Friday Saturday Question #2

A day late, but I did post yesterday.

If it was any bigger, would it break the bank?


And here’s another question from Mandy (Locke, not MandyFish). “the girls who read your blog self-refer to ourselves as zilla girls. i never hear the boys call themselves zilla boys. i have a suggestion. since we’re like your posse, would could be like villains, but you know “zillains“.

Zillains. I like it. What do you all think? If you re in favor of it, I will start a Cafe Press store for Zillain swag.


  1. kheas

    Zillains…nice. Zillaites sounds like a cult. Zillatians sounds like a people from a country. so Zillains is cool!

  2. It depends on how big it is and whether you’re referring to my butt or my boobs. :wtf:

    And I’m all for Zillians. It zounds zexy! 😈

  3. As long as you put Zilla-Girl swag in the store too, I’m all for “Zillians”! 😀

  4. Bigwavdave

    The Zillerati?

  5. Bigwavdave


  6. If we’re going to be Zillains, I’m changing my name to Bob.

  7. chainstay

    The Zillmen, Zillamen?

    It’s not big enough to break the bank; but sometimes my lower back gets sore.

  8. Bigwavdave

    Zillogs? :wang:

  9. Sammy

    Zillette! The best a man can get!! 😆

  10. ReV.JellYBaby

    I think the real men here would like to remain individuals, as unlike chicks, the need to conform is not there.

    Whats next…..?

    All of us lads going to the bathroom together in a co-ordinated flock?

    Swapping fashion tips?

    Caring about our appearances and what people think of us!

    Unfortunately I must say NO!

    Zillians, Davelets or even the Zillites, is a bit too “girly get along gang”

    for me anyways. 😈

    Now who’s up for a makeover, we are gonna look so cool, they are just gonna die when they see these killer heels baby!

  11. J

    Zilla girlz are hot and I would gladly call myself a zilla boy.And I’ve been a little naughty.

  12. ReV.JellYBaby


    1/ George Lucas was offered a similar deal with the original script of STAR WARS…

    In short Han Solo and the gang would now be called Hans LoveGang and the Chewie Pals!

    NO deathstar assualt there then….

    Well not at least, until we ALL agree on what we are wearing and even if Luke gets drunk and tells his father how he feels!

    WE all come home together okay ladies.

    SO no white and black outfits and Chad said although he is a Stormtrooper he loves and respects my feelings as a woman.

    2/ Clint Eastwood………the lone rider (and chums?)

    3/ Indiana Jones (and the temple of mutual admiration?)……..Hey Shortie why dont we call ourselves the “Love Tribe” and try to speak to these people?

    4/ DIE HARD……See what happens if you listen to your wife?

    5/ John and Yoko

    Ladies and gentleman of the jury……………I rest my case.



    1/ CHARLIES ANGELS (..No he loves me..last Christmas party he said it….and I believed him.) LOL

    2/ Oh yes Mr. M I would love to run alongside in this election.

    3/ Dawsons Creek………. :puke: :puke: :puke: Oh but he does love you.I see it in his eyes everytime like a frightened little boy……..he said it last time he got drunk…. :puke: :puke: :puke:

    4/ Okay Josh may be a loser like we agreed before we went out today..but he has changed he told me when he was drunk just now. So I’m spending the night with him. Not going back to yours like WE promised earlier in the clothes, hair, lipstick, bonding pre party girly thing.

    5/ (see 4) Besides I only invited you, as you are considerably LESS attractive than me and well ….I dont care what you say about my drinking… and Josh are engaged now so deal with it and enjoy the drive home to lonely town okay! 😳

  13. ReV.JellYBaby


    Now there is one cool name!


    WE are the lone wolf non mechandisable BAD ASS POSSE!

    Or in media format…..

    The “LOOSE CANNONS!”……….now stick that in your t-shirt press and print it! (front)

    “WANNA GET FIRED!” (back)

    Any one from the south who has a pic of a cannon (both firing and stationary) please email to [email protected]!


    P.S DAVE,:Chuck me around 100 units {sale or return} will bolster your profile in UK and direct all to this site.

    Will also re-establish links between “over the pond” humor and the need to join some sort of group in these troubled times. Below are some intentionally provocative statements so dont be alarmed!

    It’s like Luke said when we blew out the “deathstar”

    Rev…..when I go to bed………I wear ReV.JellYbaBy bed attire and just hope I can be like you someday! Wanna be a Skywalker?

    I replied “NO”

    😉 Peace Out! ReV

    p.s ladies I love you but…..alpha male speaking so please hold your tongue….well until later!

    p.p.s JOKE: ” Why do women have smaller feet than men?”

    ANSWER” “Evolution! Keeps em nearer to the kitchen sink!”

  14. Fruf

    If you were from michigan would you call them zillaganers?

  15. Patrick

    With sarcastic tongue planted firmly in cheek-
    zillians? ZILLIANS? No, Hell no! You don’t know me! You can’t judge me! You don’t know me.

    I reject any and all efforts to categorize me, to reduce me from an individual to a mere number. At worst, why can’t we just be “the guys”?

    I think Mandy’s got it all backwards. Zillagirls are not posse to The Guys. Anybody with half a brain (no offense Mandy) knows women really rule the world. They just put the guys up front to take all the heat. Richard Pryor- “They get half the money and all the pussy”.
    Zillagirls rule this site for sure. I consider myself a loyal member of the Pussy Posse. I serve at the pleasure of the Mandy’s and Nicolette’s. I serve to pleasure the Mandy’s and Nicolette’s.

  16. [quote comment=”612157″]I think the real men here would like to remain individuals, as unlike chicks, the need to conform is not there.[/quote]

    Tell that to the (mostly male) Farkers, Pilers and /b/tards 😈

  17. Spud

    I tend to agree with the right honourable Rev on this one.

    I don’t blend well in a group situation (years of working in sewerage will do that), plus “Haystacks Calhoun” was small fry compared to I, so I tend to stand out, the long mullet style red hair, stomach length beard, size 69 overalls and straw hat that sit permanently on my head doesn’t blend well with the “Metrosexual’ set.

    That is all.


  18. Fair enough. Sounds like a decent amount of you are in favor, and others don’t wish to self-identify at all. I will put up the shop for those who want gear. The rest may ignore.

  19. I am alittle late to that, which I have been lately 😥

    The quote “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

    Last time I checked, I wasn’t dead…..soooooooo……I’m definitely a Zillain……

    And I definitely want some gear….. 👿

  20. julesOdeNile

    with a name like Jules (jewels) of the Nile, i would be walking a thin line. open minded as i am, i’ll have to take the “ignore” option to this group name thing. (what, are we gonna wear bright yellow capes and carry wooden swords?) LOL! but i love a private chuckle so i might peruse the merchandise (read, gear)…. end of thought. 😉

  21. Bigwavdave

    I did submit some possible names for the collective Zilla Men, but – “Gear? We don’t need no stinkin’ gear”

  22. an’ all along, I thought I was a Zilltard.

  23. I think of most of the guys here as ZillaKnights! :love:

  24. Flash Gordon

    [quote comment=”614811″]I think of most of the guys here as ZillaKnights!

    Why, thanks, Babe. Wanna see my sword? :kiss: :wang: :wang: 👿 :wtf:

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