20 thoughts on “Separated at Birth?

  1. [quote comment=”632213″]Hate to break it to you Margie but Anderson doesn’t dig chicks.[/quote]
    I know…but he’s still cute!

  2. so, if I want to get nekkid with AC, I’d have to show him something that I could shove in to his back door?

  3. which ones AC? just kidding. can’t miss him in his signature suspenders. O, wait, that the other guy, the older one. what’s his name again? haven’t watched CNBC in a long time. or is it Sesame street show. that guy is old enough to feature permanent on sesame street…. good time, good times…. wait what was i saying before? 🙄

  4. hey dave could you post this again and have ed grimley as the end result? would seem to be a natural progression. 😉

  5. ok. totally off topic but just discovered an accountant my father had years ago has a daughter named “peaches”. peaches nisker……wrote a song called “impeach my bush”…. 😉

  6. i really cant believe the similariys like a cross between anderson cooper and alfalfa

  7. [quote comment=”632218″]TFLN link is 😉 Thanks![/quote]

    who is tommy smothers? dave, your age is showing again. :dead:

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