Judy Blume books that never saw print

Judy Blume books that never saw print

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  1. Are you there, Allah? It’s me, Margaret.

  2. Marcus

    I remember seeing all the books available from my school book club. I thought the name was too corny for words, so I never bought any of her books. I might buy them if those titles were real. Blubber Swallows sounds good. 😈 👿

    We have some big centipedes and millipedes in Thailand. The videos were very disgusting, but interesting. Millipedes are not dangerous and look cool; however, don’t step on one because they make a loud popping sound and yellow goo comes out.

    Happy Cheeseball Day to all you cheeseballs!! 😛

  3. If snowmen have snowballs, then cheeseheads have…..

    I wonder if the banks here in Wisconsin will be closed for the holiday? 😛

  4. Timmmy

    I don’t know if it’s just me but the more I look at stalker boy the creepier he gets.

  5. alaskan_passion

    after you read blubber swallows look for her next book … anorerxias guide to spitting :wtf:

  6. Marcus

    [Comment ID #43929 will be quoted here]

    Oh god, someone cut the cheese. Or maybe your jokes were a little cheesy.
    😆 😆 😆

  7. Spud

    Aunty Jean Farts Again
    and what to do about it

  8. mitch

    I know that I’m naive in the ways of the world, but what the fuck is a CamWhore? Sounds painful.

  9. prtyprincess

    OMG! that snake is crazy! how the f— did he swallow that? :wtf:

  10. bhamm

    That reminds me of a list I made a few years ago,

    Beverly Cleary (Ramona) books that never made it:

    Ramona ‘s First Cramps
    Ramona Gets Felt Up
    Ramona’s Uncle Susan
    Ramona on Welfare

  11. [Comment ID #44005 will be quoted here]

    I was so tempted to do a perverted uncle one, but my didn’t laugh, so I’m glad you did it for me. 😈

  12. Marcus

    [Comment ID #44002 will be quoted here]

    Think about it Mitch…. It is a whore with a web cam or were you being sarcastic. Maybe it’s a rhetorical question.

  13. Patrick

    You call it stalking, I call it adoration. Potatoe, Potahto. Somebody please tell me where that centipede comes from so I can STAY THE HELL AWAY!

  14. bhamm

    If something is too tasteless for you, just let me know. I have no class, I’ll say it. 😀

  15. bhamm


    If something is too tasteless for you, just let me know. I have no class, I’ll say it. 😀

  16. Bjorn Freeh

    [Comment ID #44059 will be quoted here]

    Twice! 😆

  17. Meagan

    Here’s one for the Jewish kids:
    “Rabbi Weinstein’s All About Circumscision Pop-up Book.” :wtf: :limp:

  18. bhamm

    (Just in case you missed it the first time!) 😛

  19. Mandy

    Are you there, God? It’s me, Margaret Cho. 😛

  20. Driver

    I wonder how many people that snake has spitup?

  21. Marcus

    Here are some movie titles that didn’t make it.

    002 Brown Finger
    Star Whore.
    Chitty chitty gang bang

    There you go, and if you want something worse, let me now :puke: :wtf:

  22. [Comment ID #44004 will be quoted here]

    He’s had practice ‘deep throating’ the big-one… 😈

  23. MrDoug

    WTF was the snake thinking, well that did not go down very well lets see if we can get that bad boy back the way it came in. Or was it that moment when it realized that is going to have to come out my ass?

    Blame god for the bad heroin, I like that it should help balance out all the thanking god for doing well in sports.

  24. tres

    was it black tar or china white?

  25. Pappy

    I hate you Dave.

    Centipedes give me the creeps. 🙁 Now I’m going to have nightmares!

  26. TJ

    Doctor Suess’ “Horton does a Ho” 🙄

  27. evilqueen

    I’m all pissed off because of the snake video. Why the hell are they annoying the poor thing. It’s just eaten, leave it alone fer cryin’ out loud!! No, these bananas see a big snake and just have to surround it and annoy it till it pukes. What a waste of a hippo. Bleah!

  28. Annie

    Those videos made me cry. Are centipedes even carnivorous? How long was that snake? Why, God, why?!?

  29. [Comment ID #44190 will be quoted here]

    Carnivorous and rather venomous as well. That particular species, Scolopendra gigantea robusta, is rather venomous to humans, yet some idiots insist on having them as pets :puke:

  30. lucygoosy2004

    Soemone needs to ask the snake how he does that!! My boyfriend says I need to learn that trick! :wang:

  31. I can’t look at those links. I just can’t. Won’t . Ok, maybe the centipede one.

  32. brianne

    another list of Ramona books that didnt make the print:
    Ramona gets high
    Ramona loves her brother (incest?)
    Ramona and her boyfriend…?
    Ramona is a fast and easy girl
    Ramona turns gay…………
    i could go on and on…..

  33. Jim S

    That’s okay…those guys who put the mouse in that tank just to kill it will reincarnate as white mice that get put into tanks with centipedes. :dead:

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