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  • Margaret

    Texts from Last Night is a hilarious site!! Anderson Cooper is such a cutie!

  • doug

    Hate to break it to you Margie but Anderson doesn’t dig chicks.

  • Margaret

    [quote comment=”632213″]Hate to break it to you Margie but Anderson doesn’t dig chicks.[/quote]
    I know…but he’s still cute!

  • janeeto

    TFLN link is 😉 Thanks!

  • janeeto

    so, if I want to get nekkid with AC, I’d have to show him something that I could shove in to his back door?

  • JulesOdeNile

    which ones AC? just kidding. can’t miss him in his signature suspenders. O, wait, that the other guy, the older one. what’s his name again? haven’t watched CNBC in a long time. or is it Sesame street show. that guy is old enough to feature permanent on sesame street…. good time, good times…. wait what was i saying before? 🙄

  • Lung the Younger

    And curiously Anderson isn’t related to Chris despite a fair resemblance:

  • junkman

    hey dave could you post this again and have ed grimley as the end result? would seem to be a natural progression. 😉

  • DaveC

    And why not throw Johnny Carson in the mix!

  • junkman

    ok. totally off topic but just discovered an accountant my father had years ago has a daughter named “peaches”. peaches nisker……wrote a song called “impeach my bush”…. 😉

  • fruf

    the one on the right looks like sponge bob square pants the one on the left like a gayrilla

  • junkman

    let us not have our comments detract anything from his deepness!

  • Lung the Younger

    ‘Depth’ junkman?
    Excuse my nitpickingness.

  • StevieC

    [quote comment=”632243″]’Depth’ junkman?
    Excuse my nitpickingness.[/quote]

    Picking nits is no picnic.

  • junkman

    nitpickingthness! 😐

  • blonde mafia

    i really cant believe the similariys like a cross between anderson cooper and alfalfa

  • beachbrewer

    TFLN is hilarious!

  • Mandy

    [quote comment=”632218″]TFLN link is 😉 Thanks![/quote]

    who is tommy smothers? dave, your age is showing again. :dead:

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