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  • Patrick

    Duhh, where do you put the battries in that there far alarm? :troll:

  • Bec

    The saddest thing is…when it starts popping they all get out the butter and get excited the popcorn is FINALLY ready! :wtf:

  • Lounge Puppy

    Re: Christmas morning video
    Is this the pilot for Scott Baio, Father of the Year?

  • Anne

    Well, when it’s pops, it’s hot!

  • DaPopster

    ……… and they think THEY won the war ?? 😯
    Like the link of the day ……..

  • fruf

    awsome and I suppose that peeing into a fan constitutes a shower

  • Timm

    Peeing into a fan is the sprinkler system for putting a fire out.

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