TV Shows I’d Like to See

  • America’s Got Two and a Half Men
  • Barefoot Contessa Hunters
  • VH1’s Top 100 Sexiest Bigfoot Videos
  • It’s Always Sunny in the First 48 Monsters Inside Me
  • Real Ghost Hunters of Beverly Hills
  • Property Virgins: Criminal Intent
  • Hillbilly Confidential
  • Agents of South Park
  • Ancient Aliens of Atlanta
  • How I Met Your Moonshiner
  • Man vs. Teen Mom

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  1. Lung the Younger

    Breaking Anatomy

    The Walking Dead Person of Interest.

    Top Middle Chef

    The Good Big-Bang Trophy Wife

    South Parks and Awkward Recreation

    Mad Mans

    How I Met Your Hostages

    Hello Sleepy Hollow Ladies

    The Supernatural Sons of Glee

    American Modern Family Survivor.

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