1. Sammy

    The car in the foreground has no exhaust pipe!! 😯

  2. fruf

    Welcome back Dave……what’s wrong with 2 miles per gallon?
    BMW should change to BMG buy more gas

  3. April

    hehe thats just to funny. At least they can make lite of it 😆

  4. junkman

    Moar Peen Growth Lack Of Length

  5. Bigwavdave

    Hope he’s not driving around DAY-TWA.

  6. Timm

    It’s true, he doesn’t care about miles per gallon, he laughs at the poor mileage.

    A plate that says “LTL PNS” would also be true.

    [LiTtLe PeNiS]

  7. chainstay

    Massive Penis Gals Lick On Lovingly

  8. In Germany, this BMW licence plate would read. KPL ZIAY

    Kilometers per Liter. Zis is Amusing, Ya?

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