Overheard: Carpet Cleaners Edition

Carpet Cleaner #1: “Dude, you ever been to Screaming Eagle Casino?”
Carpet Cleaner #2: “Do you mean, Soaring Eagle?”
CC #1: “Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah, that one. I been there last week and I wasn’t s’pposed to be cause I’m on probation still.”
CC #2: “What the Hell for?
CC #1: “Oh, my ole lady turn me in cause I shit in her sock.”
CC #2: “The Hell. Just for that?
CC #2: “Wait. This the same broad that made you a cake outta watermelon?”
CC #1: “No, this is another one. Jill, man. I’ll shit in her sock again tonight if she don’t shut up.”


  1. ariel

    why in the world would someone paint fox news on their teeth?

    and just what could they charge you with for shitting in your wife’s sock?

  2. tinamarie

    Assock and battery???

  3. Spud

    The sad part is, they see no wrong, no error.

  4. And “shitting in a sock” is a euphemism for what…?”

  5. nina

    It sounds like this guy has a thing for the strange & not so bright women! Then again he doesn’t sound like a winner either!

    😕 How in the world do you make cake out of Watermelon?

  6. So, this guy actually umm… must have held a sock to his butt and let loose a turd into it. ❗

    I dread to think CC #1’s stocking-stuffers this Christmas.

    Oh, the visuals. Ugh, I can’t get the image out of my head. I feel queasy. 😕

  7. Paige Dalton

    Im confused- How do you make a cake out of watermelon??????????????

  8. Sir Osiss

    At least he did not put a watermelon in her sock and make a cake out of…:-?

    How’s THAT for a visual, Minnie?!:sad:

  9. Maybe later I’ll figure out why I decided to read this during breakfast.:razz:

  10. I dunno. Whatyousmellin’ Cake. Poop Chutes. Shit Socks. Crap Bearing Rodents. What’s next? Oh Henry bars floating in Puke Soup?


  11. MIKE

    What does someone do to make you shit in a sock?

  12. Pappy

    How do you think she found out? Think she just smelled it or she just stuck her foot in it.

    The latter is funnier. 😀

  13. Daria

    not the kind of people I would want in my house cleaning my carpets

  14. OK, that’s it. I had dry heaves just now. For real. 😕

    Thank you, Sir Osiss and Pappy. 😛

  15. betina

    Perhaps he did it in FRONT of her, then she started chasing him, so he had to crap while on the run, holding the sock to his anus.

  16. Sir Osiss

    Sorry Minnie. Not a very auspicious begining for me here, huh? 🙄

  17. OK…let me see if I understand this correctly: Making a strange cake induces certain scatting behaviors from recipient.

    So tell me Dave, did Grandma have to hide her support hose?

  18. chainstay

    How’s this for a visual, perhaps he attempted
    to do the deed while she was wearing said sock

  19. Mandy

    Thanks, chainstay. You’ve successfully destroyed any remaining shred of innocence left in me. :dead:

  20. chainstay

    You’ve got to admit,
    THAT would justify
    judical involvement

  21. Sir Osiss

    Adds a whole new definition of a “shitheel,” don’t it? 🙄

  22. Mandy

    What a crappy thing to do!

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