Butter Christ

“We saw it on the way down 75 to cincinnati — glowing a warm margarine yellow in the late afternoon light. My camera was in the trunk so we all swore we would get shots of it the next day on our way back to Detroit. The locals proudly told us the landmarks affectionate name “Big Butter Jesus” —Chris Z.

44 thoughts on “Butter Christ

  1. Butter Fingers Christ more like.
    I mean if you’re going to toss your cross in the air, you should at least be ready to catch it when it comes down. Messiah or no Messiah, he’s certainly not NFL material.

  2. He looks like he’s saying,

    “Yo, Pops! I got stuck. Little help please?”

    I don’t think Big daddy and the Spook heard him. :wtf:

  3. Jesus found the one rare patch of quicksand in Ohio…

    “Help me, I’m sinking – I’m goin’ down! Oh no…I’m goin’ the wrong way…I’M GOIN’ THE WRONG WAY!!! DAAAAAADDDDYYYYY!

  4. Actually this creation was 30′ tall, but as he jumped off the building you see behind to catch the cross, well, the results speak for themselves don’t they, he kinda spread out everywhere.

  5. [Comment ID #308875 will appear here] Gitta love it, that’s what makes America, America …… tackiness.


  6. They were all bravely marching,
    with banners aflutter,
    down a hole! For their country!
    And Right-Side-Up Butter!

    p.s. what’s next a lard lord? god ghee? crisco christ? or margerine magdalene? makes the stomach churn. 🙁

  7. For some reason my other post didn’t take but check out “Big Butter Jesus” by Heywood Banks on YouTube….love it! 😀

  8. Someone made a song about this that got quite a bit of air time. It said somethin about sweet cream Jesus, low-fat Jesus, no-salt-added Jesus, oleo Jesus. I don’t know who did it, but it was rather amusing. I think it was called “Big Butter Jesus.” Also remindes my of the artist that made a life size, naked (and anatomically correct) Christ on a cross out of dark chocolate. Many people were pissed. I am not sure if it was because of the dark chocolate or the glaring fact of his manliness. I am waiting for Spam Lucifer.

  9. Man shall not live by butter alone;
    he needs bread and taters too. 😈 🙄 😕

  10. This couldn’t have been shot near Cincinnati. He’s signaling a touchdown and we all know about the Bengals… 😈

  11. Sweet Jesus made of sweet butter, save me from the Devil cholesterol. Pardon my sinful ways of using margarine. Fill my soul with your buttery goodness. For if ye ignore his smooth and creaminess he may shove a biscuit up your backside.

  12. [Comment ID #309721 will appear here] But not after slathering it with his wholesome creaminess!


  13. Banana Butt Peel. As he was wedging that between his cheeks, I really wasn’t sure where he was going…. Man, I didn’t need to see that. No one needs to see that.

    Mini Nacho Libre! That was very cute.

  14. Okay, you people over there ————–> I don’t know you lot, you are getting creepy.

  15. what’s wrong with you people…..doesn’t anyone care that david caruso was shot on television the other night? if he’s not in jeebus/grease heaven or crab/kid hell he may be in cucumber/foot limbo right now. 😈

  16. [Comment ID #310466 will appear here]

    Now that’s called (pause, put on sunglasses and look off-camera) taking one for the team. (cue theme song)

  17. I pass that everytime I go to Indiana to see my grandkids.. You should see it when its a tad foggy out. Big Butter Jesus coming out of the mist. Gives me the heebie-jeebies EVERY TIME..

  18. [Comment ID #310466 will appear here]

    I’m more broken up about Warrick being shot last week on the GOOD CSI. None of that crappy Miami BS for me, kthnxbai

  19. So Jesus said to the Flying Spaghetti Monster, “What do you know? You’re just a god made out of food!” And then the Flying Spaghetti Monster goes, “Oh yeah? Well, check this out…”

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