Tribes: Coupon Clippers

Jason Macemore and I had lunch at a local Greek restaurant. When we left to pay, the woman in front of us was using one of those keyring discount cards. She must have had 70 different cards crushed on her keyring, like some grotesque, spiraling flower made of laminate and barcodes.

This is a tribe. People who clip coupons, collect discount cards and apply for every type of discount known to man, even when it means shopping at a store they normally wouldn’t, just to get the discount. Thoughts?

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  1. The consolation prize for the rest of us is knowing that the woman with the spiraling flower made of laminate and barcodes probably gets inundated with an assload of junk mail in both her snail mail box as well as e-mail in box because they sign up for every discount and promotion known to man-kind. I bet she even recycles her tampons, too. :limp: :wtf: ❓

  2. You know we are just inches short of having a bar code tattooed on our wrist so we don’t have to carry all of the grocery store, drug store, video store, hardware store, coffee shop…………

    Have you noticed your drivers license has a magnetic strip that transfers your information (including pictue) with a single swipe.

    Video of the day. I’m not sure where this clip is from, but from the angle the camera caught she might be Brazilian.

  3. ItsMeMaven-Eeeewwww, you’re nasty! 😉

    Pablo-Nah, we’ll just be chipped like our pets. We’ll become the governments pets.

    Honestly, if that was allowed I’d chip every one of my children (I have only one) the moment they were born (and he’s nine) and upload information as they grew older. Kinda like having their own personal thumbdrive thingie built into the back of their neck.
    …with GPS locator or OnStar for when he becomes a teenager. It would reduce the demand for the AmberAlert and missing children…

    The keyring cards are better now because they don’t have to rifle through the box of expired coupons but still annoying.

    Now Today is a day I know how to celebrate!! Panties off girls!!! or I’ll call the panty-napper over here! 😈

  4. Actually those discount cards come in handy when I buy new chains at the S&M Surplus Store. 😈

  5. Flash Gordon

    [Comment ID #202007 will be quoted here]

    Gee, Meagan, aren’t whips good enough? 🙄 :wtf: :wang: :wang:

  6. The chains are so I can keep you restrained while I whip you. 😈

  7. Drusky

    [Comment ID #202009 will be quoted here]

    I thought you trained your men to hold still and take it WITHOUT using restraints… 😆 :wtf: :dead:

  8. Drusky

    [Comment ID #202004 will be quoted here]

    No joke. One of my neighbors is like that. She’ll sign up for every promotion, discount card, and free give away. The postman gave up trying to stuff all the crap into her mailbow, so he now delivers her mail in one of those white, plastic tubs that the bulk mail customers use. I wonder how many trees just her stuff alone uses…

  9. [Comment ID #202016 will be quoted here]

    And lemme guess… your neighbor also drives a big-ass gas guzzler, too, and has one of those cheesy “Save the Troops” yellow ribbon magnets on the back, too?

    I’m feelin’ a bit clairvoyant… but then again it could just be flatulence.

    Or… a little bit of both. The jury’s still out.

  10. [Comment ID #202013 will be quoted here]

    Well, when it comes to S&M, I’m a bit of a traditionalist. You gotta have chains in your dungeon! 😈 😛

  11. [Comment ID #202013 will be quoted here]
    It gives us more of a helpless feeling because you couldn’t be defiant (crouch, twist, block, run) even if you wanted to…
    …and it’s so HOT!! 😈

    I stood silently trembling in the center of the dimly lit room. No lightbulbs but flames frantically licking at the air from torches mounted to each wall. Metal filled the room through hidden speakers. What is that ICP? Who knows. Too excited and frightened to be able to make out the tune being played. It had a good rhythm though…or is that my heart trying to push through my chest?
    Light shines through a door at the far end of the master bedroom. Seems like the master bathroom. I wasn’t far enough into the room to see inside but I could see the beginning of mirror covered walls. I don’t have the courage to move from the spot I was positioned at. The mat under my feet is soft like fur and small, like marking the special place of a room but I can sense there’s much more than meets the eye.
    I hear someone, at that far door stands a silhouette. Assertive, shoulders back, hair down in toussled curls. It’s her, Mistress Darla. My heart pumps harder and the muscles between my legs join in moistened excitement. She walks with such elegance in her tightened corset. Just as she steps out of the lights reach I see a garter belt and glimpse of bare skin…no panties. I look away, flushed. I’m in trouble, I know. I must be punished. It’s the only way you’re allowed to see Mistress Darla. She relishes any chance to subdue the most defiant, breaking them with technique and skill as if they were wild colts and indulging in the pleasure of doing so with such ease.
    Slowly she waks towards me, her stilletos click-clacking purposefully against the tile floor not saying a word. She nears and I can clearly see the black leather nine-tails she fondles in her hands like it was a lifelong loved companion. My breathing becomes shortened and louder, I hold it. My ears ring and thoughts in my head spin to oblivion, meanwhile, the throbbing between my legs continues almost painful without skipping a beat.
    😈 Hmm…so you’re my naughty girl…
    Her throaty voice sent shivers through my body I almost fell.
    😈 Why must you defy at such measures?…Speak!
    :kiss: *eyes down* I apologize Mistress Darla. I don’t know what got over me.
    😈 I think you missed me. I think you were experiencing withdrawals and purposely disobeyed the others so they’d send you to me.
    :kiss: Yes Mistress Darla
    😈 *slap* I did not grant you permission to speak!
    Her backhand imprinted on my cheek stung and made my eyes water and I clenched my fists to aid my control and keep from mounting her right then like I did last time.
    :kiss: No Miss Darla
    😈 *slap* Do you not understand?! You may not speak, even when spoken to! Only when told to!!
    My entire body felt engulfed in flames now and I could feel droplets of sweat stream down my neck the the crevice between my breasts.
    😈 Take those off.
    Stripping off my tiny tee and Bugs Bunny panties I stood stark naked in the center of this room which now seemed enormous as she walked away. Mistress Darla flicks some switches.
    😈 I’m gonna try something new with you.
    Panels open on the floor and I can hear chain being lowered from the ceiling. Wrist and ankle shakles! Mistress Darla snaps her fingers and out of nowhere a pretty little thing I’ve never seen before scampers to me and proceeds to strap down my ankles. I can sense Mistress Darla walking around me watching in approval but I can’t take my eyes of this cute little nymph. She’s got smooth caramel skin, pert little mounds and an ass that I craved to squeeze and slap. But just as suddenly as she appeared she disappeared.
    Mistress Darla came close to me. Directly in front and so close I could feel her steady breathing through the pressure of her breasts against my own. She lifted my arms and locked them in tight without breaking eye contact, burning that glare deep into my soul. I closed my eyes tight.
    😈 Mmmm…that’s good…*she purred*…Now, for you, there’s only one rule. You can scream if you’d like, you can curse me, flail about if that’s what you need to do…but you mustn’t cum. Not until I say so.
    My eyes flew open! WHAT?! I CAN”T DO THAT!! But before I could form thoughts into sentences I felt the sting of the nine-tails against my back and again against my ass!
    :kiss: Oh God, Oh No! Please, don’t!
    The leather burned against my already hot flesh leaving trails of sensation that wouldn’t subside before the next blow. Each time it made contact the ends of each strand wrapped itself anxiously around my body. I could feel my juices beginning to trickle down my inner thigh.
    :kiss: Please stop! I can’t!…*snap*…Please Mistre…*whip*…
    Mistress Da…*snap*…Please. I….*snap*…Please I…*whip*…can’t. Ooooh,…*snap*…Please…*whip*…Mmmphf…*whip*…Ple…*snap*…
    Hhhhmmmmppphf Oohh…:*snap*…

  12. Driver

    You are truly gifted, thank you in advance for tonights dream :wang: :wang: :wang:

    Again I say I believe you could make a killing in the adult novel biz.

  13. Drusky

    Damn, Astrid! Ever thought about writing a book? Now I’m going to soak my computer in a cold shower… :wang: :wtf: :limp: 😛

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