16 thoughts on “Homeless Rules

  1. Man! You know things are bad when you pass a bad check to the homeless guy pan handling down the street. Glad he’s thinking safety after 9pm! 😉

  2. After being hustled daily walking from the parking lot to the courthouse on my way to jury duty – I started bringing fruit…

  3. look at him he sure doesn’t need a meal and he looks too clean to live in a box
    at least he has a sense of humor
    great second job…he’s a VP at Chrysler during the day

  4. why is there a person wearing pink pants and suede penny loafers standing on the sky behind him? is that god? ❓

  5. Things may suck but at least he’s still got a sense of humor ……. passing rubber checks to a homeless person, what assholes !!! :troll:

  6. Baloney! I’ll bet if you walked up at 9:30 and waved a $50 bill, that sign would fly right out the window so fast…

    It’s stunning how much a panhandler can actually make in a day! Here in Reno, we’ve actually had fights between beggars over who gets the best spots to work. Freeway offramps where people have to wait at the light at the bottom seem to be the most popular.

  7. At least they used ‘accepted’ instead of ‘excepted’. My goodness that gets my goat! I think these guys are unemployed from the financial biz. I wouldn’t help them if they were; Nest Egg, Rainy Day Funds…. PLANNING, guys.

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