Annoying words and phrases

  1. snacks
  2. rinky-dink
  3. kudos
  4. jumped the shark
  5. perfect storm
  6. trifecta
  7. “Let’s take this offline”
  8. hinky
  9. bat-shit crazy
  10. What words and phrases do you find annoying?


  1. Thinking outside of the box here, I’d have to say, um, like, you know.

  2. How’s it going? (when they don’t want an honest answer)

    You can’t miss it. (They wouldn’t. They build the damn place. And tore out the road to it.)

    Ckick here to download. (for three more pages of ads)

    One-Click Checkup – it takes three selection on the ‘launcher’, then one more on the tool.

    Let’s dance

    Can’t we just cuddle?

    I suppose I could eat something.

  3. Amanda B

    “My-Bad” and “I know-right” 👿

  4. Hearing essence and delicious make me cringe.

  5. In the process of reading a new romance novel I came across the words “dawg,” “sista” and “brotha” one too many times. Words I’ll never get enough of are “throbbing”, “heaving” and “member.” 😈

  6. Jessica L.

    Cardiac infarction. can’t stand infarction, it sounds like an UNword

  7. family jules

    As anyone who reads Ann Rice would tell you, the most annoying and abused word is Preternatural. As anyone who is in daily contact with my grandson would know (or anyone under 15 these days) the words “Gangsta” and “Psych!” and “Babes”. Gettin reeeeal tired of those.

  8. Amanda B

    “All that happy-horse-shit” and “How’s it hangin’ ?”
    All phrases that some people I work with use often!!! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!! :puke:

  9. “deck” – this is rampant where I work. It’s a synonym for Powerpoint presentation.
    “Edgy”. “Box office champion.” Why does a movie’s weekend ticket sales rate as news? They don’t announce the Cereal Box office champion every week. Or the highest grossing toaster in history….

  10. The one that really kills me is, “lead by example”. My boss says it to me all of the time. If that really worked we would not have the same conversation twice a week.

  11. Video of the Day: crazy dance in kayseri:))), link via Astryd

    It looks a lot more normal (?) when you sync it to trhe Village people doing YMCA

  12. Drusky

    ‘Back in the day’ – Usually said by kids young enough to NOT have a ‘back in the day’.

    ‘Misremembered’ – As soon as I heard Roger say that in front of Congress, I knew it’d be used and abused.

    Any compilation of Celebrity names into one, like Benjolina…

    It’s not exactly a phrase, but, The ‘Man Bonk’ where you bang your knuckles against another guy’s. Overused.

  13. Flash Gordon

    “Hit the ground running” chaps my cheeks.

    “Have a goood day” from people who could not care less whether you do or not.

    ” I’m wearing two hats today”

    “Eat my shorts” 🙄 :puke: :dead: :wtf:

  14. Lake Effect

    [Comment ID #252312 will appear here]

    Asking a female “how’s it hangin'” seems kinda, um, counterproductive. Or something.

  15. J

    Um when you get a chance..could you wipe that counter down.Well your the one walking around looks like you have a chance to do it right now.

  16. Lake Effect

    “_____ threw _____ under the bus.” (Unless there is an actual large multi-passenger vehicle directly involved)

  17. Any scandal that the media tries to paste a “-gate” to. Everytime the media gets horny for a scandal, it’s dipshit-gate fever.

    Give 110 percent or 200 percent or 1,000 percent. It’s im-fucking-possible. If you want 110 percent out of me, I’ll give you 30% on Monday and 20% each day for the rest of the week. Add it up and you’ve got your damned 110%.

    And worst of all, anything that spews out of Ann Coulter’s mouth.

  18. Bigwavdave

    Uh, you know, I think we have a disconnect here because I’m old school…In fact, I’m not a metrosexual, I’m a retro-sexual…

  19. Bigwavdave

    And now for the latest SHOCKING revelations about________________ (insert any inert celebrity name here)

  20. What the shit?
    Foo-You know foo. Hey foo. Whatup foo.
    Yeah huh!?
    Orale ese! Wassapenin to you?
    Voy a ‘mapear’ instead of ‘trapear’ (to mop)
    Parqueate instead of estacionate. (to park)
    Porfolio instead of portafolio. (portfolio)
    Laminar instead instead of enmicar. (laminate)
    Truje, trujites, trujomos instead of traje, trajiste, traemos. (to bring)
    Muncho instead of mucho. (a lot)
    Wacha/Whachatela(s) instead of mira or fijate. (watch, look, hey)
    Las brecas instread of los frenos. (brakes)

    Now, bend me over and fuck me sideways, I just got our asses lost in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere without a rubber or k-y.

  21. …ok now, for the cheap seats…
    Let me slow it down for you.

  22. Yucca





  23. Spud

    Hunky dory

    Lickety split

    In a jiffy!

  24. Besides some of the others already mentioned here (“at the end of the day” and “kudos” both make my sphincter clench), I would also say:

    • 99.9% of all web business jargon (“UGC”, “webinar”, “deep dive”, etc.)
    • panties
    • pinch a loaf, especially when it’s used by men in business suits
    • blogosphere
    • crunk, fo-shizzle, and other rap-inspired stuff when spoken by non-rappers
    • the over-usage of the term “dude!”
    • improper usage of its / it’s
    • I’m in yr ….
    • can I haz {blank}
      • d’oh!
  25. [Comment ID #252357 will appear here]

    Benjolina? She’s married to Brad Pitt goofball! 😛

    Be at my place around ten and I’ll give you an education on the ins-and-outs of the matter at hand. :kiss:

  26. Ugh. Sorry for the crazy formatting. All I did was use bullets…

  27. Lake Effect

    -Talk to the hand.

    -That dog won’t hunt.

    [Comment ID #252426 will appear here]

    Was ist los fraulein?

  28. Lake Effect

    People with no clue: there / their / they’re

  29. Drusky

    [Comment ID #252538 will appear here]

    These celebs drop one for another almost as frequently as hermit crabs change shells, so I don’t even have a prayer of keeping up with the current pairings… Brings back fond memories of Conan O’Brian’s ‘If they Mated’.

    As far as educating me on the ins & outs of the matter at hand, I’ve been a bad boy so keep me after school. Maybe special tutoring will help me rise above the rest… :kiss: 😀

  30. DaPopster

    Whatever ……… is one phrase I could live without and the people who use/misuse it. :puke: :puke:

  31. Jay Laverdure

    Astryd: PLEASE don’t ask us to bend you over and fuck you sideways unless you MEAN it… seriously…

  32. john

    When I was a kid and not doing much, my dad would say ‘Would you quit piddling around!”

    I hate the word piddling to this day.

  33. J

    Hey is this the webinar about “Gitmo”? If so-“whatever”because back in the day we never used to talk like this-Let’s do lunch….Ahhhhh corny shit

  34. [Comment ID #252542 will appear here]


    BTW I used enter to list the phrases but it all ran together anyway… sorry.
    Dunno wahappen?

  35. “…on a going-forward basis.” (We’re generally prevented by the laws of time and space from doing much on a going-backward basis, aren’t we?)

  36. [Comment ID #252845 will appear here]

    Depends on the context you use it in don’t you think? I’m quite often involved in a “going-backward” basis and nothing has prevented it yet! 😛 :kiss:

  37. Bigwavdave

    [Comment ID #252849 will appear here]

    Annie B – I’ll ve happy to go backward with you any time :wtf: :wang:

  38. DaPopster

    Another least favorite: “Put lipstick on the pig.” :wtf: The visual alone is enough to cause nightmares. :puke:

  39. [Comment ID #252237 will appear here]

    I always get “How are you?” I always respond “I’m how.” Been doing that for years. Percentage of people who notice that my response made no grammatical sense whatsoever: 2%

  40. tech-related:

    “I barely know how to turn one on.” – in the context of computers. Computers have been with us for generations now; learn them or suffer. Playing dumb is no longer cute.

    “Photoshop!” – barfed forth at every single sighting of every single image. Your vacation photos are Photoshopped. The Mona Lisa is Photoshopped even when you’re standing in front of it. Life is Photoshopped, even when it’s perfectly ordinary.

    “user interface” – anything following this phrase is guaranteed to be the most worthless waste of your time you’ve ever experienced. We have a ratio of 99 “information architects” and “zero-gravity thinkers” to “impact the UI experience paradigm” blowing a bunch of hot air around for every 1 person who actually knows how to design something.

    “It should take somebody who knows what they’re doing X minutes to do this…” – you hear this constantly from IT clients. They have no clue how you’re going to do the job and are hiring you because you are the expert, but now THEY are giving YOU a time estimate.

    “MicroHoo” – and any other blend-word describing a corporate rumor about company X buying company Y. Unless actual money trades hands and contracts signed, a friend-of-a-friend rumor about companies buying each other carries all the substance of Paris Hilton’s latest crisis.

    sigh well, back to the trenches…

  41. Jay Laverdure

    “Cowboy up & git ‘er done…”

  42. boc the rocker

    “toughen up” “like totally” “like oh my god!” & hundreds of others said to me on a daily basis

  43. stevo

    like thats hot :limp:

  44. janeeto63

    May I be the first to say (anticipaing what Dave will see Sunday morning at Starbucks): “He looks like a deranged Easter Bunny!”
    Ah, “A Christmas Story”.

  45. [Comment ID #252379 will appear here]

    Having spent about 20 minutes trapped under an actual bus, yes, this one really makes me pop an aneurysm. I totally blocked it out when answering. The day my brother said this to me — about a month ago — I wanted to smack the living shit out of him (too bad for me he’s 6’5″ and 5 states away)

  46. ss

    “orientate” or “orientated” these people don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground……unless there is some form of reorientation involved…….. 😕

  47. Lake Effect

    [Comment ID #253712 will appear here]

    Holy Mass Transit, Batman!! Sorry!! I feel bad – I’ll never use this one again! You brother sounds like a real sensitive guy. 👿 If I’m closer, I’ll go take a couple of swings at him myself! (Somebody might have to lift me to do it, but he’s got it comin”!)

    Hope your Easter is peaceful.

  48. Nicolette

    “That’s Hot.”
    “Where You At?”
    “I am all about the….”

  49. Joe Zadorsky

    …christ, I used, like, 8 of those at work on Saturday. I don’t know why, it’s like, those words are just imbedded in my vocabulary.

  50. Supercharged_goddess

    I hate to hear my exhusband say “I need to tell you something” :limp: it means two hours of blabbering about nothing (mouth diarrhea) before he breaks down crying to tell me he still loves me :puke: get a life. 👿

  51. beyonduplication

    that is the single most annoying thing you can add to any word or phrase. this girl i know uses this phrase every time i see her…. argh! “Like, oh my God! This beer is hella-cold!” :dead:

  52. ANY inane babble about the weather…arrrgh. “Cold/hot enough for ya?” arrrrrgghhhh 😐

  53. [Comment ID #254966 will appear here]

    Where the hella you been? I’ve missed you! 😛 :kiss:

  54. Parchment

    Raped -in any sence that actually isn’t Rape…”they were raped by that other team last night”
    Same-Dif – everyone in my highschool said it and I still hate it… “I know red and blue aren’t the same color but Same dif”
    How’s the prettiest girl in Dallas- Really have you met every girl in Dallas?… “How’s the prettiest girl in dallas, wanna buy my shit and then maybe we can have a little sex?”

  55. Arse: Especially loathesome when uttered by a born & bred American
    Like, yanno.
    “That’s how I roll.”
    Cool beans (wtf is cool beans?)
    Irregardless (sorry, unlike “ain’t,” irregardless is not in the dictionary)
    Meh and its equally loathesome bastard half-sibling Feh.
    But a cap

  56. greenness37

    “thrown under the bus”
    “fierce” :puke:

  57. “Paining” (as in, “My va-jay-jay’s paining me”… thank you Oprah you ignorant slut).

    Any type of “ghettospeak” or “Ebonix.” (ergo, the “Bust a cap” in my previous comment–not sure what happened there!)

    “Working hard, or hardly working?”

    “Kick ass” (which I suppose is related to the “Hella” bit).

  58. Any thing ever said. I believe all communication should be non-verbal.

  59. Crystal

    “Have a blessed day!”

    I feel totally violated by this statement, because you KNOW 99.9% of the sheeple using it are Christian and are simply being defiant in the workplace by using a loophole to push their faith on to me! (the loophole of course being that they aren’t technically using GOD in the statement and therefore run less risk of offending non-believing customers. Well I’m offended!!!)

    Yeah, I know my annoyance may seem like a bit much but damn… it’s annoying!!! 👿

  60. [Comment ID #252288 will appear here]

    While I am a HUGE Anne Rice fan, there is one other apparent favorite word of hers that did get tiresome to read…

    Cacophony. 😕

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