Perhaps I’m reading too much into this…

Shaving Gel Genie

Or maybe I just needed coffe, but I really thought my shaving gel looked like a Genie this morning.

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  1. JFLY

    Dave, ahem…why are you shaving your palms? 😕

  2. That is really funny, and it does look like a genie. I have to ask though, how long did you hold it in your hand to realize this, and then to take a photo. Funny stuff.

  3. I hope you got your three wishes.

    What? You forgot to ask!

    What vessel did you rub to get the genie to come out?:grin:

  4. It sort of looks like the Pilsbury Doughboy with his arms crossed as well.

  5. Esther

    Yeah, I’d suggest drinking your coffee first, then shaving.:grin:

  6. JFLY

    Fran – :wang: 😀

  7. Lace Valentine

    Ha! Dave, that really is some trippy Genie serendipity.

    A shaving cream Jinn, however, is a little oxymoronic, as Jinn come from the Arabic lands and the Muslim men keep their beards rather than shave. Unless it’s a Smurf Genie, then it means trouble-shooting your computer. 😛

  8. You stared at that in a daze for at least two minutes, didn’t you. Possibly even started drooling.

    Actually, that’s probably what I would’ve done. 😀

  9. Spud

    Kismet cracks me up

    and probably right as well.


  10. Dude, awesome! It’s like soooo second Shroud of Turin. You did keep it right? I mean you didn’t go and actually use it or anything?

  11. paddlepoplion

    Are you left handed dave? I always put the shaving gel into my right hand before putting it on my face, and im right handed. Here, you’ve got it in your left hand.

    Just wondering.

  12. I’m actually ambidextrous, which means I am equally clumsy with both hands. 😛

  13. I am not sure I would say that looks like a genie. Then again, my wife said my mind has been in the gutter lately. :wtf:

  14. Spud

    That’s some wierd fetish Merth.

    naked fat chefettes



  15. Esther

    Actually, I was right there in the gutter with Merth, when I first saw the picture.:wang:

  16. CJ

    Time to sell on Ebay

  17. I bet would have paid you millions for a shaving cream Genie. Either that or told you to totally lay off the hallucinogens.

  18. Maya

    it looked more smurf-like than genie-like at first glance. but the gutter thoughts were right on it’s tail.

  19. Ha! That’s nothing! Last week, I saw ELVIS in my toilet just before I flushed…

  20. Elvis

    Ha! That’s nothing! Last week, I saw RUST in my toilet just before I flushed…

  21. So long as you don’t see the Virgin Mary someday, I think you will be just fine. 🙂

  22. I would have said a monkey in a fez, but hey, it’s your shaving cream.

  23. jen

    quick chop off your hand and sell it on ebay!

    Actually it looks like the bastard love-child of the Pillsbury doughboy and Smurfette.

  24. Smurfette

    That doughboy doubles in size when he rises. Nothin’ says lovin’ like somethin’ from the oven, indeed!

  25. Genie Smurf?

    About Golden Palace…who knows, they might buy the pic itself. Maybe? No? Worth a shot.

  26. Without the highlights, I thought it looked more like Bozo the clown.

    You know, with a little shaping, you can turn it into the Virgin Mary and make lots of money charging people to come to your bathroom and see this miracle. Think about it.

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