20 thoughts on “With great power comes great responsibility

  1. I guess those ‘peso’ store masks just don’t have that level of superhero identity protection so sought after by third-world, not taken seriously, umm, heros?

  2. Aging Spiderman,


    Saving ducks from a mini van

    Spiderman twarts another drive by masacre from the clown car bandits

  3. Another of AnnieB’s family vacations. Send us some more pictures, hon.
    Is that uncle Nabob saving the poultry? :kiss: :thong: :java:

  4. [Comment ID #254936 will appear here]

    Oh, I love it when you talk dirty baby! 😈 :wang:
    Ooh, that’s right, oh, that’s the spot…mmm, do it s’more baby!! AH!!!

  5. 😀 I think that van was over the limit for passenger safety. Had they observed proper occupant protocols, they would have been able to stop and not needed the “super” help. The van’s owner will be hearing from Spiderman’s attorney.

  6. Wow, i think my boobs are okay too!! :boobs: :boobs: Not as big as her’s, and my cup size and IQ aren’t as insync as her’s, but that’s okay too!!!!!

  7. All the trouble could have been avoided by simply installing a bigger bug deflector on the hood…


    Doc Octopus tries to explain to Fish and Game inspectors how the spiderman tied to his fender wasn’t caught out of season…

  8. [Comment ID #255332 will appear here]

    Like Tony The Tiger says: “They’re Grrrrreat!” 😛

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