64 thoughts on “Note to Self, No. 6,002

  1. the aftermath of the who-can-keep-there-hand-in-the-beer-cooler-the-longest contest billy here got 3rd place

  2. I love the 404 page. What a way to make my morning! That and hearing about a man who actually does the dishes! :kiss:

  3. I’m willing to contribute to the “Help Pay Dave’s Heating Bill” fund, cause that ain’t right. 🙄

  4. Note to self: Don’t wear cable-knit sweaters while doing the dishes and then touch the ice cube tray. 🙄

  5. The incredible Mr. Limpid! I definitly wouldnt want you men out there washing your ice cube trays naked!OUCH! And, Mandy, Im not gay but damn! I wish I had a body like that! :boob: :boob: :thong: Enjoy it while you can because when you get to be my age, your ass will be around your knees. Along with your boobs.

  6. OMG! I met 404 the other night! I knew I shouldn’t have let him sweet talk me into giving him my email address! Now I have a cyberstalker living in my computer! Aaargh! Help! LOL

    Too Funny Dave! – And didn’t that childhood episode with the flagpole teach you about keeping away from frozen stuff?

  7. Zilla must have his minolta digital surgically attached to his hand. How does he capture this stuff?

    And OMG Mandy. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (no need to go to that OTHER website now….) :wang:

  8. Note to self. Don’t lick a flag pole on a cold winter’s day. Sort of the same thing as wet clothes and ice cube trays. Now I need to buy a Red Ryder BB gun. :wtf:

    404 page is excellent. Wish those pages had more information.

    Mandy… wooo hoo. Whistles loudly. 😈

    I’m Popeye the sailorman. I’m Popeye the sailorman. Happy Spinach Festival everyone. 😛

  9. This is turning into “Mandys Hot Buns” page. Where do I sign up? You have a great asset there Mandy. :wang: 😀

  10. [Comment ID #37357 will be quoted here]

    Yes, I was given loud hints by other readers that my ass is too risque for work. Hoping this is more PG or it’s back to my face only. Or Barbie. :kiss:

  11. I quit. I thought this was Davezilla, not Mandy’s Profile Page…I don’t want to see a woman’s ass repeatedly from every angle. I guess she’s the kind that craves attention and will stoop to any level to get it. And I know men love that sort of thing, but I respect myself more than that. It’s been fun guys…

  12. Dave you really should use tongs when getting ice out of the bucket for drinks, most people don’t like fuzz in their drinks unless of course it’s a fuzzy navel. Nice new pick Mandy do you have one with a frontal shot so that all us guys can see what the whole you looks like.

  13. Why can’t we all just get along? Look at Fran and me. We love each other. Peace and love, folks.

  14. Loved the 404 Dave!!! Haven’t been on much.. My 9yr old has been in the hospital and my 3mth old is teething. *sigh*

    Can tell you too though…. foreheads will stick to the freezer door when you have a hangover and you just lean your head in the hopes of making it feel better!!!! :wtf: 😀

  15. Ouch Tabbie….hope all gets better..any cures for my 15 yr old’s cronic sinus infection?…two damm rounds of antibotics…………as for the body part pics…I for one could do without them..but heck it’s a free world!

  16. [Comment ID #37439 will be quoted here]

    If I knew how to get rid of sinus infections I would be doin great for me!!!! As for the body pics, truthfully I don’t pay attention to them myself except to recognize who posted…. But with everyone changing them like people changing
    :undies: :thong: and or briefs that don’t help much either I guess. 😀 😀 😀

  17. [Comment ID #37434 will be quoted here]

    Peaches, if you post your boobs, I’ll post…..well…..oh nevermind….

  18. JFLY

    Please don’t go , Ignore the silly ass hormones,
    I truly appreciate { dont know if I spelled that right } your sense of humer.

  19. Mandy you post whatever you want to, you have a very pretty face. It all works. Screw anybody else that can’t deal with it. Davezilla’s is a great place to hang out, and I really appreciate all the work that you put into it Dave. Quite a commitment. My hat is off to you. Thanks for the entertainment….

  20. Stupid 404 called me gorgeous when I’m really ruggedly handsome.If only it really knew me. Mandy your pics usually make my day please don’t take that away!! SNIFF SNIFF

  21. Stupid 404 called me gorgeous when I’m really ruggedly handsome.If only it really knew me. Mandy your pics usually make my day please don’t take that away!! SNIFF SNIFF ❓

  22. [Comment ID #37525 will be quoted here]

    I did not mean to start such controvery. Honest! I feel like shit that someone left because of my icon, but then again, if that’s all it took, I have to wonder about her. Why didn’t she protest when we were posting naked pics of ourselves here? :dead:

  23. Sigh……… 🙄 I guess I’m a rare breed. At one point in my life I was young and beautiful, but I let myself go. When I see men look, google or whatever at other women, I can not get jealous because I used to be beautiful. I may not have chose to flaunt, but that was simply it, my choice. And from what I can tell JFLY, you’re not exactly ugly. So quit being a bitch chicken and lighten up. Men have probably noticed you, and you weren’t even aware of it. Now, enough of this frelling dren, and let’s remember that this was website was designed for our amusement. :mrgreen: Sorry Dave, but I needed to let my thoughts be known.
    Peace 😮

  24. Hey! In your weekly votey thingy what’s “42” ??? Whatever it is I voted for it!!
    So Please, Please tell me.. I’m waiting with? Open arms? :wtf:

  25. [Comment ID #37530 will be quoted here]

    Quite frankly, I found the second one to be more tasteful anyway- I’m surprised there was any controversy. But the current one is very sexy geek-girl. :kiss:

  26. [Comment ID #37532 will be quoted here]

    According to the Hitchhiker’s Guide, researchers from a pan-dimensional, hyper-intelligent race of beings, construct Deep Thought, the second greatest computer of all time and space, to calculate the Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. After seven and a half million years of pondering the question, Deep Thought provides the answer: “forty-two.”

  27. OK, that’s it, I quit too! You know, I get really tired of hearing all this nicey nicey getting along and complimenting each other, and then finally when a really good sniping round starts, the main sniper bolts and runs. Damn! Who says we all have to get along, anyway?

    And another thing, I am sick and tired of all you people admiring Mandy’s body parts and not giving HER anything to look at and ogle. I mean, you selfish jackasses keep using a cartoon to express your appreciation for her! Screw the :wang: icon boys, let’s get some pictures of the real thing! The girl keeps putting it out there day after day and you just selfishly take and take! Give it up for Mandy, let’s see some eye candy!

    Mandy girl, you just keep doing what you’re doing, don’t feel bad about anything. And before anyone else flips out and thinks I’m serious, I’m not really serious. No, really. Seriously, I’m not!

  28. I thought Mandy made it clear several posts back that the original thong/ass icon was not a photo of her actual ass. Regardless, it was still quite a lovely bottom.

    Btw, Mandy, love your icon now. Hawt geekiness, indeed.

  29. I finally got my head on straight again(I’m…uh…blogging it out…sorry, sounded good in my head)…still working on the other one…but I only got this to say…
    Damn!…I missed the catfight…Esther is right about Mandy making it clear that the ass pic wasn’t hers(and it was a good pic)…I thought this was supposed to be a blog site that was supposed to be full of humor…Dave has provided us with a place to have that…and he still works very hard on that with each post(my blog still has issues though…Dave ever had a problem with logging in admin…its not a problem today but it was yesterday morning…back to the topic at hand). Any one who has a problem with the humor in all of it, please lighten up…the avatar was supposed to be another way to express ourselves(just look at my Punisher Skull and marcus’s Scarecrow – cool btw)…if that was how Mandy wanted to express herself, that’s the way she wanted to do it…no harm, no foul…and I thought the comments on it were very funny(I think I may have made one myself). Please can we all just play nicely in the sandbox and lighten up about it all. Not asking too much.

    And…uh…Mandy…I think that was your avatar to begin with…wasn’t it?…no offense to the “famous ass” pic…but I am glad that this one is back…(that really is you, right…if not this next thing is just out of place)…I actually missed this pic…you are a very gorgeous woman…and unless you’ve got another one show that beautiful face…please PLEEEEEEEEEEASE don’t change it…uh…yeah…there it is folks…uh…back to my regularly scheduled drooling…

  30. [Comment ID #37338 will be quoted here]

    LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Try to trhink of someting better 🙁 :puke: :dead:

  31. [Comment ID #37338 will be quoted here]

    [Comment ID #37655 will be quoted here]

    Not lame…I was sorta think the same thing about The Zilla’s sweater…

  32. Mandy,

    I am a heterosexual female….and I had no problem with seeing your ass. It is a nice one. If it was hairy, pimply and disgusting, then I could see some people getting offended….but your ass and face are very easy on the eyes and sometimes ugly people just get jealous.

    P.S. Shake what yo mamma gave ya.

  33. Now that Mandy’s ass pic is gone…we have a true to life ass in Bjorn’s pic and we have a few bottles of Heineken is Esther’s pic…that is what I call humor…see is if an animal activist or an alcohol historian has a problem with those…alcohol historian…I don’t where THAT came from…

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