Hores make you feel good

Hores make you feel good

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  1. greyoutlook

    Homework from the Pimp Prep Academy? πŸ˜€

  2. Russ

    I like to ride Hores too.

  3. DaPopster

    Kid’s got a future writing (?) scripts for pornos.

  4. Fruf

    Do all of these hores have tails..tales

  5. Bigwavdave

    Nothing feels quite as good as great hores between your legs… :wang:

  6. Patrick

    I had to wait until I was eighteen to buy my first hores. In Juarez in the price of hores could be negotiated down to $8.00. He’s right, hores do make you feel good. And yes, they can put their legs straight up in the air. I saw one put her legs behind her head- Glory Hole!
    Wonder why his mom says no to hores. She wouldn’t have to ride the hores and she probably wouldn’t have to feed it or bathe it either. Think of all that young man could learn if he had his own hores.

  7. chainstay

    I want to own a hores ranch.
    Big wide-brimmed hat, zoot suite (purple and orange). Perhaps a rideing crop, spurs, and cattle prod. Almost forgot the gold and platinum dental work.

  8. Dear Davezilla,

    I never thought that the letters on your website were real until one day this happened to me …

  9. Flash Gordon

    Bad Mom! :troll: πŸ™ πŸ˜₯ :limp:

  10. chainstay

    Just reelizd eye mispeeled riding. Terrably embareassed.

  11. chainstay

    Wow! suit as well! What the hell is in these brownies? Who cares, I’m gonna go watch cartoons and eat a whole bag of Doritos.

  12. You say ride a hores, I say ride a cowboy. 😈

  13. Patrick

    Umm, Dave, one Zanger Bob is enough. Actually, one Zanger Bob is too many. I saw where Bob broke the top 50 in Amsterdam but you got to come strong when you come to the States little Dutch boy. I mean skrong dude cos we’re from the skreets, the mean skreets.

  14. julesOdeNile

    [quote comment=”613291″]You say ride a hores, I say ride a cowboy. :twisted:[/quote]
    … a cow’s boy ? πŸ˜›

  15. julesOdeNile

    Died laughing, picked my self off the floor, read again, and died again! what?! OK, initial shock is over.

    yes, sir! hores make you feel good. i asked for hores from my dad since i was little but we was poor so he got me a book of hores instead and told “work hard, son, get your edjumacation, and go to callidge, then when you get to working for the big corporation, you can buy your own hores… even your momma wont stop you then”

  16. I don’t like a hores. I want a porny. A porny is like a hores but not as expensive and less risky. Sometimes when I’m with a hores, I get scared and can’t get up. This never happens when I’m alone with my porny. And a hores goes very fast and bumpy so you need to hold on tight but I can ride a porny easily and with just one hand. My dad gave me a β€˜My Little Porny’ for my last birthday. Said it was never too soon to get started.

  17. ReV.JellYBaby

    When I was but a small boy I remember a rocking hores in the corner of my room. Oh how I loved to brush it’s hair and ride for hours with not a care in the world.

    Up and down, up and down we would go…….. for hours on end until the final climax where I would shoot my pistol into the sky and whoop with delight!…………………..

    That was until.

    That memorable and tragic time, when it’s head fell off! (see too much love WILL kill you!)

    and the very next day its shattered exhausted body (needless to say satisfied!) was taken and thrown into the trash, but unknown to my parents

    I still had a little head to console me.


    Damn I miss Courtney Love!

    Peace Out All! ReV πŸ‘Ώ

  18. Lung, that brought up a mental image of you that was um, well, rather… illuminating. πŸ˜›

  19. Chris S.

    Hores and pornys. Reminds me of my favorite event in the Olympics, Sexquestrain.

  20. Drusky

    Just remember, riding hores bareback can be dangerous!

    Related joke: How can you tell when a woman is really horny?

    When you put your hand down her pants and it feels like a horse eating sugar cubes… πŸ™„

  21. junkman

    i don’t ride hores i drive a vulva πŸ˜‰

  22. junkman

    why do hores like carots so much? :wang:

  23. [quote comment=”617020″]why do hores like carots so much? :wang:[/quote]

    I’m not sure but for some odd reason, it makes thir legs go strait up.

  24. [quote comment=”617020″]why do hores like carots so much? :wang:[/quote]

    Because the alternative is the stick.

  25. “hores stick can stick their legs strait up”
    so can i!

    “hores make you feel good”
    so can i!

    does that make me a hores? :wtf:

  26. Flash Gordon

    [quote comment=”617755″]”hores stick can stick their legs strait up”
    so can i!

    “hores make you feel good”
    so can i!

    does that make me a hores? :wtf:[/quote]
    Gosh, no, Mandy, it makes you a healthy American Zillagirl. I do like to feel
    good ! :wang: πŸ‘Ώ :thong: πŸ˜› πŸ™„

  27. [quote comment=”617755″]”hores stick can stick their legs strait up”
    so can i!

    “hores make you feel good”
    so can i!

    does that make me a hores? :wtf:[/quote]

    Depends on what you do with that carrot. :wang:

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