I’ve always hoped it to be true

I just don’t even know where to begin with this one. A group of Christians that believes threesomes are Biblically allowable, providing it’s always one male and two females (aw yeah!). Witness for yourself (‘scuse the pun) Sex in Christ.

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  1. I wonder if that includes Shemale Impersonators?


  2. Kirk

    Somehow I just knew that Rust would have the first comment on this one…LOL!

    I always thought it was Adam and Steve anyway!

  3. TinaMarie

    Sorry for the seriousness guys, but I’m a minister and that “Sex in Christ” stuff is a bunch of crap.

    Having said that–if someone is really going to have a threesome, do you honestly think they are going to sit there and think “Gee, do you think this is against my religion?” Hmmmm, let’s see there Sparky–

    1. Several religions allow polygamy, BUT
    2. All of them only allow you to screw one woman at a time AND
    3. None of them condone lesbian (or gay) sex.


    This comment in no way represents my personal beliefs regarding the holiness of homosexual activity or holy unions between members of the same sex. I am just astounded at the mental gymnastics people will go through to convince themselves that they can do stuff that is directly against their own religion. After all, why else would you write something as stupid as that?

    This concludes my own dumb-ass diatribe. Thank you for listening. We now return you to the normal inanity that was scheduled in this time slot. :kiss:

  4. Spud

    *Stands and applauds Tina*
    Great argument and quite possibly correct…

    Menage` e Trois has a certain ring to it, it conjurs up all manner of images.


  5. Mandy

    I hated that article. Everyone knows it should be one woman, one man, and the poolboy, the milkman, the mailman, the cable tv guy….. :kiss:

  6. Steppenwolf

    And God sayeth to Adam, ‘lick that labia for I created it perfectly’. And Eve sayeth ‘Oh God!’
    And God sayeth to Adam, ‘bang that bung hole for I created it perfectly’. And Eve sayeth ‘OH GOD!!’
    And God sayeth to Eve, ‘suck that scrotum and schlong for I created them perfectly’. And Eve sayeth ‘yuck!! You need to work on that poo idea!’ 😈

  7. JFLY

    “The Necessity of Swallowing”? – TOO FUNNY

    (Glad I’m a Buddhist…ohmmmm)

  8. mikeB

    Can I bring this up in Sunday School?

  9. Darrell

    A man with two women? Yes!
    A woman with two men? No!
    I don’t understand.

  10. God damn it! I have to show this site (sex in christ) to Natalia. I think it’s the only way I am going to get a blow job in our relationship. She’s very religious, that is, she has images of JC all over the place, she prays, goes to church even when she doesn’t have to and has read further in the Bible (I just got to “… and Enod begat Shibboleth and …” before I put it down saying, “Not enough character development”) than I have.
    I figger once she’s read through this site, she’ll accept my ex-girlfriend as a willing third orifice in our bed.

  11. mikeB

    They didn’t explain altar boys.

  12. Good catch, mike. Looks like they need a new article: “Pederasty in Accordance with God’s Will.”

  13. em

    Where do you *find* this stuff?!


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