Overheard: Carpet Cleaners Edition

Carpet Cleaner #1: “Dude, you ever been to Screaming Eagle Casino?”
Carpet Cleaner #2: “Do you mean, Soaring Eagle?”
CC #1: “Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah, that one. I been there last week and I wasn’t s’pposed to be cause I’m on probation still.”
CC #2: “What the Hell for?
CC #1: “Oh, my ole lady turn me in cause I shit in her sock.”
CC #2: “The Hell. Just for that?
CC #2: “Wait. This the same broad that made you a cake outta watermelon?”
CC #1: “No, this is another one. Jill, man. I’ll shit in her sock again tonight if she don’t shut up.”


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  • ariel

    why in the world would someone paint fox news on their teeth?

    and just what could they charge you with for shitting in your wife’s sock?

  • tinamarie

    Assock and battery???

  • Spud

    The sad part is, they see no wrong, no error.

  • Nikki

    That would be an amusing rap sheet.

  • Neil

    And “shitting in a sock” is a euphemism for what…?”

  • nina

    It sounds like this guy has a thing for the strange & not so bright women! Then again he doesn’t sound like a winner either!

    😕 How in the world do you make cake out of Watermelon?

  • Minnie

    So, this guy actually umm… must have held a sock to his butt and let loose a turd into it. ❗

    I dread to think CC #1’s stocking-stuffers this Christmas.

    Oh, the visuals. Ugh, I can’t get the image out of my head. I feel queasy. 😕

  • Paige Dalton

    Im confused- How do you make a cake out of watermelon??????????????

  • Sir Osiss

    At least he did not put a watermelon in her sock and make a cake out of…:-?

    How’s THAT for a visual, Minnie?!:sad:

  • Esther

    Maybe later I’ll figure out why I decided to read this during breakfast.:razz:

  • rust

    I dunno. Whatyousmellin’ Cake. Poop Chutes. Shit Socks. Crap Bearing Rodents. What’s next? Oh Henry bars floating in Puke Soup?


  • MIKE

    What does someone do to make you shit in a sock?

  • Used Hack

    What kind of carpet cleaner was that? :wtf:

  • Pappy

    How do you think she found out? Think she just smelled it or she just stuck her foot in it.

    The latter is funnier. 😀

  • Daria

    not the kind of people I would want in my house cleaning my carpets

  • Minnie

    OK, that’s it. I had dry heaves just now. For real. 😕

    Thank you, Sir Osiss and Pappy. 😛

  • betina

    Perhaps he did it in FRONT of her, then she started chasing him, so he had to crap while on the run, holding the sock to his anus.

  • Sir Osiss

    Sorry Minnie. Not a very auspicious begining for me here, huh? 🙄

  • Moxie

    OK…let me see if I understand this correctly: Making a strange cake induces certain scatting behaviors from recipient.

    So tell me Dave, did Grandma have to hide her support hose?

  • chainstay

    How’s this for a visual, perhaps he attempted
    to do the deed while she was wearing said sock

  • Mandy

    Thanks, chainstay. You’ve successfully destroyed any remaining shred of innocence left in me. :dead:

  • chainstay

    You’ve got to admit,
    THAT would justify
    judical involvement

  • Sir Osiss

    Adds a whole new definition of a “shitheel,” don’t it? 🙄

  • Mandy

    What a crappy thing to do!

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