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comment 94 comments
  • kismet

    :wtf: :boobs: :boobs:

    Hmmm, I have a feeling I won’t be able to access this site at school tomorrow.

  • Commando Stacy, Official Davezilla Bad Kitty


    What a surprise this evening! Sid & Nancy are front page news at Davezilla!

    And even Rev and Mandy!

    Woot woot!

    Boobies galore!!


  • Esther


    Ok, where to start?

    Stacy, nice set of hoo-has you got there. Love the chips, btw, nice touch.:cool:

    ReV, even though you’re covering the goods, what a lovely picture. Was this before or after? 😈

    Mandy, very hot!:grin:

    Gregggg, however, gets a big thumbs down for the worst abuse of steroids I’ve seen in some time.:-(

    So, Dave, when do we get the ass edition?

  • Motor City Bad Kitty

    Well wouldja look at that …
    If it hasn’t seemed like I’ve been campaigning in the “Elect tits, not boobs” campaign in a while, well guess what? You’re WRONG!! I just haven’t been campaiging here that’s all. I’ve been campaigning elsewhere on the web, albeit accidentally….

  • Anna

    You know, I have this ‘things’ against sillicones, but even fake tits are better than those frightful arms.
    I always wanted to know: Are there men in this galaxy whole like small boobies?
    Small ones are my favorite so the Rev RULEZZ!!!

  • Davezilla

    Yes, Anna. I’ve always preferred smaller breasts, myself.

    I’d look terrible in a D-cup. πŸ˜›

    So, Dave, when do we get the ass edition?
    As soon as you send in a photo, Esther. 😈

  • mikeB

    Today’s post is a spewer, but not necessarily coffee. πŸ™‚

  • Nikki

    Oh, Mike. πŸ™„

  • ReV.JeLLyBaBy

    Cheers Dave,

    Now I can officially confess that I don’t actually care about being “official” and thats official.

    If you were sandwiched between Stacey and Mandy, would you?

    P.S That guy with the arms….WTF?

    I haven’t seen a right arm grow that huge since I bought my brother the “Cindy Crawford Workout” video for Christmas!



    Look Mom, I’m on telly!
    ……well sort of.

  • ReV.JeLLyBaBy


    To answer Esther’s question.

    It was after……enough said.

    I also believe Dave is sitting on the ass edition as we speak.


  • mikeB

    It was afterÒ€¦Ò€¦enough said.
    Then Rev put down his magazine and hoped one day it would be with a REAL girl and not his poor hand….. 😈

  • anon

    Just waiting to see what your christian stalkers have to say about this post.

  • Frisko

    I was hoping for steroid boys buns, but I know with arms like that he must be compensating ReV should be fired up, a sultry pose sandwich. Not just for breakfast anymore.
    I vote for butts next.


  • mikeB

    From today’s link: My Motto In Life
    Live For Today. Live every day as it is your last. Life is too short to spend your time worrying and being upset. Sometimes you just gotta to learn to say what the fuck.

    He’s deep. What’s he doing in bodybuilding with thoughts like those? πŸ™„

  • Frisko

    I am bummed I picked on body building man.
    He is 5’6, fathered 2 kids, and his girlfriend died. He was on Ripleys beilieve it or not and Jay Lenno. He has not been on steroids for 3 years.

  • ReV.JeLLyBaBy

    Im not inferring anything here,

    but with a choice of two sexy ladies and a total of ten female breasts in this post, mikeB chose to comment on me and male masturbation?

    How homo erotic.


  • Esther

    Hmmm, well, I have been told I do have lovely junk in the trunk. Or was that me talking to myself?

  • Cheap Date

    Um, I can’t see the Rev’s :boobs::boobs: at all in that picture!

    Why is that?!?!?

    And I think we need to be able to count to THREE in the Rev’s pic.


  • Mandy

    “Hmmm, well, I have been told I do have lovely junk in the trunk. ”
    Let’s see dat booty Esther. ROWR!

  • name

    Best. Comment. Thread. Evah. :boobs:

  • Anonymous

    just assuming you meant manly not, “many”

  • TinaMarie

    I’m a girl and I think Stacy’s boobs are hot!:cool: (Nothing personal, Mandy.)

    In reference to Greg the bodybuilder dude: the last time I saw anyone with lumps that large and misshapen, it was stage 4 cancer. And Greg there is proud of his accomplishment…:roll:

  • Spud

    Boobie shots should be au natural πŸ˜€

  • Esther

    Ok Dave, Mandy, I’ll work on getting that booty shot. (/did I just say that?) 😳

  • rust

    I was hoping for Dita von Teese…


  • sarah

    wow, I with their were boobs when I come to the site every morning. perhaps i will share mine sometime.

    in other news: seen this?

  • Commando Stacy, Official Davezilla Bad Kitty

    Thank you, TinaMarie and everybody else for the compliments on my tatas … I grew them myself!

    They haven’t always been this way, but I assure you, they’re ALL NATURAL!

    And … shit, I was gonna say more but I just had a gig tonight and I’m a little drunk and I don’t remember.


    (Btw, Dave, there’s a chance I may have FREE TIX from Diamanda’s webmaster/manager dude. I’ll email you.)

    And … did I mention I’m a little buzzed?

  • Spud

    *whistles in Stacy’s direction*
    wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more πŸ˜€

  • Commando Stacy, Official Davezilla Bad Kitty

    Oh shit … I’m sober now and I just re-read that and relised it implied things that I didn’t mean to imply.

    For the record: This gal is TAKEN. By a sexy Jewish boy named Josh in Toronto.

    The fact that I was drunk, talking about my boobs, and saying “wait til the concert in September” … all of those comments were separate thoughts, NOT CONNECTED AT ALL.

    I don’t cheat, and I ain’t no homewrecker. I’ve left my trail of drunken comments elsewhere on the blogosphere and I just hope I didn’t piss anybody off. :wtf:

  • Spud

    Dang! I thought it was on! :mrgreen:

  • Spud

    Oh, and how’s your head this morning? :dead:

  • Elvira

    Never had any complaints so far! 😈

  • Davezilla


    Time for more :java:

  • Esther

    Stacy, can totally relate to the drunken stream of thought posting. (Says she, drinking a beer)…:grin:

  • Davezilla

    Still waiting on that pic, Esther. :mrgreen:

  • mikeB

    I’m still waiting for Mandy’s hand to slip and tear off that flimsy t-shirt. 😈

  • kerri

    the rev is hottttttttttttt.

  • Scott Johnson

    Wow, Dave! You have some HOT readers. And by hot, I am specifically NOT talking about the dude. (no offense, Rev) πŸ˜‰

  • Sook

    I vote for more pictures of Mandy! :boobs::boobs:

  • blah

    :boobs::boobs: i vote for more pics of mandy too and i agree with mikeB. Hey mandy wheres your ass edition?

  • Mandy

    I guess I should show everyone my assets, Dave. :twisted::boobs:

  • Spud

    Nicely done Mandy, now … a thong would probably make that picture πŸ˜€

  • name

    oh hell yes!!! :wang:

  • mikeB

    What Spud said. :wang:

  • mikeB

    Had to take a second look.

    OK, it’s my 30th look.

  • Bobby Peru

    Holy Moley! Nice bod, Mandy! :wang:

  • facette

    Mandy, your ass has an uncanny framiliarity about it… Hmmm…
    I’d swear you were someone else, if you hadn’t shown your face . :wtf: Could someone pass me the chips ? :boobs::boobs: Tisk tisk, only my second post, and I’m already in the gutter . See what happens when technology reaches just ‘anyone’ ? Great site, and this thread makes it even… er… greater !
    I’m not commenting on the Rev’s pic… that’d be like gay, or something . :limp:

  • Mandy

    I didn’t know my ass was “framiliar” to anyone, save my boyfriend who can’t keep his :wang: away from it. Sorry, TMI.

  • Spud

    No no, keep going, it’s wonderful to share πŸ˜€

  • facette



    TAKE IT ALL OFF:wang::wang::wang:

  • Anonymous


  • the Boiee

    You need to post Mandy every day forever :wang:

  • Esther

    Damn Mandy, that’s a nice tukkus (sp?) you have there! :kiss: Guess I should get my picture in soon!

  • Mandy

    Thanks, Esther! We wanna see yours! (Well I do)

  • Bobby Peru

    I wanna see both of you! :wang:

  • Esther

    Now where did I put those black vinyl pants…hmm….:twisted:

  • Mandy

    Let’s see that body, Esther! Show it off and I may be tempted to show some more. πŸ˜€

  • Spud

    Hell Yeah! πŸ˜€

  • Bobby Peru

    We get to see Esther’s :boobs::boobs:? :wang:

  • Davezilla

    You get to see whatever Esther wants you to see.

  • Wang Chun

    You have some hawt readers! :wang:

  • Esther

    No :boobs:, Bobby, just buns.:kiss:

  • Davezilla

    Sounds good to me! :mrgreen:

  • Bobby Peru

    Me too! Let’s see some booty! :wang:

  • Bobby Peru

    I see London, I see France
    I see Esther’s uh comment.

  • Esther

    Fyi-Restless natives; the pictures have been sent, the rest is up to Dave.:mrgreen:

  • Some girl

    I should have sent you the link to my board of moms – we had a “mom’s gone wild” night flashe dour breasts in public (bahama breeze) and let others take pictures then we posted them on the web. πŸ˜•

  • Spud

    Now you can’t come in here saying something like that and not post a link? what the…? :wtf:

  • Anon

    I like trhis picture of your bum better, Mandy

  • verago

    *pant* *pant*
    it’s getting hot in here… :wang:
    someone turn on the air conditioning…

  • mikeB

    Still looks amazing after the umpteenth viewing. :wang:

  • TheFaramir

    Are we trying to get to 77 posts here, too?

  • TheFaramir

    Some girl: I should have sent you the link to my board of moms – we had a Ò€œmomÒ€ℒs gone wildÒ€ night flashe dour breasts in public (bahama breeze) and let others take pictures then we posted them on the web.

    Hey, you should send Davezilla your pics. πŸ˜€

  • Davezilla

    Yes, please!

  • TheFaramir

    I think we convinced her! Watch your email. πŸ˜†

  • A Girl

    :boobs::boobs: since I can’t post links to the cleavage which was in great demand.. I’m emailing it to Dave. Maybe I’ll make the top post tomorrow 😈

  • KraZed RaBid MoNkeY

    So……. Haas a date been set for the next installment of T&A??? Perhaps a few less guys…. lol.

    Sorry Rev. JeLLyBaBy, πŸ˜€

  • A Girl

    K – SInce no one liked my cleavage – it;s going away now… I am removeing the links :limp:

  • Davezilla

    I think they just didn’t know about it since this post is getting stale. We can put them up on their own post this weekend as I have another reader who wants to be seen as well. :boobs:

  • Mandy

    Nice tatas, Girl! :boobs::boobs:

  • Anonymous


  • cutegirl

    is this a contest open to anyone?

  • Mandy

    There’s a contest? Did I win? Huh huh? Dave? *plink* Is this thing on?

  • Tassâ

    You know, when Virtual bartender you give the MATH command, she look a lot like your friend Mandy. :wang:

  • ken


  • ken


  • julie

    sigh. my boobs are too small for displays or i would send in pictures πŸ™„

  • Poofles

    Mandy, you are one fine-looking woman!!! Your funbags rate :wang::wang::wang::wang::wang::wang::wang::wang: out of 10 :wang:s.

  • Davezilla

    Yes, she’s a doll. :mrgreen:

  • Steppenwolf

    Not all of us are big :boobs: :boobs: men Julie. I prefer nice buns myself.
    So hang in there…at least yours won’t hang down to ‘there’ when you get older. ;^)

  • mikeB

    Yes, the icons work, Ken. πŸ™„

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