Overused Movie Clichés #3: Hero Edition

  1. The boss is a jerk, but he knows when he’s made a mistake. Please come back!
  2. Boy, am I ever glad to see you!
  3. So this is who he sends to do his dirty work?
  4. I’ve been down that road before, kid. I ain’t goin’ back to that life.
  5. I told ya already. I’m finished. Washed up!
  6. You’ve saved this town a dozen times. Do it one more time … for me.
  7. Give your boss a message for me. Tell him… tell him I’m coming to get him.
  8. I think we’re bein’ tailed. That guy’s been on our butts for ten miles now. Shake him!
  9. You’ve had this comin’ a long time now, see?
  10. Which ones really bug you?
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  1. Spud

    11. “You’re out of time! ……. get out now!”
    12. “Bring me the disk or the girl dies… tonight!”
    13. He/she/they knew something was terribly
    wrong when…
    14. It’s a million-to-one shot but it just might work…..
    15. “Now… it’s personal.”


  2. Anna

    16. “He’s bad, but I can’t help myself …. I luuuuuuuuv him”.

  3. bhamm

    17. “Which wire do I cut?”
    18. “I sure hope this works!”
    19. “HOLD ON!”
    20. “Let me go, save yourself!”
    “No! I’ll never let you go!”

  4. Patrick

    “Tell ’em I’m coming and Hell’s coming with me”!

  5. #4 tops my list,

    21. “I don’t need a partner. I work alone.”

  6. slave2oshun

    The stranger happens to be the most dangerous, most homicidal man the CIA EVER had. You can’t kill him..

    Thats when I change the channel..

  7. Mitch

    “I came here to Kick ass, and Chew Bubblegum, and I’m Fresh out of Bubblegum”

    “They Live” with Rowdy Roddy Piper. It’s a Keeper. 😛

  8. junkman

    “If you’re going to shoot, shoot!”
    “if you’re going to take someone take me. let the girl go”
    “Aim for the head. that’s my best advice”
    “you two know each other?”
    “Tell my wife I love her.”

    -hey stichy mcyarnpants is back!

  9. BryGuy

    I’ve had it with these mother fuckin’ snakes…
    no, no just kidding. that one rocks.

  10. scamper95

    Go ahead make my day

  11. bhamm

    Just remembered an all-time classic:

    Police Chief/Detective: “I got two days left ’til retirement…”

  12. Myra

    I’m getting too old for this shit.

  13. coley

    “I hate you”
    “I hate you too”
    “have hot dirty sex with me”

  14. Flash Gordon

    This kind can only be killed with a stake and fire. 😈 👿 🙄 😳

  15. dougieace

    dirty little whore you like it like that dont you,dont you,oh oh ah ah ahhhhhhhhhh

  16. Irish


  17. Irish

    [Comment ID #75417 will be quoted here]

    Whats wrong with that?!? 😈

  18. Tina Marie

    Mooseknuckles. He he! 😀

  19. Drusky

    [Comment ID #75436 will be quoted here]

    Is that anything like Cameltoes? 😛

  20. Drusky

    -I normally don’t do this kind of thing, but…
    -Blessed mother of accelleration, don’t fail us now…
    -The hardest part about playing chicken is knowing when to flinch…
    [Comment ID #75390 will be quoted here]
    Classic example and my personal choice!

  21. Mandy

    [Comment ID #75439 will be quoted here]

    It’s the yummy boy version :wang:

  22. Ace

    Anyone who “has nothing left to lose.”

    [Comment ID #75436 will be quoted here]

    Ah, yes. How could I have possibly forgotten.

  23. “This is for killing my sister, you bastard!”
    “It’s alright. It’s over now.”
    “Don’t worry, m’am, we’ll get the son of a bitch that killed your husband.”
    “I’m telling you I can’t to it! Not after what happened last time. I can still hear the screams late at night when I’m asleep. No, never again.”

  24. samecool11

    “I’ll get you for this, if it’s the last thing I do!”

  25. Irene

    “Don’t let them hurt me!”
    “Everybody has their limits..”
    “When was the last time…”
    “I’m innocent, I tell ya”
    “I didn’t do it,it was the man with one arm!”
    And my fave, “If I told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times…”

  26. Drusky

    -Beware the midget…
    -We’re on a mission from God…
    -Houston, we have a problem…
    -I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

  27. Amber

    You dirty rat…you killed my brother. :dead:

  28. Geni

    “I need closure.” Ugh!

    (P.S. Woah – where do ya get these smilies? Cool!)

    :puke: 😛

  29. donnhw

    “Expect the unexpected.” ❓
    Anything coming out of Hollywood nowadays IS a cliche. They haven’t had an original idea come outta there in DECADES.

  30. keisha

    why did you kill my teacher why why why
    and you was the only one
    iam back :java: 😐

  31. Ilsa

    “You fools! You’ll get us all killed!”

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