Lullaby League REPRESENTZ!

Lullaby League REPRESENTZ!

Image via Tenuki

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  1. ok I give up the nose fetish puzzles me . :wtf: :limp:

  2. Zeke

    she’s not having a very good parents day, if those are her kids.

  3. Brain no work. Brain too congested to make witty comment. :dead:

  4. Sizing it up: Spacemen, especially ones that look like Billy Barty, have terrible taste in lechery, such that they attempt to remove shoes and stockings off of matronly, unwilling school-teachers instead of hunting up more serious prey. And they have no concept of size, because there’s no way that big brown craft could *possibly* fit inside of her.

  5. Irish

    Snow White of the future.

  6. Irish

    Japanese nose fetish? Hmmmm…. someone needs to introduce her to kleenex…
    (Would that be like masterbation?) 😈

  7. Spud

    Amazing Stories!

    Wendy goes Home…


  8. kaity

    It’s interesting that christians would celebrate the “passion” by decorating their home with a piece by Thomas Kinkade, the antichrist of all things tasteful and artistic.

  9. bhamm

    – Even with Nanny McPhee trying to interfere, the munchkin space program is well under way.

    – The dwarves need Old Lady Jenkins’ pantyhose to fuel their new Robotic-Carrot creature.

  10. Bigwavdave

    That little guy next to the ship is sportin’ some serious (for a little guy) wood, plus check out that grin on his face. Oh yea, he’s wantin’ it… :wang:

  11. Martha was astounded. The flowers she had been picking for the supper table, the stockings she had removed while alone in the woods were now only ties these odd litte men held to her. Her shoes were likely lost! But these were surely the ones that had breathed ‘Adventure!’ and ‘Opportunity!’ in her dreams — how could she let any of that go, without *knowing*!?

    And besides, back at the house Elmer never touched her anymore, since that muley cow’s calf had grown… Humming ‘Halfway up Virginia‘, Martha followed to see what she could see.

  12. nickname4anne

    c’mon! you already took your hose off! well then give us back our flowers! 😕

  13. Driver

    Come on Earth lady the porta space bar is right here , have a few drinks and relax , then we’ll talk about the probing I mean examination , heh heh heh .

    It’s universal knowledge , when a women’s on the hootch it’s easy’er to get to the cooch .

    Brad K. Taht poem is a crack up .

  14. Driver

    OOPS – Taht = That

  15. MrDoug

    Well now we know why people complain about the anal probe when kidnapped by space aliens. That IS one huge but plug ouch!

    Can we make our own captions for the Jesus statues?

  16. Nothing about the Japanese surprise me anymore.


    :wtf: I may have nightmares tonight!!

    [Comment ID #72147 will be quoted here]
    :mrgreen: 😈 😆 😆


    :wtf:That is a scary picture! I’m gonna hang it on my sons wall… If your mean boy the scary little people will come take mommy away!!

    [Comment ID #72147 will be quoted here]
    :mrgreen: 😈 😆 😆

  19. LIssen, lady, we only gave you the hose and the flowers because you promised you’d gribnack our hornphalas, and you ain’t doin’ any gribnackin’ that WE can see, so give us our shit back or it’s into our Portable Person Martini Mixer for you!

  20. Driver

    Are you trying to say my typing and or spelling sucks ? Which I already know .
    By the way you forgot an [a] between your and mean . Ha Ha 😆

  21. Nunu

    Hmmm… Reminds me of a song…
    Come on baby it’s your lucky day, if it wasn’t for spacerape, we’d never get laid…

  22. cbatdux

    Yet another sad case of tatami overdose…..

    Doncha just wanna shove a big hunk o’ wasabi up her schnoz?

  23. mikeB

    [Comment ID #72195 will be quoted here]

    I had something else in mind, actually.


    Driver: No i didn’t even realize I spelled it differently till i read your post! No I just agree that hootch makes it easier to get to the cooch( in my case anyway :boob: :thong: :boob: :

  25. Drusky

    Who here remembers Woody Allen’s ‘Sleeper’? All those half-pint aliens want to do is take Dorothy to their ‘Orgasmatron’…

  26. Drusky

    [Comment ID #72201 will be quoted here]
    Is that anything like the old joke “What do you call a prostitute with a runny nose?”



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