I’ve been moonlighting

About this time last year, I read an interesting comment in one of my posts. It claimed to be from the editor of American Greetings Card Company. He was inquiring about purchasing some of my material. To be honest, I thought it was a joke at first; that one of my readers was pranking me. Happily, this was not the case and a few days later, I was signing a contract to create a 2005 day-at-a-time calendar based on the Manly Tips for Bachelor Living section of this very website.

One year later and I have the sample copies in my hands. It should be hitting the bookstores any day now. I had ordered a case of 50 with the intention of mailing them to readers as prizes, but I was informed on Tuesday that the entire press-run is sold out already. This is known in publishing as a Very Good Thing. Borders, Barnes & Noble, Canadian Calendar and several other book dealers wiped them out.

I already know what your first question will be, and the answer is yes, it is available in New Zealand.

Manly Tips for Bachelor Living calendar box


  1. Yay, yay, yay! You know how I love your manly tips. :kiss:

  2. jen

    WO! and they basically kept your Design! Fonts and all, that’s AMAZING.

    SO did you wrote more material? You’d have to right? Or did they? How did they break the into up? Over a week? Do tell!

  3. Laurie


  4. that rocks, man! congratulations!

  5. Margaret

    Congratulations to you on your MILLION $$$$$$ deal (can I borrow a $1 for a schnitzel sandwich?)!!!!
    If you can, can you PLEASE sell your soul to whoever you must to get your calendar to the military communities overseas, more specifically, Ramstein Air Base in Kaiserslautern, Germany?? It seems that the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (our Target)
    is the last to receive all the goodies. We MAY get 2005 calendars in April 2005.
    In case you are wondering, yes this is a happening place (LeAnne Rimes was here yesterday!!)

  6. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    Firstly Dave, I would like to say I am so stoked for you man and that after all the years of blogging and producing fresh material EVERY DAY…..well….. It couldn’t happen to a nicer Zilla……that’s all I’m saying. 😀

    Anyway enough already, its time to comment on Dave’s achievement and to help him make the right choices with all this new found wealth and fame I have listed the three possible outcomes for Dave in the form of newspaper headlines.

    1. “Famous author signs record $14 million four book deal!”

    2. “Famous author found dead and naked on toilet, after all night drinking session.”

    3. “Davezilla and Elton John announce wedding plans.”

    I’m sure we all hope Dave goes for the first option, but in the minefield of life who can tell?

    Now he’s a celebrity and all.


  7. ReV.JeLLyBaBY


    To sum up, I would encapsulate Dave’s calendar as a classic example of “Wholesale laughs for a disposable generation”. Definately one to buy.

    I give it 5 stars


    C Baker
    UK Critic


  8. wow, it’s hard to believe that somebody i know through the internet has published a “volume” of “literature”. that’s fucking amazing. </end_sarcasm>

    congrats, dave.

  9. after “fucking amazing” there should be a </end_sarcasm> tag.

    [ Fixed that for ya, wantwit. XHTML is picky ]

  10. Frisko

    Is there a second print run in the future?
    Great Job! Did you do all the writing? Is the 2006 deal in the works?

    I hope you don’t have to pay retail for a copy to show your family, and friends.


  11. roklobsta

    that is very cool! they are the first thing i read when i stumbled onto your site a year ago. next, someone will want to make a calender using your freak watcher recipe book! 😆

  12. I ordered 50 and got 11, Frisko. I’ll bring one by to show you next time I see ya. 😈

  13. Tres Coolio!
    I can stand next to the book display at Border’s and be all like …”Yeahhh…*I’m* in his comments posse”.

  14. Frisko

    I think Natalie would kick Sir Eltons ass for even thinking he was stealing her man.

    I don’t want to see that on pay per view.


  15. Shouldn’t #2 come after #3 in rev’s list? :wtf:

  16. Spud

    Well bloody done Dave, see, mother always said work hard, put your head down and your arse up and good thing will follow :mrgreen:

    Three (3) Cheers for Dave!

    HOORAY! :java:

    I think I just threw a hip :wtf:


  17. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    Well spotted Nikki,

    In fact anyone thats friends with Elton seems to die…….par example:

    Mark Bolan (T-Rex) Car accident
    Giorgio Versache Gunman
    Lady Diana Spencer Car accident

    If I was George Michael..I’d be shitting myself right about now.


  18. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    ReV’s serious sermon (dedicated to Dave & Natalie)

    Today has been a very special day at Davezilla.com and it doesn’t take Einstein to know that maybe, just maybe, this could lead to bigger and better things for the site and more importantly Dave and Natalie.

    In these times we always see so much failure, destruction and death around us and it makes a nice change to see something go well or right.

    But for it to happen to people we may not really know, but feel we do, is so important and maybe without knowing it, both readers of the site and contributors have been given something as good as any reward the world has to offer.


  19. Esther

    Mucho congrats, Dave! Even though I am a bachelorette, per se, I’m going to buy one, for sure. 🙂

  20. Mariah

    :kiss: congrats dave!

  21. A-ToM-O Comix

    Dave, you never cease to astound and amaze me-congratulations!

  22. It was my plan to somehow link this momentous event to WIL WHEATON, but since he is no longer a bachelor (after all, he did get married to an already divorced lady, older than him, with kids) it would be hard to come up with something.
    Now, I don’t really want to disparage the actor who played Weasly Cruncher but I think it’s time for ALL you men to look at yourselves, married, divorced or single, whatever your creed, whatever your god, and DECLARE YOURSELVES BACHELORS for the day in honour of DAVE LINABURY’s monumental achievement. All of us, let us LEAVE THE TOILET SEAT UP for the day. Let us STUFF OUR DIRTY UNDERWEAR under the middle cushion of the sofa. Let us (the Canadians, mostly) PREPARE A FEAST OF KRAFT DINNER and EAT DIRECTLY out of the Pot it was cooked in….
    … and, as the sun sets over Royal Oak, let us look to our Ideal, remove our fingers from our noses and salute DAVEZILLA!

  23. Mandy

    :kiss: Congrats! You always amaze me with your diverse talents.

  24. Bobby Peru

    I’ll trade ya naked pix of Mandy in exchange for one of them!:wang::wang::wang:

  25. Now that Daves’ gunna be rich, he can retire early, and spend more time Freak Watching.


  26. Congratulations! Who says blogs are a waste of time?

  27. Frisko

    Inspired by a “MCBK+frisko(in rare form)=?” telapthic interlude since davezilla is “moonlighting” how ’bout some moon dave?………..
    Crazy ’cause the http://www.unrealwitchesball.com is soon


    tee hee

  28. Lace Valentine

    Most Cool, Dave. Most Cool.
    You’re writing deserves some payment.
    Tragedy is easy. Comedy is hard.

    And I am indeed a bachelor at the ripe old age of forty (never married). You see Emily Dickinson was already taken. Mr. Death is a gentleman caller, and he marries them all!

  29. Lace Valentine

    You’re is the possessive spelling for your.


  30. Congratulations:) I hope the lawyers don’t screw you out of getting your much deserved decent royalties.

  31. Kolby

    Wow! A published blogger in the family…wait till I tell my neighbors! Congratulations.

  32. Mandy

    I second Frisko’d request for pix of Dave mooning. Oh Natalie?

    And Bobby? Dream on. 😛

  33. Wow, congratulations, Dave! 🙂
    And I can say I knew you when!

  34. slick

    YAY! that’s flippin’ awesome! can you send me one just because i’m cute, funny, and my boyfriend is non-committal? thanks, dave!:mrgreen:

  35. Kimberly

    Reading backwards this fine evening, and I just wanted to say: Congratulations! 🙂

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