webcam
  2. Weapons of Mass Destruction
  3. A tie-dyed poodle
  4. The Holy Grail
  5. Fermat’s Theorum
  6. The Secret of Nimh
  7. Jimmy Hoffa’s finger
  8. Rosie O’Donell’s Flickr Account
  9. A rectal thermometer
  10. Wendy

Thanks to Larfus for suggesting the topic.

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  1. what I don’t ever want to find in my mouth: Wendy’s chili.

    who eats that crap anyway? I’m fairly sure it’s illegal to live in Texas and admit to eating Wendy’s “chili.”

    I’ve eaten it ONE time and decided their ad campaign should be: “Wendy’s chili: a weapon of ass explosion.”

  2. I agree it needs to come with a roll of toilet paer instead of napkins.:wtf:

  3. Spud

    What’s the matter with you people, a good clear out never hurt anyone.

    Some people pay good money for enemas.

    Ah Wendys Chilli!

    A rootin a tootin a clearout yaguts a tootin.


  4. I noticed that Rosie’s photos have no comments yet. We should all go there and have some fun with that.

  5. She has (smartly) disabled comments and tags. Damn. I had some good tag ideas, too. I’m certain she would have enjoyed them. 😈

  6. CJ

    In my Chili, I would hate find a Rosie O’donell FLick’r picture of her rectal thermometer.

  7. oh, yes, a veritable goldmine. too bad she’s closed the mine doors.

  8. simoon

    Personally, I think I might order some Wedny’s chili if I thought I might find Weapons of Mass Destruction as the “prize.” Heck, there are a few people I know of who could use a little WoMD directed at them. Harumph.

  9. I definitely would not like to find Wendy in her own chili.:dead:

    Also, in her profile, Rosie lists herself as female. What gives?

  10. Mandy

    She might be one of those dog Flickr pages. 😐

  11. JFLY

    Things That HAVE Been Found:

    1. Evander Holyfield’s Earlobe
    2. Bin Laden
    3. The Lindburgh Baby
    4. OJ’s Knife
    5. Bill Clinton’s Cigar
    6. Michael Jackson’s Career
    7. The Painting “The Scream”
    8. Prince Charles’ Taste In Women
    9. Paris Hilton’s Cell Phone
    10. Cat Stevens’ Passport

  12. I have got nothing… Wait! Nope. Still nothing. :java:

  13. didn’t Dave Thomas leave his body to chili?

  14. Of course i had to look at Rosie’s Flickr!, and of course now i’m sorry 😛 i hate her and she’s a worse photographer than me. Bleah.

  15. JD

    Things I would not want to find in my chili: my parents 😕

  16. oh good god. I just looked at those pictures. the last one, with all the freckles on her face? that’s enough to give someone nightmares. :wtf:

  17. I do not want to find God in my Wendy’s chili.

  18. JFLY

    Re: Rosie’s pics

    page 1 – Eric has the hardest job in show business

  19. Rosey’s partner is actually attractive. Rich folk never marry ugly people… There is always some really attractive person that likes their “personality”.

    Curse my luck!

  20. Well, you are all braver than I to spend so much time on her Flickr site. I only made it through two photos. :wtf:

  21. Anna

    First I was thinking “who is Wendy? Somebody who blogs. Somebody we are all supposed to know but don’t. Somebody Dave knows?”.
    Then I realized this must be about fastfood … that’s soo American.
    The town that I live in has 158.000 people – an average to large city in Holland – one regular MacD’s and one drive-thru, one Domino’s and one Subway. That’s about all the fastfood we have. Ofcourse I’m not counting all the “snackbars” (sorry, that’s what they’re called) were you can buy all kinds of fries, meatballs and other unmentionables.
    I’m losing the battle here …. we have lots of fastfood places too. But luckely NO Wendy’s.

  22. mike

    penile vomit:idea:

  23. MB

    the few rosie photos that i looked at kind of made me feel queasy. and i usually like odd colorful photos. but these looked real scary! 🙄

  24. ariel

    i think i would want to find the Holy Grail.

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