33 thoughts on “Osama bin Shoppin’

  1. Those crazy Berzerkistanis! If he doesn’t keep taking his hormone injections that beard is never gonna quit growing!

  2. paul abdul?…..disguised as the artist formerly known as prance?……from the planet of dr. zira……..or……dad?

  3. The turban says Osama, but the legs say Miss Jay. Tsk, tsk, Tyra! Harboring a terrorist who’ll shoot you if you fumble on the runway. :wtf:

  4. [Comment ID #311977 will appear here]

    Paula wishes she was that tall. And Ryan wishes he could get his legs to look like that. 😛

  5. Diamonds, Daisies, Snowflakes, That Girl
    Chestnuts, Rainbows, Springtime is That Girl
    She’s tinsel on a tree – She’s everything that every girl should be!

    Sable, Popcorn, White Wine, That Girl
    Gingham, Bluebirds, Broadway is That Girl
    She’s mine alone, but luckily for you if you find a girl to love,
    Only one girl to love, then she’ll be That Girl too.
    That Girl!

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    I used to watch that show. I don’t recall that charecter though.


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    Or that could be it… either way, its wrong… ITS WRONG!

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    Really? Not the Blahnik giraffe print mules? With those glasses and the amulets, they would just sizzle, dahling!

    Or perhaps the giant zucchini slippers…

  9. Not too long after his movie with Bruce Lee, Karim Abdul Jabbar tried out for the lead role in the remake of “The Seven Year Itch”. This version never made it to production but, happily, DID end up in the ‘can’… 😈

  10. the shoes. the shoes? it’s gotta be the shoes!

    honestly though, no fucking words for this mis-hap :puke:

  11. I’m going to guess his car. It’s a nice, sensible, four-door 2006 Ford Taurus. A nice, bright PINK Ford Taurus with purple velour seats.

    Maybe, just maybe, there is a stage production of MASH and he plays Klinger. Yea, that’s it, he’s Klinger in a play called MASH The Musical.

  12. He’s on his way to the “Deer Butt ” art class, but he definitely ain’t a redneck. :puke: :wtf: 😕 :puke:

  13. :wtf: too bad hes not coffin shopping......heck, Id even custom make him one outta camel hide! 👿

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