Probably a virgin


Image via Mandy

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  1. bandwagon

    Can you carry these to the register please? I can’t bend down. :wtf:

  2. Lace Valentine

    Anybody got some scissors to cut these strands? :wtf:

  3. Lace Valentine

    “Excuse me ma’am. That’s beer. And I think you’re looking for extra virgin olive oil.”


  4. evilmister

    MOM? :wtf:

  5. JFLY

    All I see are dead animals….otherwise she’d be gorgeous. :dead:

  6. meateater

    How many denim gave their lives to produce that skirt.
    Of course she’s gorgeous and the dead animals make her look even hotter.
    Get a life.

  7. nickname4anne

    looka lika man & yet i no longer need this :java:

  8. Patrick

    Excuse me miss. Would you bend down and pick those up, one bottle at a time, and put them on the top shelf over there please?

    On a separate note, I’m going to dye my dick purple! :wang:

  9. Spud

    She could have me if she picked up the beer.


  10. “Excuse me, young lady. Do you have any form of ID on you?” 😆

  11. Craig

    Not for long :wang:

  12. scamper95

    if she bends over to pick-up the beer, has no panties on and I’ve had to much beer she won’t be a virgin no more. :wang:

  13. Driver

    If she’s a virgin polititians never lie , and I wish she did’nt have that jacket on…or any thing else on for that matter :wang:

  14. mikeme

    Does this make my butt look big! 😛

  15. evilmister

    Young Stevie’s first attempts at joining the seedy but wonderful world of upskirting were thrashed when his target proved to be a) not wearing any underwear at all, b) more than willing to flash her cookie for the camera and c) packing enough cellulite to outfit a burgeoning Republic of Kazahkstan’s film industry with an amply supply of stock…

    oh, heh, yeah… javascript:SJB_appendSmiley(‘:idea:’)
    Someone should PETA and let them know there’s a woman wearing chihuahuas on her feet.

  16. zinta

    This is disgusting… Us men oogling this poor virginal waif. All we are, are animals.. (and she’s got the fur to prove it… wonder which guy she got the rug off of that’s around her kneck). Why oh why do we insist on looking at this young lady and thinking unpure sexual thoughts.. when she could be a bio-Chemist getting ready to do some experiments with those bottles full of malt, barley, etc..

  17. AMANDA B.

    She performs for the Circus. She’s about to demonstrate her act: picking up one bottle at a time…not using her hands! Drum-roll please!… ❗

  18. Michael

    With how cheap she looks and how cheap the clothes look,what makes you even begin to think she could afford clothes with real fur.
    The only way PETA would get involved is if she were forcing an animal to walk beside her. True cruelty!!
    With or without :undies: the cheap look does nothing for me :limp: , she is not one that will ever in her life have an intellectual conversation with anyone but herself in the mirror.

  19. Michael

    With how cheap she looks,how could you even begin to think she could afford clothes with real fur!! The only way PETA would get involved would be if she was forcing an animal to be near her….true cruelty!!
    With :undies: or without,she does nothing for me :limp: .
    Could you ever have a coversation of more than 5 words with this girl? :puke:

  20. Michael

    Sorry about the double post!!

  21. You know what that Corona’s thinking right now, right?

    “I see Paris, I see France…”

  22. Flash Gordon

    The hussy should be spanked! I volunteer. :wang: :wang: :thong: 👿

  23. Thor

    She doesn’t hold a candle to Mandy! 😈

  24. What’s missing is the audio so you can hear the tacky, soulless, scratchy muzak playing too loud in the store, which is echoing because it’s empty at one am.

  25. Peg

    I’m afraid if he turned around there might me more hanging than strings :wtf:

  26. DaPopsrer

    If she can not only pick pick a beer up no hands AND open it, then I definetly AM in love! :wang: 😈 :wang:

  27. Jim

    Yes, Ma’am…I understand that you don’t have your ID with you, no pockets and all…

    How’s ’bout you just SPELL “ID” for us?

  28. Bjorn Freeh

    Virgin? C’mon… she lost her virginity 3 times in the beer aisle before the picture was taken.

  29. Alayna

    [Comment ID #69733 will be quoted here]

    I saw ur pic on funny junk! 😈 😛

  30. Alayna

    [Comment ID #69763 will be quoted here]
    ….I dont see susies underpants……….. I dont know that susies her real name. 😛

  31. Alayna

    [Comment ID #69836 will be quoted here]

    oops, I guess it’s Mandy, Sry 😆

  32. Surely

    Probably a virgin? Probably a man! :wtf:

  33. misty

    :!:wow! :undies: :thong: :undies: :thong:i think thong

  34. Mandy

    [Comment ID #69838 will be quoted here]

    I swear, that is NOT me!! Found it on MySpace. :wtf:

  35. Bigwavdave

    [Comment ID #69753 will be quoted here]

    And why, exactly, would you want any conversation other than for her to say “Um, OK!” :wang:

  36. Bigwavdave

    P.S. Besides, Cheap or trashy, or “bit of a tart” works for me, and I know I speak for many others of the male persuation…

  37. Chicky

    To me the entire outfit makes no sense…. if it’s SOOOO cold that she has to wear a furlined jacket and boots, why not put some pants on too? Really, little girl, who taught you how to dress? 🙄

  38. I don’t know whether to be speechless……or sick…….I’m working on the answer to that……

    But until then…..

    [Comment ID #69833 will be quoted here]

    And she has the booze to prove it…..without pockets or a purse, how else is she going to pay for it….. 😈

  39. Drusky

    [Comment ID #69747 will be quoted here]
    Experiments like “How long to suck the head off that beer bottle?” or “Chemically speaking, how many bruski’s will it take to drown out my ‘virginity’?”


  40. WendyFB

    I wonder, all these posts… anyone wonder if there is a “he” under there? 🙂

  41. brianne

    she might be a he if she didnt look like a she but of course nowadays surgery can make she’s look like he’s and he’s look like she’s so i say she’s really a he. :wang: don’t u see ” her ” or ” him ” or whatever ” it ” is sticking out??? 😈 😈

  42. [Comment ID #69997 will be quoted here]

    on that note, I DON’T wanna see what is sticking out……..

  43. Kate

    “this was a lnger skirt but my shoes caught them and tor off the larger part and now i can’t bend over for fear a big guy in a jailsuit named bubba might get me.”
    ha take that bubba. 😆 😡

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