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  1. Mandy

    He has no pants. For the love of God, Dave please do not show any pictures of him bending over. :wtf:

  2. “How many times do I have to tell you! No! You can not be in the next Batman movie!” 👿

  3. thank god he’s a crazy, FLIGHTLESS bird…because he has no pants.

  4. CORRECTION: crazy, FLIGHTLESS mammal since bats are not birds.

  5. Esther

    I sure hope I don’t dream about that flightless ‘bird,’ uh, ‘mammal’.:???:

  6. “I heard you were making a movie out The Hobbit. I’m here to audtion for Smaug. What do you mean you’re not interested?! Bastards! Can I be a Hobbit then? No? Well fuck you!”

  7. Spud

    Kinda reminds me of Batfink

    “My wings are like a shield of steel”

  8. That Thanksgiving Bush doll would look great hanging by the neck from the ceiling fan in my living room!

  9. HEY! GOOFUS! Go put some pants on and do something about that TOTALLY CHEESY MOUSTACHE.

    Just something that is bothering me… why do the wings look like they are made out of a used CONDOM! (or maybe unused — in his case, probably UN-used)

    By the way folks, we still have our “END OF DAYS” special on for SURPLUS GAS MASKS, BOTTLED WATER and AMMUNITION. See you on the other side!

  10. Good lord… is your town infested with these freaks? At some point I would think, “Gee, Dave.. I think you photo’ed just about every loser in town”… and then next week, theres another one!!

    I don’t know if I feel sorry for you, or if I envy you for all the comic relief you get on a day to day basis.

  11. It’s difficult to say, Mr. Stitch. We have a population of 71,000. I estimate the freak population to be roughly 11,800 (about one out of six residents), but this is difficult to ascertain with seasonal migrations, jailtime and the alluring promise of a new café dumpster.

    I have a long way to go before catloging all of them.

  12. Just a quick question, Dave: how far does this freak live from the Hellmouth?

    Don’t wait for Christmas, our DOOMSDAY SPECIALS keep prices down while saving you money! Extra value TOILET PAPER and WATER TREATMENT KITS with incentives for BULK PURCHASES! Sorry, no credit cards accepted.

  13. Hobbit

    Dave, thank you.

    I think I just found my next boyfriend.

  14. Lace Valentine

    Tinfoil Icarus.

  15. Tassö

    Protecting us from the Daleks. :geek:

  16. After seeing this poor soul, I started to wonder if Bruce Wayne hire people like this testing his gizmos (I hope poor Alfred isn’t one of them).

  17. Jesus H,
    it’s one of those goddam flying monkeys.

  18. “It’s a one-eyed, one-horn, flying, turgid, purple-headed people eater…”

  19. TinaMarie

    “Oh Cisco…”

    “Yes, Pancho?”

    “Do you like my batwings?”

    “They’re very…iiinnnterrresting, Pancho.”
    “Oh Cisco?”

    “Yes, Pancho?”

    “Do I look pretty?”
    “Uh…uh…well…yes, Pancho. Very pretty.”

    “Do you like me, Cisco?”
    “Allright, that’s it. I’m getting the fuck out of here, Pancho. Why couldn’t I get some stoic Native American like the Lone Ranger? Huh? Is that too much to ask? NO! I’m outta here!”
    “Oh, Cisco? Cisco?”

  20. TinaMarie

    p.s. the above comment only makes sense if you were watching t.v. in the early 70’s and were actually old enough to pay attention. think….THE CISCO KID!

  21. Spud

    I was
    I did
    I wish I hadn’t

  22. Anna

    The plane ….. the plane

  23. The bitchin’ thing is, that those wings really work! Babe magnets!

    Just imagine him up in the air… :limp:


  24. Choison

    Are u sure he is even a man…. I mean he looks more like a ground hog or some other small rodent… maybe he is a bat hog…

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