My thoughts are with you

To all my friends in London, my thoughts are with you and your families.

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  1. Steppenwolf

    We made a huge mistake invading Iraq but if there is a God…have mercy on us all! :^(

  2. I don’t think our presence in Iraq would have had much bearing either way. It’s just an excuse for a cowardly act of terrorism.

  3. Patrick

    Iraq or not, these people despise Western culture…that’s why Spain go it too. My condolences to anyone involved in today’s events.

  4. dumars

    ‘Spain got it too’ not simply because ‘these people despise Western culture’, but because they were helping the US in Iraq: I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same reason for London. I just hope the Brits don’t whore this event like we did 9/11.

  5. *sigh*:neutral:

    So damn senseless.

    Thoughts, prayers, and condolences, to all the London folk out there.

  6. Steppenwolf

    Amen dumars. BTW, anyone seen Bin Laden lately? If so please let our troops know so we can direct them to the proper target. *sigh*

  7. DK

    Al Quaeda planning against the West began when George Bush I was president. Iraq is incidental. The Islamist terrorist think the rest of us are infidels and should die, men, women, children. My heart goes out to the innocent victims in London tonight.

  8. Anonymous

    Infidelity has very little to do with this, other than to get new recruits and motivate suicide bombers: Do you see them bombing China because they’re all religionless ‘infidels that deserve to die, men, women, children’? I think terrorism from middle east has a bit more to do with the fact that we’ve been screwing in their back yard way too long. How would you like it if they gave New York to the Palestinians (maybe they once lived there 2000 years ago), overthrew the government of California since they weren’t cooperative, invaded Texas, and perhaps killed your mother and your brother? I’m not saying terrorism can be justified, but not naive enough to say they just kill people without reason.

  9. Steve

    Terrorism has nothing to do with Bush. We had several attacks during the previous administration. Once even at the actual World Trade Center. Remember? Iraq has nothing to do with the attacks. Russia didn’t participate in the Iraq War, but they’ve suffered their share of Muslim terrorism as well.

    Those that want to blame Bush are looking for the easy target. If he makes a speech that invokes the emotion of 9/11 he’s lambasted. But shortly thereafter another terrorist attack occurs and he’s again fingered for blame.

    Yes, we all understand that you would prefer there was no war. Unfortunately a large contingency of people in this world, the terrorists, desire it. They desire the war on their terms, and their justification is far flimsier than the Bush administration’s.

    The passive choice was made several times in the 90’s. It led to 9/11. Passivity is not the answer and I hope those that favor it’s path never are allowed to make those choices again.

  10. Steppenwolf

    Ok then, let’s quit being so passive and just nuke every country that harbors terrorists. That should do it.

  11. Steppenwolf

    BTW Steve…’Iraq has nothing to do with the attacks’. Couldn’t have said it better!

  12. Cherish

    “Ok then, let’s quit being so passive and just nuke every country that harbors terrorists. That should do it.”

    yeah, it pretty much would… seeing as how there are terrorists being harbored in America at this very moment…except we call them gangs and white supremicists.

  13. JFLY

    “Imagine” John Lennon

  14. Spud

    I just can’t or don’t want to figure this garbage anymore, everybody has a gripe about something, some are just spoilt brainwashed idiots who think blowing themselves up along with innocent people is going to change some minds about their plight and woes.

    fair crack of the whip.

    I vote for zero use of petroleum products and let’s send the camel jockeys back to their fantastic desert, without the billions of dollars pouring into their bloated bank accounts, perhaps funding for these idiots may stop or be decreased to a point where they only have a box of matches to play with.

    preferably safety ones


  15. Anna

    Nobody has proven yet that it was islamic extremists (or am I wrong in this?). So how come everybody is blaming them beforehand?
    It reeks a bit of discrimination. Innocent until proven guilty.
    To me it doesn’t matter who did it, they should be gangraped by buddies of an Afghan towncouncil.

  16. Spud

    So, perhaps it was the Lower Bolton Ladies Auxiliary after all…

    One thing that bothers about all this stuff is the tit for tat mentality

    yeah, like that really works…

    “hey mutherfucka! you blew up my {insert answer}”



    “whatcha ya gonna do camel breath?”

    “I’m gonna blow up your {insert response}”


    ad infinitum


  17. Anna

    @Spud: well, the LBL has been getting more extremist every year. It’s especially noticable at the yearly flowershow … they’ve been breeding a new kind of Uzi.

  18. It Seems the comments have strayed from Daves topic.

  19. Exactly, Larfus. I know everyone wants to begin joking and fingerpointing, but how about we focus on the more immediate problem of grief and loss over our friends and families?

  20. Anna

    Well, maybe not everyone grieves in the same way Dave. While I was grieving for the loss of someone close, the MOST horrible thing people could say: “I am sorry for your loss” (such a banal cliché). So please don’t judge the way I grieve by compairing it to the PC way of doing it.

  21. I’m not judging anyone, Anna. Just agreeing with Larfus.

  22. Sel

    I live in the UK but not London luckily. If anyone has seen the news coverage on this, you’ll see that a lot of Londoners have decided to go into work today despite polic warnings. Definately a good old “Up Yours” to however did this

  23. Raina

    Some people do not have the gift of an outstanding response to every situation, particularly responding to someone else’s loss. I have counted myself fortunate for everyone who has expressed sadness for my many losses, even if it is so banal as that. It is brave of them to say anything at all. To belittle that is petty and ungrateful. I suppose I took particular exception to Anna’s comment because I am that person who can’t always come up with something wonderful to say in the face of someone’s raw loss. I cried off and on all day when I read of St. Augustine’s death recently, and I don’t even know Dave, and rarely reply in this forum. I think I only replied with ‘I’m sorry for your loss’. I knew it was a cliche of epic proportions but it was accurate and kept me from going on and on about my losses at that time.

    I don’t know anyone who died in London yesterday, but that is only through the grace of god (or dog or whatever). I am indeed very sorry for their loss of life, and moreso for the people who have lost their friends and family to violence. My great condolences to all in that situation at this time.

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