Is it deer season already?

Is it deer season already?

Image via Mandy L.

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  1. that is by far the weirdest craigslist posting i’ve ever read, dave. 😯

  2. DaPopster

    Yes it is deer season here also, the time of rhe year where we skim the stupider ones off the gene pool. I support the 2nd Amendment but why do hunters need assault weapons to hunt game? The deer shooting back? Be more fair if they did.

  3. Jim

    Why did he have to shoot it in the rear? Talk about an undignified death! :dead:

  4. It looks like the deer in question died from an amorous adventure with the guy from the previous post.

  5. Looks more like serious case of RoadKill gone somehow wrong, Could see the end didn’t seem to justify the means eeeeeeeeeeewwwww :puke:

  6. mckuyver

    It wasn’t shot in the ass. The deer has been gutted, meaning the non-edible portions have been removed with a field knife which fortunately includes the rectum.

  7. OK, it looks like the sickos ass fucked the poor thing after smacking it with the car. :puke:

  8. fruf

    how is he going to mount the deer or has he already done so?

  9. Marley's Mama

    Ahhh – I see it still Gross Out Day! :puke:

  10. junkman

    good lord….i hope the pavement doesn’t wear down its hoof too much on the drive home! that could be really painful…..

  11. chainstay

    This is how it happend: They were driving along with the trunk open and this deer was following too close. They had to slam on the breaks to avoid a squirrel and the deer rammed into the trunk with such force that its innards came out its head. They were bringing the body back to show the police,and their insurance agent; they decided to stop for some burgers and someone took the photo.

  12. junkman

    i went to a restaurant on saturday and had a 5/7 course “tasting menu”. not only do i think i might have eaten this deer’s ass in a deep fried squash blossom but i think that’s what my ass might have looked like yesterday after the meal and multitude of “booze pairings” left the premises. 🙁

    p.s. ford tore ass…..har harr. always the car officianado stevie!

  13. Jim

    [quote comment=”637262″]Obviously, he’s driving a Ford Tore Ass[/quote]
    Beautiful, man! 😉

  14. Timm

    Guess what my car that got smashed was….

    A Ford Taurus

    Guess what kind of car smashed into it……

    A Ford Taurus

    …I guess you could call it CLASH OF THE TAURI

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