On Notice!

On Notice!

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  1. Nunu

    Fat chicks in spandex :limp:
    Old guys in speedos :wtf:
    The entire cast from the movie Bloodrayne 👿

  2. people who wear sandals and socks
    men over twenty with ponytails

  3. family jules

    Kevin Federline
    Stupid drivers
    People with Git-R-Done bumper stickers
    Born Again Christians
    People who put an Oil Man in charge and then wonder why the price of oil went up
    Microsoft Picture-It
    PT Cruisers
    Daylight savings time
    Precious Moments
    Dolce & Gabbana Razr
    Indecisive people……..maybe

  4. Irish

    People who claim to want to help, but wont answer questions
    Baseball players who wont sign kids autographs
    ANYONE with a confederate flag
    Mini Coopers
    People who come directly from church to go eat and harass the help with their incesant whining while telling you about “THEIR” Lord Jesus Christ
    anything to do with Jon Benet Ramsey
    Single mothers who neglect their kids
    16yr olds in nicer cars than mine
    child support payments
    crooked politicans
    anything/anyone racist
    people who want your help with something, just to stand and b*tch while you do all the work
    3.2 beer
    IM NOT BITTER I SWEAR! 👿 :wtf:

  5. Spud






  6. bhamm

    Daisy Dukes on anyone other than ‘Daisy’
    Vanity Licence Plates that say things like “Nmbr 1”, “Kewl Guy”, and “HotLuvr”

  7. Ravishing Rob

    Carney’s … small hands, smell like cabbage …

  8. charlie

    Lederhosen and ‘aloha’ shirts.

  9. phud

    shorts ,long socks with shiny black shoes. comb overs

  10. silentstorm

    Baby Suri craze
    Busted lookin cars with systems that are more expensive than the car and must play their music at level 100 to let you know
    Brad Pitt/ Angelina Jolie
    Big hair
    People who live on welfare like its a job paycheck
    People that are suddenly “saved” and feel they must “save” everyone
    i’m done for now

  11. Celine Dion
    Barbara Streisand
    Vincent on Project Runway
    Guys at bars who check out my friends but ignore me
    People who can’t make up their mind about what radio station they want to listen to in the car (just pick one already!)
    My sister who made me walk her dog just after I got back from babysitting two-year-old twin girls
    People who think they’re better than me

  12. Oh, and people who wear socks with crocs. Yuck.

  13. scamper95

    The construction workers that f*cked up my satalite dish

  14. Evil Aunt Ann

    Anything to do with Ms. Spears and family :puke:
    Old men who mow their lawns without a shirt :geek:
    Parents who try to act like their kid’s generation 🙁
    The “4 hour erection” commercial :limp:
    Personalized license plates too hard to understand :wtf:

  15. Evil Aunt Ann

    Oh yeah, and my in-laws 😡

  16. Myra

    Pick up truck drivers, anti-Semites, whiny comedians, stars who think going into rehab fixes everything, Tom Cruise ranting about anything, Al Gore thinking anyone cares about his opinion, terrorists, and, oh yeah, Oprah pretending she is one of the “ordinary people” while being condescending.

  17. mikeme

    Islamic Hillbillies with guns.
    Born again assholes
    Black turbins
    Mel Gibson
    Iran :puke: :puke:

  18. dougieace

    ok then,ill take the obvious,G.W. Bush,Bob Taft,any and all blood relatives, not to exclude their stepford wives,any member of either administration.past,or present,and that little fuckin dog thats been shittin in my yard.

  19. Flash Gordon

    The entire Republican-Bushwackie gang in Washington and Georgia.

    Turds who let their pit bulls run wild in the ‘hood.

    That guy who stands on his front porch and waves his penis.

    People who scratch their asses in public places.

    Squirrel monkeys.

    Mexican illegals.

    👿 :limp: 👿 😕 :wtf: 🙄 :puke:

  20. Lace Valentine

    Girls wearing camouflage

    Pierced eyebrows (hate it)

    Self-absorbed cell phone pedestrians

    Tom Petty

    Gene Simmons

    Tom Petty singing with Gene Simmons

    Teens who pose as gangstas in their photos

    Professionals with I-pods

    Valet parking

    Pat Robertson

    Pat Roberson singing with Tom Petty

    Lisping gays

    Lisping gays singing a Tom Petty song

  21. Drusky

    At first, I thought he was holding up a sign of ‘rejected Jeopardy Catagories’…
    “I’ll take ‘Kids With Mullets’ for 100, Alex”…


    People who drive Hummers with ‘Save The Whale’ bumperstickers attached…
    Presidents who ruin perfectly good cigars…
    People who drive 1 mile under the limit in the fast lane and will not move over for anything
    People (or semi-people) who kill in the name of God…
    Convicted murderers and child molesters (especially if they’re on Death Row) who suddenly find religion and therefor should be released…
    The Bass-o-matic 3000
    Paulie Shore


  22. Irish

    People that owe me money. 👿
    People who speak but have no idea what they are talking about.
    People who ignore their children’s screaming in public, then get offended when I tell them to shutup.
    Spouses who try to be manipulative and not let their significant other see their friends. 👿
    Spouses who are to wussyfied to stand up for themselves.

  23. Irish

    People who have cell phones, but NEVER answer them.
    👿 👿 👿 👿

  24. manda

    people who think they own you 😡
    fat chicks that wear small cloths and think they are sexy as can be :limp:
    guys that try to be little players that always get caught 😆

  25. Those damn terrorists who made it so I can’t bring my iPod or laptop on the plane when I fly home next week. THOSE BASTARDS!!! 👿

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