Redneck Fire Alarm

redneck fire alarm

Image via David Dunlap


  1. Patrick

    Duhh, where do you put the battries in that there far alarm? :troll:

  2. Bec

    The saddest thing is…when it starts popping they all get out the butter and get excited the popcorn is FINALLY ready! :wtf:

  3. Re: Christmas morning video
    Is this the pilot for Scott Baio, Father of the Year?

  4. Anne

    Well, when it’s pops, it’s hot!

  5. DaPopster

    ……… and they think THEY won the war ?? 😯
    Like the link of the day ……..

  6. fruf

    awsome and I suppose that peeing into a fan constitutes a shower

  7. Timm

    Peeing into a fan is the sprinkler system for putting a fire out.

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