17 thoughts on “Burger Klingons

  1. I knew it! That BK King is scary enough, now they want to add Klingon features. When your kid’s in rehab in the near future, you know who to blame!

  2. “Have it OUR way! At Burger Kling!”

    Try the Tribble Nuggets breaded in real Quadro-Triticale flour with bloodworm dipping sauce! :geek:

  3. [quote comment=”631892″]Aren’t klingons the pieces of shit that dangle from your ass hair?[/quote]
    no. those are republicans! 😉

  4. 😥
    When I orderd a tripple whopper I didn’t want this pooping up in front of me. Fuck I thought I had died, Scarry isnt the word for this .
    One burger king running around with his waxy face now theres threeeeeeeeeeeeeee. say it long enuf sounds like the shrill cry of a human faced off by three burger kings

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