Apparently it’s gross out day on Davezilla. The photo, link and video are all going to make you queasy.

Caption Time #294

21 thoughts on “Caption Time #294

  1. what’s the dfip got in his pants? A codpiece or a racoon
    Looks like an aids convention of one
    Hogie had a few beers and let his friend take his picture after stuffing a chicken down his pants
    The cat on the wall is all the pussy that hogie will ever see

  2. Really, it looks like his head is attached backwards on his body; like, that’s his skinny little rear sticking out in front. Except his knees are facing the right way. Eewww, you are quite right, he’s downright…. icky.

  3. :wtf: He stuff one of those candles in his shorts or what ? Somebody check and see if the gene pool is leaking ……again.

  4. Truly the most disgusting post yet, really does he have to show everyone his manhood?? jeez it’s not even real he showed it to me once!!!! :limp:

  5. [quote comment=”637197″]Truly the most disgusting post yet, really does he have to show everyone his manhood?? jeez it’s not even real he showed it to me once!!!! :limp:[/quote]
    wtf? what is it then?

  6. [quote comment=”637204″]Not the intended use of a strap-on.[/quote]
    that dude is a strap-on. i think they call it “the weaseler”.

  7. Well, the turtleneck and shorts ensemble just weren’t sexy enough so apparently we need a demonstration by dirk and his “dirty” sock

  8. for all you cat lovers……

    Le Chat Noir (French for “The Black Cat”) was a 19th-century cabaret
    in the bohemian Montmartre district of Paris.
    It was opened on 18 November 1881 at 84 Boulevard Rouchechouart
    by the artist Rodolphe Salis, and closed in 1897.
    (much to the disappointment of Picasso and others
    who looked for it when they came to Paris for the Exposition in 1900).

    – the only remaining poster was purchased by dirk weasler. weasler was known to wear his clothing or knees backwards and sport sebaceous cysts, syphilitic sores, racoons, chickens, codpieces and dirty socks down his shorts. his foreskin doubled as a turtleneck and created the illusion that his head was that of a ventriloquist dummy or an emaciated john holmes. he nightlighted as a strap-on, popped enormous zits and eventually drowned in fish sauce.

  9. So Dirk’s “friend” Biff suddenly says “Hey I’ve got a great way for you to meet some girls. Let’s take some pictures”

  10. Didnt watch the video. I dont need to. I’ve seen it. Poor guy with the STAPH infection 🙁 My 7 year old daughter had 3 with one about that big earlier this year. My worst parenting experience.

  11. [quote comment=”637201″]Chairman of the John Holmes Fan Club, Herbert Shmoe, commemorates the anniversary of the great actor’s death with a simple, dignified and intimate ceremony at home.[/quote]

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