23 thoughts on “OK, no. That’s going too far, people.

  1. No, no, not far enough Dave ….

    Obama Wallet – $49.95*
    Obama Brief Case – $99.95*
    Obama Galoshes – $16.95*
    Obama Lunch boxes – $22.95*
    Obama Thermos – $15.95*
    Obama Mug – $5.95*
    Obama Thermal Mug (Deluxe) – $12.95*
    Obama Poopa Scooper – $8.95* (Silver plated add $2.95)

    All of the above also come in our exciting “Michelle Obama” Special Edition Collectors Series also now ready for sale!

  2. Video of the Day- Billy Idol meets Bill Engvall.
    Link of the Day- How do I look? I just got back from holiday, don’tcha know.

  3. I do mean this in the best possible way…I want an Obama :thong:

    Then theres the Obama backscratcher
    the Obama TP (since he’s catching everyones shit.)
    the Obama bed set
    all the above sold together in the Presidential Package… :wang: …yum 😯 😳 πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

  4. [quote comment=”626615″]What the hell is up with this moderation shit??!!?? 😯 :x[/quote]
    Astryd, sweetie, in all due respect and much love, I don’t see you being moderate about much of anything! Full tilt, ball to the wall, damn the torpedoes, yes. Moderate- Nope, not our Astryd. :wang: 😈

  5. A Michelle Obama celebratory hand bag?
    How about a George W. Bush commemorative douche bag?
    Or an Alberto Gonzalez body bag?
    Or a Dick Cheney punch bag?
    Or a Larry Craig tea bag?
    Or a Condoleezza barf bag?
    And not forgetting the Presidential Debate sleeping bag?
    …the merchandising possibilities are endless.

  6. Lynard Skynards new single “Sweet Home O’ Obama” is currently playing in the background and even us Brits can’t get enough of that zany street action you would expect from a “black?” president or indeed Chris Rock.

    I bet he faced all kinds of hardships in the ghetto? Imagine being boycotted by the polo team just because you were black. Even having to take the last piece of swan at the candlelight supper. He had a dream brothers and now all black people can feel that they have a future in the U.S providing they attend an Ivy League school and have the right connections.

    Word homies!

    πŸ˜‰ ReV

    P.S I think he looks like a photo negative of Goerge Bush?.and those CIA guys do have some impressive technology.

  7. New service added: Obama Ex- Nominees Tax Prep Service – “Since we’re not taking care of our taxes, we have time to take care of yours!”

  8. One Hundred and Sixty Eight Effin’ Bucks for this monstrosity. I can’t recall the last time I saw something this tacky. If you look at an enlarged pic of this, she looks almost Asian and like she’s wearing those fake lips you see around Halloween. :limp:

    Yay, Astryd is back! :kiss:

    Babe, we call that Moderation Hell or M H, which I guess could also stand for manhole, which is where most of my comments seem to go down into frequently…

    Hey junkman, I said “go down”… πŸ˜›

  9. [quote comment=”626644″]Obama panties and thongs with a Michelle photo on them
    Why not a nut cracker?[/quote]

    Oh, you mean like this?

    Lurker here for ages, but couldn’t help but post that one…

  10. Going to go way over line but someone needs to. The Obama maxi pad/tampon~because he is already sopping up all the blood Bush has spilled.

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