More words and phrases we hate

Topic suggestion by Sherri P.

  1. “Don’t be a hater.” I prefer, “Don’t be a ne’erdowell. Beyotch.”
  2. “Guys, let’s really think outside the box on this one, k?”
  3. “I think we’ve screwed the pooch.”
  4. I really hate it when people make compound words from words that shouldn’t be compound. For example, “Whatsay you and I have a looksee at a couplethree of those?”
  5. “Irregardless” Not a real word, dipshit.
  6. “I’m a fiscal Republican.” Like that somehow absolves you of sin.
  7. “Beware of Internet predators” As if we have rabid jackals lurking in our computers.
  8. “Are you aware that you’re wearing white after Labor Day?”
  9. What phrases are irking you, lately?
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  1. Anna

    haf u msn messenger

  2. Randy

    “Reoccurrence”; not a real word. The same dipshit.

  3. StevieC

    When someone says someone was “awfully nice” or something is “awfully good”

  4. Most misuses of the word “I.”

    For example:

    “He gave the money to John and I.”

    Or even worse:

    “He took John and I’s money.”

    (I had never heard anyone say “I’s” before I moved to Michigan.)

  5. (And when people do the same things with the word “myself.” It’s like they’re having identity crises.)

  6. Da Popster

    Decider …………. Really pisses me off :puke: :puke:

  7. goober

    suposably instead of suposedly

  8. Bigwavdave

    Using the word consumer instead of customer

  9. From last night at work: “newses,” which, of course, is the plural of “news.”

  10. cronewynd

    It’s okay, Dave… white is the new black.

    Oh, and just for the record, I have a hard time keeping a straight face when people refer to themselves by name: “Ya see, Bob don’t take no crap from anyone.” Spoken by, you guessed it, Bob.

  11. I call on your deciders and raise you naysayers, evildoers, and cut-n-runners.

  12. The people that would prefer to laugh at a true foreigner’s incorrect speech (like an ESL person). I find some people are just heartless sometimes.

    You know you have met one when you walk away after and go “What a moron”. :boob:

  13. Bigwavdave

    Ya know – We have a disconnect here…

  14. sledge

    people who use inflamible and flamible.

  15. junkman

    i hate when people say “you” when they mean “I”. like “when you go through something like this you just feel wronged”. when they mean “i went through this and i am a victim.”
    is this plausible deniability?

  16. You could always use the impersonal ‘one’, junkman.
    That is, of course, if one doesn’t mind sounding like the Queen of England.

  17. Double T

    “I axed John for the papers”

  18. junkman

    yes lung, “a person” would sound a little stuffed wouldn’t “a person”. it does “a body” good to receive these helpful hints. 😆

  19. “You’re entitled to your opinion.”

    Really? Am I entitled to kick you in the head for being a condescending prick?

  20. StevieC

    [this] is the new [that] (with apologies to cronewynd)
    Just the other day there was a news story that stated that 12 was the new 16. Uh, no it isn’t. Kids may be doing things at 12 that we waited until we were 16 to do, but 12 is still 12 and 16 is still 16.

  21. cbatdux

    Void where prohibited.

    Limit one per household.


    I need your best work on this.

    Let’s get in bed on this one and create some synergies.

  22. Shrubby

    WHATNOT!!! I HATE IT!!! I also hate seeing three exclamation marks in a row!!! As if anything could warrant such an exclamation!!!
    Oh, and when my fellow co-workers call water H2O…it’s F’ing WATER(!!!)

  23. junkman

    oh yeah, cbatdux’s name reminded me. what about anyone who uses EBITDA in a sentence. Erudite Boob Is Total Dumb Ass?

  24. Eric W.

    Word on the “irregardless.” I hear it too often and it makes you want to shove the “ir” right into their eyes.

    And “think outside the box” is older than I am; what a horrible way to relate life and the world around to you to a four-sided geometrical figure. Way to think outside the tetrahedron fellas.

    Look, I know it’s easier and faster to type “hay u whut r u doin 2day?” But thank goodness for the few people I communicate with that do not use this method of broken dialogue. It’s moronic and you’re moronic for using it. Ya no whut i meen dawg?

    I agree with Shrubby on the multiple exclamation usage. ! – Say what? !! – Still not getting your point. !!! – Damn, no kidding? Hellfire!

    I migrate from an office environment to outside consulting to sitting in a classroom, but when I have to frequent the office, especially on a Monday, the first thing I hear out of a persons mouth when I approach the kitchen to get coffee or water or whatever, other employees sulk at the machine and sigh… deeply (so you won’t miss it) and whine and complain (even if I didn’t speak to them initially). If you hate your job/life so much, fix it.

    People who explain way more than they need to like I just did above. It depends heavily on the situation, but when a question is asked, such as “Was the network brought back up from the crash?” A simple yes or no will do. Not, “Well, when the routing table didn’t migrate efficiently, what I did was….” No, stop that!

    My boss using the same exact jokes over and over again as if they’re funnier than the first time they said it. You’re a department VP, not a humorist. Quit thinking you’re doing standup.

    “It’s cold as hell.” What? That doesn’t even make sense.

    “… then the terrorists win.” Haha, my fist in your face is funnier.

    “So, you still in school?” This is a relative question, but it becomes irritating when it’s asked by the same person or others who know very well you’re still in school with time to go (or those who have recently asked the same question before not too long ago). Try to be more original in your conversation tactics.

    The usage of “we.” “We better get this done, so we can move ahead.” “I don’t know what we’ll do about this.” Look, don’t bullshit me with this “we” nonsense. You most certainly mean “you” (or “me” depending on who’s speaking), so why not just say it?

    Speaking to a group composed of both males and females and always using the “guys” line. Or even worse, when it is a group of nothing but women and still using “guys.” Serious castration is required.

    Wow, I’m bitter. Haha.

  25. Spud

    Word – “Toe-rag” I don’t know why exactly, buy that one makes me sick.

    Phrase – “I loves yous all” This is just being plain lazy and kinda like nails scraping on a chalk board.

  26. There is disoriented. There is never disorientated.

  27. megev

    I Hate “Conversate” 👿

    People do not “conversate” they CONVERSE! No, you won’t “Conversate bout dis latta.” You will “Converse about this later.” It especially bothers me when I hear PARENTS use this word with their elementary age children.

    Eric W.: I hear you on the use of “we” instead of “you.” My dad has a habit of looking responding to that sort of thing with “What’s this ‘we’ shit? Do you have a mouse in your pocket or something?” 😆

  28. Lace Valentine

    “Isn’t it ironic that…”
    No, true irony doesn’t point out that it’s ironic.

    “Let’s hit the ground running”
    Yeah, like we’re still in the ARMY and you’ve gotta parachute on.

    “Excuse me, can you spare some change?”
    Well there’s really no excuse–is there?
    It was sheer accident that we ran into each other and you asked me for money.

    Evangelical Christian: “Are you saved?”
    What, you mean like a floppy disk?

  29. “asshat”. Every time I hear somebody use this one, I can peg whatever they’re going to say next as sounding like it came from a trailer-park in an area with a lot of mercury in the water. And it’s thrown around everywhere, as if it wasn’t a swear word, in front of kids and everything. And THEN after that, it doesn’t mean anything. Is it a hat shaped like an ass? A hat worn on the ass? Wearing an ass for a hat? A hat-shaped ass?

  30. [Comment ID #81033 will be quoted here]
    Never heard “toe-rag” before, but it doesn’t conjure an appealing image…

  31. liza

    whenever someone uses “gay” instead of “that’s stupid” or “this sucks”
    “that’s hella gay!”

  32. Driver

    associate instead of employee :wtf:

  33. Riss

    1. Presumputous asses that claim they are “in the know”.
    2. Same presumptous asses that give out common sense advice and end it with “Who knew?”
    3. The word “thorough”, some reason it just grates on my nerves.
    4. “24/7”
    5. Alameda. I know, it’s not a phrase, it’s a name. It just sounds retarded.

  34. cbatdux

    [Comment ID #81028 will be quoted here]

    Is he calling me a dumbass?

    You wanna step outside?


  35. Mandy

    Boy these phrases really “chafe my tits”. Oh I hate that one! 👿

  36. Mandy

    On the same vein, I hate “colder than a witch’s :boob:” Some jock always has to one up it with “colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra on a mountainside.” I always want to retort with, “Smaller than a man’s dick after being told his wife’s ex was larger”

  37. donna

    The one i hate the most (is god dame it) what does he have to do with it? it is eather you or someone else that done it .

  38. Myra

    Can I ax a question?
    This may be a stupid question but…- well if it’s stupid don’t ask it.
    Or “I’m fixing to go outside.” Fixing? Does it need repair?
    10 items or less – grammatically it is 10 items or fewer

  39. Flash Gordon

    In the South, “I’m fixing to go outside” is standard English meaning “I’m
    getting ready to go outside rat now, y’all. It is not a sign of rampant
    ignorance or inbreeding, necessarily. :wtf: 😕 🙄 👿

  40. liza

    “it’s better now. . . like seriously. . . ” :dead:

  41. Saying “AXE” instead of “ASK”


    Folks who say “Joisey” when they know I’m from JERSEY

    People who like to use like the word like every like other like word

    One word I enjoy using: QUEER
    Context: “Isn’t that odd.”

    Now if I say it, I fear I’m lumped into the gay bashers group…


  42. Infernos

    Managers who say… “Let’s find true north on this one” …. You’re a manager, we already know you’re lost. Tell us what you want done and get out of the way.

    A friend who sayd “I’m festa .. do something” … I guess this is west coast version of “I’m fixin’ to… do something”

    “Shit the bed” … where is the hell did this one come from ?

    “Thot” instead of thought.

    Anything ending in ‘izzle” … I’m sorry, I don’t speak “izzle” ,. can you repeat that in ENGLISH ?

  43. Raz

    “People who explain way more than they need to like I just did above. It depends heavily on the situation, but when a question is asked, such as “Was the network brought back up from the crash?” A simple yes or no will do. Not, “Well, when the routing table didn’t migrate efficiently, what I did was….” No, stop that!”

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I am so glad that I am not the only one that HATES THIS WITH A PASSION!

    That, and people who feel the need to explain the same thing in several different ways, just GET TO THE POINT. You are not the smartest person in the universe, I really did understand you the FIRST TIME!!! (Yup, threw all those exclamaition points in just for you, you’re welcome!) >.

  44. Raz

    Aw, the message cut off my angry face!!!


  45. When someone starts a sentence with, “No offense, but…”, and then continues to say something quite offensive with full knowledge of being offensive. Is that supposed to somehow magically wipe the slate clean?

  46. Jessica

    👿 👿 “Don’t hate the player. Just hate the Game.”
    That saying annoys the hell outta me. I wish men would just stopping saying it.!
    My boyfriend don’t say that though, THANK GOD!! :wang:

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